Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Days You Just Need A Good...

   This  Laugh And the World Laughs With You 11x14 print by secretalice says it all, doesn't it?! I hope so, because after the weekend I''ve had I need a laugh!! Or at least a smile! And I'm thinking that I may not be alone in this. So, here are a few of the things around Etsy that make me laugh...or smile.
     Got Patience Funny Baby funkymonkeythreads...This weekend the answer to this question for me would have been NO!!!
    Now, this Crochet Toilet Paper Scarf by YarnGraphics just made me smile!...Are you smiling now too?! Yep! That's what it did to me too!! I think it was the "Crochet Anything" girl in me that got a kick out of this.
    This Funny SpeakingApparel speaks for itself!!!....Frankly, so does this one...
     ...This one can speak for me and make me smile just about on any given day!!! An I LIKE NAPS...Ladies theboldbanana. Who would have 'thunk it'?! I guess YOU did!!
     This Matted Art Print, Attitude Quote, by StudioChamberlain made me want to start laughing just looking at it! I love the description they gave underneath it. It said: "Have you ever laughed at the tickle of rain? Or felt its cool drips upon your tongue? Children instinctively know there’s a positive aspect to most everything. It’s all in our Attitude! And isn’t this painting a delightful way to remember that?..." Cool, huh?!
     There is no explanation needed about this one inch Pinback Button by gigglebot. I should have one of these pinned inside my pocketbook, on my computer screen, on the top of my crochet hook, and on the phone receiver!!! Not to remind me to CARRY CHOCOLATE...cuz I NEVER forget that part!...but to remind me to KEEP CALM!!!
     Like I don't need a reminder about this either! Well, after this weekend hanging a Scrabble Tile Pendant-IT IS WHAT IT IS Original by TheTextKitten around my neck might not be a bad thing!! It could remind me to smile and go with the flow.
    And this Hair Clip by DiamondRhino is the perfect way to end this post, because all things that make you smile or laugh should include BACON!!!
    Sincere thanks to all of these Etsy shops for letting me share their items. I needed a little humor today and you gave it to me. Now I hope some of my readers give it to you...some business, not THE business, that is. Ha! Ha! Ha!
(The poem today is one I found that I hadn't shared with you. It's not very good, but the sentiment is apropos.  So, if nothing else, in line with today's post, it should give you a laugh or make you smile.)

The Eyes Of Our Younger Years

As a couple, deep in love,
we dismissed all of our fears.
There was nothing we'd  not solve,
through some talking and some tears.

We would talk it through all night,
while fighting sleep-with perked up ears.
We could see just what was needed,
with the eyes of our younger years.

Now, we're  older in our love.
There's  been a change in all our fear.
'Will we make it through this system,
with the one that we hold dear?'

We've  gained weight, and lost some hair;
Turned our spears into pruning shears.
We love the person that we see
with the eyes of our younger years.

How could you share such special time,
not aware when all dust clears,
that arguments of who was right,
and disrespectful jabbing smears,

saying:You don't   look like you did",
and "When I talk-nobody hears!",
could even matter anymore-
as the system's  end now nears?

You see the one who has your back,
who, when you're  good, the other cheers;
The one who sees you, every day,
with the eyes of their younger years.

They remember all your faults,
but they don't  see you like your peers.
You're  much closer to their heart,
and losing you causes them fears.

They don't  see age, or sagging skin.
They see the journey through the years,
with the closest love of all,
whose eyes will search deep down and peer
with the eyes of their younger years.


  1. I'm sorry your weekend wasn't all that pleasant. Keep a smile on your face and give your thoughts and fears to our wonderful God and leave them there!!! I wish I could give you a hug! How about a cyber hug!! ***HUG***

  2. ooooh, did someone say bacon? ;)

  3. I'm working on the smile CinLynn. It's at half mast right now. But as to my thoughts and fears, my God always has those!!! And my utmost devotion too!! :-) Thanks for the ***hug***!!!

    Melissa, Ha! Ha! Yep! But sorry, all gone! ^_^

  4. Thanks for the smiles, am sending you smiles back too! :))) I had a great weekend in the country and Saturday was sooo warm and sunny, felt like summer but yesterday it was awful and today when I'm back in the city, the weather is even today has been one of those dont-want-to-do-anything days :S I try not to look outside and will now write a new blog post. Lets see how that goes haha ;)

  5. What a nice post - sometimes it is hard to remember the humor in things. It sounds like you're doing pretty good with it. :)

  6. I love Alice's print "Laugh". It really does say it all!

  7. ohh I am totally feeling the 'got patience' t shirt!

  8. Mariann, I received your smiles...and some Pistachio Yarn today!!! YAY!!!! I'm so glad you had a good weekend in the country. That'll help you ride out the bad weather. I'll check your blog to see what you came up with too! :-)

    Miss Val, Yep! I agree!!

    Hollie, :-)) I knew I wasn't alone! Some days....UGH!!

  9. tera, You're right! Some days it's tough to find anything to laugh about. But that's why you have to MAKE something to laugh about....or go crazy!! And there's enough craziness in this world already!! :-))

  10. Yup...we all have those days...
    Hope your array of pleasantries keep you smiling!

  11. Char.x, So far, so good! Thanks for your encouragement! :-)

  12. You put a smile on my face.I hope everyday this week brings you lots of reasons to smile!

  13. Ria, Awwww!Thanks!...I hope so too!...But don't count on it!!! ^_^

  14. Debbie I love this poem! It is so beautiful! And these etsy items are terrific! Glad you found some things to make you laugh today! :)

  15. Cathy, Thank you. I'm glad you like it!...And yes, these things put me in the right frame of mind to tackle the day! :-)


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