Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Wuglyee Dilemma

     I've got so much to tell you over the coming week! There's really been a lot going on with me over the last couple of days!! Just keep your eye on my blog to find out. But for now...HELP!!!
   The scarf in the header picture is my Half A Peacock Scarf that's in my Etsy shop right now. It is one of my 'Wuglyee' scarves. In other words, it was made out of yarns and thread that I had leftover from other projects. And therein lies my dilemma. I got a request for a custom order to make a scarf like this one below...
    This is my Hot Pink and Black Stripe and Block Scarf (also in my Etsy shop right now by the way). The customer would like this scarf, without the blocks at the bottom, but with the stripes going all the way down...No problem! They'd like the black stripe to remain...Again, No problem! But they'd like the green part of this scarf... be the color that goes alongside the black......PROBLEM!!! Do you see the actually color of this green conglomerate?!
    Well, there is no such yarn! I made it up by crocheting a lot of different yarns and threads together. I don't have any of the threads anymore, nor do I remember which ones they were! And if I COULD remember, I'm not sure I'd be able to get them from somewhere again! This scarf is, in every sense of the word, a ONE OF A KIND!  It has different shades of blue, yellow, different shades of green, some burnt red, etc... That's why I called it Half A Peacock, because he had all of these colors but when they were put all together they looked like a peacock's plumage.
    Thankfully my customer is a fabulous lady who has agreed to work with me to find the color that she likes. I really want to make this "baby" pretty for her too. It's going to be traveling out of the country to a very beautiful place. It has to "represent"! LOL We can't have such a beautiful lady, and such a beautiful place, get all 'Wuglyeed Up', in a bad way, with a scarf that doesn't do it justice!!
    So please help. She says she likes a warm apple green color. I couldn't find ANYTHING that I thought fit the bill, not in my stash or in the local Michael's (where I find most of my yarns and threads). {I'm going to be checking JoAnn's later today. They usually have what I'm looking for if I can't find it in other stores. And I love how they always have new things too....But that's neither here nor there (or 'a horse of a different color', as my grandmother used to say LOL).}
   In the meantime, these are what I have around here. What do you think of these?!
    This one is called "Razzle Dazzle". Is it razzling and dazzling you?!
    Or how about "Luxury Ombre"?! Is it luxurious enough?
    The green in this one is more of a turquoise shade though, not warm apple green...
    ...but I could add some other colored threads to it, like this!
        That would make the green more of a dominant color. But I don't know. :-/
Lastly, I have this...
    It's called "Clover Colors". There's all kinds of colors in this one!
   And I have this thread that I could pair with it too.
    But that would make more of the blue stand out...Do you see my dilemma?! That's why I could use some of your expertise. I know what a creative and wonderful group of followers I have! So, What do you think?! I'd love to hear.
    And I suppose I should get my customer to come over to my blog to take a look too, since she's the one that's going to be wearing it. Yeah,  I guess that would be a good idea! ^_^ ... I'd still like to know what you readers think though, because, as you know, whatever yarn or thread is leftover will be my next 'Wuglyee' scarf!!

Decisions, Decisions

What should I do?
Don't know if I should go.
What should I wear?
I don't know, I don't know!

What should I say?
Don't need another foe.
Should I tell the truth?
I don't know, I don't know!

Who should I be?
My peppy self or keep it low?
But can they handle it?
I don't know, I don't know!

Decisions, decisions.
Coming at you every day.
You will be just fine!
Come what may, come what may!


  1. Anything with the name razzle dazzle has to be a winner, right? :)

  2. I like the razzle dazzle one too. Have you tried looking for yarn in craigslist? When i am looking for craft supplies I always look in craigslist under arts and crafts close to my area. Some times I find what i'm looking for at a very good price. Just a thought.

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  4. Melissa, Ha! Ha! You might be right! :-)

    SnowflakeDreams1, Looks like the Razzle Dazle one is a favorite!...And no, I never look on Craigslist for things. I heard some not so positive stories, so I was kinda scared off from doing that. It sounds like you've had a good experience though! I guess I should giv that a little more thought. Thanks for the suggestion. :-)

  5. Well, I have had just the best time visiting your blog......You are funny and your blog is wonderful....

    I am a knitter and crocheter too even though I perfer I have confidence you will pick just the right color....


  6. You do have a dilemma! I think, no I know, you'll make it gorgeous no matter how you do it! If your customer is as nice as she sounds, I'm sure she'll be thrilled with whatever you decide!! You can do it!

  7. Just gonna tell ya straight off: I am no help!!! However, I did gasp when I first saw the half beeeeeutiful! **kisses** Deb

  8. Nancy, What a nice thing to say!! I appreciate the feedback...And we are on different sides of the crochet/knit continuum, aren't we?!! ^_^ I'm glad you like it. Actually, I like knitting too, but it just doesn't hold my attention. I get easily bored and I hate having to watch it too closely for mistakes. It's a shame to be able to do something and not like to, isn't it?! *Hanging my head...a little!* :-)

  9. Thanks for the encouragement, CinLynn!! Yeah,...*Rah! Rah!*...I can do it!!! :-/

    Deborah, Awwwww! Not even gonna stick a toe in the "decision water" eh?! :-)) Okay, I guess I'm on my own!...Thanks so much for the nice words about the scarf though! :-)

  10. oh i wish i had to patience for knitting x

  11. Kirstyb, I know what you mean!!! It does take patience!...Lots of patience!! :-)

  12. Anonymous9/13/2010

    I love to crochet.I have yet to make a scarf though.I adore the half peacock.But I also love the clover colors.Thats so pretty.So theres my input Debby,no you cant fail hahah.

    Happy new week to you!

  13. Becky, Ha! Ha! No! I can't fail!! :-) ... By the way, when you crochet your scarf, be sure to show it to me!! And you have a Happy week too!!

  14. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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