Thursday, September 30, 2010

Drum Roll Please.......PISTACHIO!!

    I wish I could do sound effects on this blog, because I would have done a drum roll or something for the newest edition to the Wuglyees Family!! It's the custom ordered Pistachio and Moss scarf!! It's very pretty, and very thick and warm. I had fun working with it...Well, the one I've worked with so far!
      Me being me though, I'm not completely satisfied yet.
      Since we're having lots and lots of pretty rain here in Holyoke for the next few days, and I can't really take full pictures of the scarf on "Tina" (my headless model) anyway, I'm going to continue to make other scarves, using combinations of colors that include this beautiful pistachio yarn. I'll eventually get tired of it...or run out of yarn!! LOL
    Whatever the customer doesn't choose will end up in my Wuglyees shop for sale...This is the one I made yesterday...
    Isn't it pretty?! And I'm sure you recognize that yarn too! :-) I added a strand of the pistachio to the Razzle Dazzle yarn. Gave it a bit more razzle dazzle, if you know what I mean. :-) Now it's one stripe razzle dazzle with the strand of pistachio, one stripe with pistachio alone, and one stripe of white.
  I also bought some gray when I bought the pistachio.
     I haven't quite decided what to do with it yet, but don't worry...I don't see any gray and pistachio in my future! ^_^ That is, unless one of YOU want that!!...At any rate, as soon as the pictures are taken...hopefully today or tomorrow...I'll show them to you.
    Before I go, I wanted to tell you what's coming up over the next few days...
* A giveaway!! Offered to you by someone who likes this blog!
* My attempt at a sketch challenge. I'll show you what I did.
* Basketball photos...mine!
     So stay tuned! There's much embarrassment of ME on the agenda!! LOL
* I'm also going to tell you the story of my biological father.
    Okay, I'm off for today,...right after I introduce you to another member of my Artisans of Western Mass Team, and a poem. The business card will introduce you to betsyarcher  (who also has an Etsy shop). This is one side of it...
    ...and this is the other...
    This is an example of her work. It's the Organic Toddler Cherry Blossom T-Shirt.
    Cute, huh?!.....Okay, poem time! (This was one I made on another day when I needed something to entertain me. So, I entertained myself writing this poem instead!)

Entertain Me?

This is a time of 'Reality ' shows,
of T.V. and music, and internet 'chat',
of slogans, commercials and F.Y.I.,
of news and politics and stuff like that.

There are 'Self-Help' shows, like 'Dr. Phil',
and 'Trading Spaces' (Where you don't  have to pay);
There are 'Wake-Up' shows, like 'Good Morning America',
'The View' and 'Today'.

There are game shows, like 'Pyramid',
'Millionaire', and 'The Price is Right',
'The Family Feud', 'Win, Lose or Draw';
You could play from morning til night!

There are shows that are made, half for fun,
and half to look at your life,
like 'Oprah', 'Regis and Kelly',
and 'Judge Hatchett' (the judge who's a wife).

There are shows that make you laugh;
and others that make you say "Yay!"
Those like 'Frasier', and 'Ed', and ;Friends',
and 'Who's Line is it Anyway?'

Then there's  'E.R.' and 'Survivor',
'Jeopardy' and 'The Weakest Link';
Why are we so fascinated?
('cause when watching, we don't  have to think).

There are some from which you learn
how the world is starting to flow,
like 'Boston Public' and 'Seinfeld',
and, of course, 'The Antiques Roadshow'.

So, with so many things to watch,
(not to mention-to listen to)
We need to 'Buy Out' our time well,
'cause there's  so, so much else to do!


  1. I LOOOOOOOVE your new scarf!!! Those colors are so awesome together!! I love the other one too! Reminds me of a peppermint stick!! You are so good at making scarves! I can't believe you don't sell more! C'mon people!!! Open your eyes!!! Wuglyees has the best scarves (and everything else) in the world!!!
    I can't wait to see the full view photos!

  2. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! Ha! You must of had your other cup of coffee already!!! Thank you so much for such enthusiasm!! I hope my customer likes it too...or the other one I'm working on. (It has pistachio on the outside edge)...I hope somebody listens to you and starts buying my scarves!! Do you think that maybe they're too high priced?!

  3. Oh I love both of the scarves!!! They look stunning and I can't wait to see more pics tomorrow :)
    The basketball pics are gonna be awesome I'm sure ;)

  4. MMMM, Pistachio! I just love it! I am thinking that it would look good with a sweater that I have started for my daughter :-)

  5. Love the new scarf also! Great colors, so serene and pretty.

  6. Thank you Mariann! Hopefully the rain will ease up some later today so pictures can be taken!! It's dark and gloomy here now...and wet!...Very wet!!! LOL

    Michele, Ooooo! A whole sweater in pistachio!! That sounds pretty!!! :-)

    Heather, Thanks for the nice words about the new scarf! I'll hopefully be able to show you the whole thing by tomorrow!

  7. Anonymous9/30/2010

    I love it as well Debbie.So cute.Im very fond of that color pistachio.I think the rusts and orange look so good with it.So fallish,lol.Is that a word? lol.

    Happy Thursday to you!

  8. Becky, I don't know if Fall-ish is a word, but I have used it and know exactly what you mean and....THANK YOU! :-) I'm thinking Pistachio may be the new Black!!!

  9. Very pretty green that pistachio! Love the way you play with the colors, too. Now what do I have on my DVR? : )

  10. Thanks Janet! I like it too. If it hadn't been for my customer I may never have seen it!! So thanks to her too!! :-) ... Now, a word from your sponsor!! ^_^

  11. Anonymous10/01/2010

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that colour!!!!!

  12. Thanks Michele!!! :-)


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