Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Weekend For A Smiler!

    What a fabulous weekend it's been! Of course, any time I get to have my 'honey' home, and at my beck and call, it's a good time. *Teehee* But because he knew he had an extra day off from work this weekend he was very patient with my 'Honey-Can-You-Do' list. By Saturday night all of our "t"s had been crossed, and all of our "i"s had been dotted (so to speak). And we had some relaxed giggling time. We laid around and watched tennis, and ate. I even finagled him into a game of Scrabble!! I can't hardly ever get him to play with me anymore because he says I beat him too much. LOL And yep! I beat him again!!
    Of course he had to go outside with the camera and take pictures of his beloved plants and flowers...The rose in the header picture looks pretty good still, considering we're into September. But they all don't look that good, I'm afraid...
    But even with a little less sparkle, it still catches your eye!
         And what about these?!
    He even tried to take some more shots of his sunflowers...
     The wind still has them moving, he says. Except for this one...
     ...It has 2 sunflowers on the same stem somehow, with one already open and facing downward, and the other one about to pop open! Stay tuned!! :-)
     Something else that had me smiling this weekend was SALES!! First, one of the shops I featured the other day, the ones I found in the Etsy "Pounce", had a sale!! It was "miaandstitch". She sold the Vanilla Floral Cushion Covers! Congratulations to her! I know what a great feeling it is to get your first sale! If it was one of you readers that bought it, THANK YOU!
    I also had some sales in my shop too!! The brooch that I designed myself, with the 3 flowers crocheted together and the black vintage buttons, SOLD! It went to a great person! And she also bought my Bull's Eye Hat! I was so happy that I wanted to wrap it up and tote it to her house myself!...She lives too far away though...(as if I could go, with these crickety  old bones of mine, anyway!!! LOL) I sent her a "Thank You" in the way of a couple of FREE gifts. I hope she likes them. :-)
    It was a great weekend. Even my hubby's attempt at cooking pork chops "his own way" couldn't spoil it!...I know! You're wondering what way could he cook pork chops that would make them "his own way"? Well, he came in from the kitchen and asked: "Can you put corn meal and flour together on pork chops before you fry them?"
     No, I didn't give him my usual puzzled look that I give him when he heads in the kitchen to make something special for me. I said: "You could always give it a try!" See how supportive I am?!....I've got a charred taste in my mouth and I'm almost toothless this morning, but I can check the "supportive" box, next to "personality traits you're working on". Ha! Ha! I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine!
(I know this is a poem you've seen before, but I'm feeling it today! So, you suffer! ^_^)

Loved Enough

He vacuums my floors,
and washes my tubs;
Cooks me good meals,
and gives nightly back rubs.

He drives me to meetings,
and carries my bags;
And when we go walking,
he zigs when I zag.

I`ve never cleaned an oven
(He does it willingly).
He also shops for grocery,
and at night he reads to me.

I`m the one that does the laundry;
But he helps me with the dusting,
and does all the endless repairs
that keep our old car from rusting.

There`s  also other things he does,
like cuddling with me at night,
and being a gentle, unselfish lover
who can dance like its going out of sight!

There`ll  never be anyone more loyal,
or more competitive at playing a game;
or anyone as hard of a worker.
I`m very thankful to carry his name.

I know it must be selfish
that I can get him to scratch my head,
or fill my water cup for me,
or help me make the bed.

Yes, I know I`m loved enough;
He just wants to make me happy;
And whatever I need he'll do;
I come first, and he`ll do it all snappy.
Loved enough?-Yes I am, and quite sappy!


  1. Sounds like you DID have a wonderful weekend!! It was nice to have my hubby home too. We had so much fun! And once again, congrats on the sales! Gives you a high to start out the month so well!! Keep them coming everyone!! The Wug (and all of us) love them!!!

  2. CinLynn, That's right, your hubby was home too! What did you do?!....And let's hope we do continue to have sales!! :-)

  3. Awww that's really sweet! So glad you and your hubby love each other so much and had a fantastic time!
    Lovely flowers and congrats on the sales!

  4. Crocheted Little Things, Awww! How nice of you to say...And thanks, about the flowers and the sales. Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  5. Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Thank you, Ari-Audrey, for commenting! :-)

  7. aww, how wonderful to have a considerate and loving and supportive DD. and that loves to garden! Those sunflowers wow!I will stay tuned.

    and I love the poem, made me giggle and smile!

  8. Croatian_Latina, :-) Thanks for the nice comments. I'm glad you liked my sappy poem. Hopefully the next sunflower pictures will be when they're sitting still!! ^_^

  9. Oh yes, your roses are still beautiful, exceedingly so!!! What a sweet hubby you have, and so wonderful that you appreciate him. Definitely a keeper! **blows kisses** Deb

  10. Glad you enjoyed your weekend. My was exceptionally wonderful, too! You have the most beautiful flowers! They remind me of my grandmother's yard when I was a child. And I'm sure your buyer (wink-wink) will love the free gifts because your work is marvelous. Now on a serious note: does your husband have a brother?? LOL!

  11. Deborah, *Blowing kisses right back!* :-)

    Alicia, Ha! Ha! Ha! I do hope my 'buyer' likes her free gifts!! :-) And yes, my hubby does have, not just one brother, but 3!! ^_^ I'm afraid I got the cream of the crop though!

  12. Alicia9/09/2010

    Glad you got the best!!!!

  13. Alicia, *Teehee*.... ^_^

  14. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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