Thursday, September 16, 2010

ARTery Craft Show in Northanpton Massachusetts

    As you guys know, I don't have a good track record as a "Team" player. Not on purpose, but for some reason whenever I have associated myself with a "group" to promote my business...something went wrong. That didn't stop me from trying again though. The Artisans of Western Mass was my recent "try".
    If I'm being honest I have to say that I'm still not sure it's a good fit for me. That has nothing to do with them though! They are amazingly organized in the local Massachusetts area, and they are a wonderful group of down to earth people. It's just that they are very much centered around craft shows and exhibits and so forth of which I can't attend.
    I found out from one of the group members this weekend though, relayed to me through my hubby who attended one of their craft shows in Northampton Mass, that they have meetings that are 'skyped' (some kind of online LIVE videoing system...I think) and at times will put items in a show from those not physically able to be there! How wonderful is that?! I've definitely got to look into that more.
    But anyway, hubby met quite a few of my fellow group members. He took pictures of them and their items.  I'm going to show you the pictures, with their websites on them (added by me), and with a poem I wrote just for this occasion! Here goes....

A Crafty Group

T-Shirts showing pictures,
and the pillows with some too;
Artistic framed creations
done of vegetables and fruit.
 Beaded wire-made bracelets;
Things vintage and brand new;
Penguins on a lunch bag;
and, of course, there's flowers too!
 Plushy toys and hats;
Kittens, pottery, and rings.
Painted yarn and thread;
Priced for paupers, fit for kings.
Reusable, recycled,
some refashioned, now called "Green";
No plastic for the landfill:
Just some bags, fit for a Queen.
Men's ties that now are 'Handles';
Star-shaped soap, a purse with birds.
Wood crafts all hand-painted.
Retro T-Shirts, done with words.

 With all the crafts and talent,
place-mats, quilts, and lots of fun
It's a group of happy people;
Every daughter, mom, and son!

If there's anybody still here...*giggling*...let me just say, I'm going to try to be a better group member. First, I've got to figure out how to stop missing my emails, and figure out how to know what's going on at the meetings, and get familiar with the Facebook website, and check out all of the other group member's websites, and.........*sigh* It's very hard and very tiring being a good team player.  :-)


  1. Looks like a fun show! Wish I had been there. Hopefully you'll be able to add your beautiful items to it too. Good post!

  2. Looks like a great show Debbie! Beautiful items! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. CinLynn, My hubby had a ball over there!!! His friend that went with him even won 2 raffles for a necklace for his wife and one for his daughter!!! My hubby didn't enter because he said I had enough jewelry already!!! LOLIs that terrible, or what!! ^_^

    Cathy, Thank YOU for the nice comment! :-)

  4. Anonymous9/16/2010

    Oh wow lucky you!Looks like gorgeous things.I would of spent a day and a half there,lol.The yarn is lovely.Have a nice day Debbie!

  5. Becky, Thanks for the nice words. I would have spent a day and a half there too!!! :-)

  6. Thanks for the great Artisan of WMass feature! Your husband took great pictures. I usually hate pictures of myself but the one he took of Lou and me is a keeper! I hope you can join us with your work. I really do love it!
    Take care,

  7. Paula, It was my pleasure! My hubby will love that you really liked the pictures he took. He fancies himself a good photographer...of sorts. ("Sorts" being backyard plant life up to now! ^_^) I hope that my work can, at some time, be seen along with your as well! It would be my privilege!

  8. Great post! I chatted with your husband at the show, and he got a kick out of being recognized from your blog post after the Celtics lost game 7 of the championship game against the Lakers. I told him he was famous!
    Sorry that you couldn't join us, and I hope something can be worked out so that your beautiful things can be displayed , even if you are not able to attend!

    Wendy (from Bags of a feather)

  9. Love the necklace pictured! I loved your poems too... Very clever. What a fun event, sure wish I could have attended..that would be a long drive though! I'm not fond of facebook, but good luck getting in those meetings!

  10. Wendy, Ha! Ha! What a way to be famous...In total defeat!!! ^_^ He told me about your conversation. He liked you very much...And yes, I hope to find some solution to this myself. You keep up the good work too!!!

    yaya, Thank you! And I'm sure she thanks you too!...I wish I could have attended too. I hope to be more in the flow of things as time goes on...Hopefully!

  11. Debbie, I can relate to the overwhelming feeling of trying to do 'so' many things at once. I was trying to switch to wordpress but I gave up (for now) because there is so much to learn and I just don't have the time. Plus I think it's not as fun when you HAVE to do something versus when YOU do it for fun. So think of it as a fun project plus you have lovely items to sell!

    Have a wonderful weekend and as always thanks for your comments, I always look forward to reading them!

  12. Croatian_Latina, I can tell by your comment that you DO know what I was saying! When you like what you're doing it's just so much easier, and when you don't.....! UGH! Thanks for the complement on my items too!!...You have a good weekend too!! :-)


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