Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Butterflies Are Free and......Changing!

     I thought this would be a good day for some butterflies. So, it's great that I was privileged to have my Butterfly Under a Wild Flower Necklace be included in this wonderfully curated Treasury by Etsy shop owner,  CinLynnBoutique!
      She entitled her Treasury "Butterflies Are Free To Fly.......Fly Away!" If you follow the link you can check out all of the other butterfly artists  that she chose. It's worth doing. Trust me!
    The reason I thought it was a good day for some butterflies was because of things that have been going on the last few days in my life, and because the butterfly kind of represents a lot of what I'm feeling and wanting to feel right now. Butterflies go through a big change in their life. From drab to beautiful in a short period of time. I'm going through a change too. I'm hoping my change ends up as beautiful as a butterfly in the end. Of course, my change is not physical...I sure wish it was!! (It's raining again this morning and I'm feeling every drip and drop in the achiness of my body.)
    What I'm going through is just some changes with my business. Decisions, decisions! And, along those lines, I'd like to say a big  THANK YOU to SnowFlakeDreams1, a wonderful Blogger friend who answered a tremendous amount of questions for me yesterday about the Craft Mall situation!!! She has made it much easier for me to know what direction I want to go in now. I'll be updating you on that in the near future.
    Butterflies are also kind of carefree, flitting here and there, never seeming to take themselves too serious. That's definitely me! Especially with all of the tennis I've been watching lately!! All of my Twitter Friends could tell you about that! I've been tweeting tennis matches for the last 2 weeks!! And it's not over yet either. The Men's final was suppose to be this past Sunday. It was called on account of rain. I waited all day yesterday to finally see it, and what happens in the 2nd set?!...It started pouring raining again!!!! So, it's suppose to finally finish today. The forecast looks good...but we'll have to just wait and see!! :-))
    Speaking of my TWITTER FRIENDS, look at this Treasury of Twitter friends that MamiMadelt curated recently.
 She included my Shades of Pink Button Flower Thick Brooch.

       Thank you very much!!! I have to do a lot of thanking lately. Does that mean I've been pathetically helpless?! YES!! LOL That's exactly what it means. Pathetic, Helpless and Thankful, VERY thankful, that's me!! ^_^ So, while I'm being thankful, let me also thank ArtistiKat! Orange You Glad You Came? is the Fall inspired Treasury she curated.

       She included my Tropical Heart Crochet Flower Necklace in her Treasury.
             THANK YOU!
     Just like the butterfly, I'm going to flit off to something else now. I'm still working on the custom scarf. I almost finished it in the colors she liked yesterday, but.....I don't like the way it looks!! Ha! Ha! I'll show you the pictures later this week. I'm gong to try to do another one today so I can give her a choice. Maybe she'll like it....My hubby didn't!! That ought to tell you something! LOL Off I go to other things...


Dancing to no music;
Writing in the dust;
Smiling at your plants;

Staring in the mirror
at your brand new dress;
Wondering if its "You".

Going nowhere,
but waiting by the bus,
watching cars go by.

Not conscious of the time;
It goes by without a fuss,
while you just watch t.v.


  1. Deb you are so very welcome. This is why i'm so in love with blogger because if we ask there is bound to be someone out there that has been through it and done it before. Oh my gosh the treasuries are so beautiful. The colors are so rich love your flowers but I will have to check some of the other items in there too. I have to start my christmas shopping,I know I know for some of you it's still to early but i'm a little nutty. LOL

  2. Thanks again Velma! You're right! There's always help! Good help too! :-)...Thanks for the treasury comments too. There are some wonderful gift ideas in them for any time! Have a good rest of the day!!

  3. Thanks so much Wug!!! I'm so happy to see you share our butterfly treasury! I only wish more people would look at it and comment. I love the others too that you and I are in!! So many nice people out there!
    Nice blog today. I enjoyed it. Can't wait to see the scarves and hear more about your decision.
    Also I hope your day has been a better one today. I've been too busy to spend much time on the puter. Need to balance that a bit more anyway. Keep in touch!

  4. Oh I love that butterfly treasury that Cindy did! And congratulations to you for all the treasury features! Feels great, doesn't it? :) I'm also glad you had some help with that business decision! I read your post but since I have no experience in that area I didn't know how to help you :S

  5. CinLynn, They were really good treasuries, weren't they?! You gotta love a butterfly!! ^_^ Today hasn't been much better as far as "that" situation is concerned. Maybe worse!! But I'm watching reruns of classic tennis matches, did some studying, and contemplating the starting of yet another scarf!!! ^_^

  6. Mariann, Thank you for the nice words about the treasuries! And yes, the treasury Cindy did with the butterflies is soooo good! The others, with all of my Twitter friends, and things for Fall, were good too. So many good gift ideas...By the way, you may not know anything about that decision, but you have certainly helped me with other decisions I had to make. You have your own specialty! ^_^

  7. Thanks for your nice comment on my sweater pins... Love these flower necklaces! too cute

  8. Thanks Joella! And that sweater pin was the cutest!! :-)

  9. Debbie, they're gorgeous...you deserve all the lovin!

  10. Awwwww! Thank you **We BLOG ARTISTS**!!! How nice! Made me do the "Wuglyee" smile!! ^_^


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