Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Please Give One Of These Shops Their First Sale!!"

         Look at these 2 fabulous 18"X18" Cushion Covers!! Do you believe that someone hasn't scooped them up?! I saw them the other day when I was doing my usual thing, looking around at different items and shops on Etsy. I found them by going to Etsy's front page, scrolling down a little and looking on the left side, under "WAYS TO SHOP". There you'll find "POUNCE-Fresh Shops". If you click on it and choose "Undiscovered" you can 'Pounce', or search through, all of the shops on Etsy that have not had a sale yet. I was flabbergasted at the shops that haven't sold a single thing, especially because of how creative, talented, and great their items are! So, I thought I'd share with you!
    The Cushion covers in my header photo are from a shop called miaandstitch. These are her Black and Forest Cushion Covers. Others that I like in her shop are the Vanilla Cushion Cover...
    Worth at least ONE sale, don't you think?! I think this shop is worth a LOT of sales!!

   Another shop not getting the love it deserves is LunaSolar9. Look at these cute Leather Sandals-Luna Resonant Size 8!
    ...Her Luna Rhytmic Size 9...
    ...and her Luna Lunar Size 8.5.
    When was the last time you had a high quality leather, hand-crafted sandal?!...And I think they're adorable, being a fan of the flip flop!! Certainly worth a sale, even if you don't have the weather for them right now!

    Know anybody that's having a baby? Need a really nice gift for them? You have to check out the receiving blankets at SharingThreads! There's 2 reasons I like this shop. She loves to sew. (I like people who don't just do what they do for money, but do it for love) And she loves to 'give back'. So, a portion of her proceeds will go to an organization called "Bridge of Love" which helps place abandoned children in loving homes...Ready to give her a sale yet? Let me show you these adorable blankets!
    ....It's closely woven flannel of very high quality. And it comes with a matching burp cloth!
    I'm especially partial to her mitered corned receiving blanket. Why?...
    ...It has flowers!! You know how much I love a flower! :-)
   Now, Come on!!! Worth at last one sale, right?!

Now, as one of the 'self-proclaimed' pocketbook/purse nuts, this shop REALLY got my attention! The shop is utary. Wait til you see the cute-ness!
    ....One in Antique Green, with the cutest flower you ever seen right on the front...

Okay, I'm done raving...And just so you know, I got permission from all of these shop owners. And my love for their items comes from a genuinely respectful place. I remember when I first started selling my crocheted items on Etsy. I was SURE I would never get a sale! But I did!...Not enough sales yet,...^_^... but I did get some!
    Do you have an Etsy shop? If so, you know what I mean about the feelings you have before your first sale. If you don't have a shop there yourself, do me a favor and at least check these shops out, okay. And have a good rest of the weekend! I hope it's a looooong one for you too! :-)
    (The poem I'm sharing today is about being NEW at something else, motherhood. But the sentiment can apply to being new shop owners too! I hope you like it!)

A New Life

There's a new one on the way,
with a frightened, teenage mom,
making all her life's decisions,
void of playfulness and calm.

There's a little one now coming.
Sacrifice will be the key
to a happy, joyful life,
for this little He or She.

There's  another life that's ending-
one of Teenager' and 'Child';
Now replaced with 'Mom' and 'Mother',
Sacrificed may be her smile-
for at least a little while.


  1. Thank you for including my clutch bags in your blog..

    Oh and I love the poems (I'm also on the way for mom-to-be ^_^)

  2. You are such a kind person to try and help these sellers,I wish them all the best, and hope the sales soon come.
    Jeanie x

  3. Utary, Congratulations little mother!! ^_^ ... It was my pleasure to include your bags! They really are the cutest!! :-)...And thank you for the nice complement about the poems.

  4. mythreebeez,Thanks for the well-wishes. I hope the sales come too!

  5. That's really nice of you write about these cute shops! I wish them well.

  6. i love cushions xxx

  7. Thea, They deserve it, don't they?! I hope they get sales too!

    Kirstyb, ME TOO!!! ^_^

  8. You've been busy as usual window shopping through Etsy. You really did find some beautiful things. I love the cushions and the fact everything is gorgeous! I'm sure the shop owners will be so pleased with this post.

  9. They are Bead. I got their permission beforehand. Can you believe these shops never had a sale before now? One did sell an item already today though!! I'm so happy about that!!! Hope you're having a good weekend. I got some great news today. I'll tell you tomorrow! :-)

  10. I love that first cushion cover. Very artistic. And not too feminine.

  11. Fickle Cattle, that cushion appealed to the artistic side of me too! That's why I used it as the header picture!...I checked out your blog too. Deep situation going on with the one that wrote you!! WOW! Nice attempt to try to help.

  12. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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