Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bye, Bye, Hurricane Earl!

     Yep! Hurricane Earl has come...and gone. Well, almost gone. He's heading out of our area without much fanfare, except for some pesky wind that has the backyard swirling this morning. But the backyard is still in tact. Actually it's more than just intact. Remember these from an earlier post?
     I called them 'Batman Flowers', but they're sunflowers from our backyard. Well, they decided to pop out and say "Hello!" to Earl!!
    I'm sorry that the photos aren't better, but the wind is swirling so much in the backyard that I was thankful to get these!
    Earl is not being a very good guest, slapping them around and everything! *Teehee* But anyway, he'll be gone pretty soon. I'm very thankful he didn't mess up the house, leave water on the floor, and eat up everything. I've had guests like that in the past...of the 'Human' variety!
    I'm writing some letters, taking care of some necessary chores today, and of course...
   ...watching tennis!
    We've got a 3-day weekend this week, some laundry to do, some weekly meals to experiment on, and tennis and crocheting to waste time on....and thanks to Earl, some time to waste on each other! :-) It would have really been a waste of some precious time if we would have had to spend this time cleaning up after our "guest"!
    In the South, when a guest has stayed for a while and they're in the driveway with their packed up car backing away, their hosts usually start waving frantically and yelling: "Yall come back soon now, ya hear!!" Well guess what? I'm NOT saying that to Earl!! Instead I'm gonna say: "Get on out of here!!!" ... *talking to myself*...Now that's not very nice!! ^_^ (I was much nicer about a previous hurricane we had. Even wrote a poem about it...Earl is not inspiring me to write a poem about it!)

Me And Isabel

She's round and likes to travel,
and goes where I'd like to go.
She loves warm weather and water;
and her size doesn't bother her flow.

She packs a lot of power-
But its peaceful to look in her eye;
And, like me, she gets lots of attention
when she goes meandering by.

Beach-combers hate to see her coming,
because she loves to kick up the sand.
She can be kind of destructive-
(But that depends on where she lands).

I love comparing myself to her,
even though I have nothing to gain
by seeing myself-point-by-point,
compared to Isabel-The Hurricane!


  1. Glad it's over for you and it's alright! Love the sunflowers! Gorgeous colors! Have a great weekend!

  2. Sorry my photos weren't better. You know me!! Me and my pictures are a work in progress! :-) You have a good weekend too. We've got 3 days. Woohoo!!!

  3. Anonymous9/04/2010

    Glad the hurricane is gone and I LOVE your sunflowers!

  4. Thanks Michele! They don't look like Batman at all anymore do they?! So amazing how you look at them one day and they look one way, and BOOM! the next day they look totally different! Our creator is amazing that way. (And mothers probably have the same experience with their babies days after their born!! ^_^ )

  5. Alicia9/05/2010

    Beautiful sunflowers!

  6. I'm glad you survived Earl and there was no damage :) And I looove your sunflowers! I don't think I have ever seen them in such red colour! :D Beautiful!

  7. I can't believe I just saw this comment! Forgive me...Thank you very much!! Obviously I'm still alive! ^_^ I'll be posting some new sunflowers pictures this weekend (Sept. 18th) You'll see if they're still beautiful then! ^_^


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