Sunday, September 26, 2010


     Let me just say that my frustration today has nothing to do with my scarf pictures! In fact, I'm VERY happy with them...for a change. Most of them are not new. I just hadn't taken the time to photograph them on "Tina" (my dummy model) in the backyard. That's why I haven't put them in the shop all this time...That will change this week!
    Somebody needs to buy these "babies" before me and hubby start wearing them ourselves!! He's got his eye on a couple of them. {He's a fan of my 'Wuglyee' scarves, the ones that aren't perfectly symmetrical.} This one....
     ...and this one.
    Of course, he's not going to look as good as "Tina"looks wearing them, but I can see either one of these 'Wuglyees' being worn by guys as well. It's a scarf! Why not?!
     My frustration has to do with 2 things. One has to do with the whole 'Father-in-Law' situation, which by the way is being taken care of at a snails pace! It's as if he's now housed at the Hospital and everybody is 'Good With It'!!! UGH!...Don't ask!
    The other frustration is that for some reason I'm not getting any of my packages that I'm suppose to be getting through the mail! Well...I shouldn't say that I'm not getting ANY. I did get the vitamins that I ordered. But my necklace that I won FREE, this one, hasn't come. It's been almost a month now!! And the "Pistachio" yarn for my custom order scarf STILL hasn't come!!! It was SUPPOSE to be here on Wednesday! (I think I already complained about this on Friday....WELL IT STILL ISN'T HERE!!!!)..*taking deep breaths to calm me down*.
    Tell me, does this happen to you?!...Your packages that were suppose to be at your house don't get there at the prescribed time. You tell yourself, in the spirit of being positive, "No problem. Just be patient. They're coming." A week more goes by...Two weeks.....a month!! You tell yourself that there must be some Fed-X, Post Office, conspiracy to take all of your packages and have a huge "Raise Money for the Delivery People" Tag Sale going on somewhere!! And you need to get on the phone...tomorrow...and call every one of these outlets and tell them that your precious necklace, yarn, boxes, and whatever else you ordered,...that is ALSO not here yet!,...needs to be delivered N-O-W or else somebody besides YOU are not going to be very, very, unhappy!!!!!!!!!....What?! That's never happened to you?!!
   *Another Deep Breath!*...
     I DO still have this Raspberry Suede yarn scarf to look at! At least until it gets listed in the shop this week too...And I also have this  All The Morning Glows Anew Treasury!
    Tracey of, Raceytay on Etsy, added my Romantic Pink Angel Hair Pillow in with all of these other really talented and creative artists and artisans. I feel very honored and very thankful!
   Because it's Sunday I know I won't be getting any mail today, so I'm going to go and get some reading done, relax myself, and get ready for my meeting today. I'm sure a little spiritual goodness stuck up in my head will be exactly what I need....Maybe it'll make everything easier to deal with tomorrow! :-]
    Before I leave you today's poem, let me introduce you to another AWM Team member. It's  the T-Shirt designer, FakeDiscoThreads. This is the front and back of their business card...
      I must admit that I don't like the eyes looking at me. That's just me....But It does catch your attention, doesn't it?! I guess with marketing, that's the point!!!
    Okay, a poem I wrote a while ago...Not my best, but Oh well!...and I'm off..........!

 What Goes Around, Comes Around

I was a baby, and a clown;
I made them smile with every sound;
Then, all my joy turned to a frown-
What goes around, comes around.

I was sixteen, and kind of round;
(I gained an inch with every pound.
And what I lost was always found.)
What goes around, comes around.

At my Prom I wore a gown;
I was so nervous, tightly wound.
Then my date said: "Are your eyes brown?"
What goes around, comes around.

I got married in a small town.
In my eyes, he said he'd drown.
(I thought, last year, he was a hound!)
What goes around, comes around.

Now I'm a poet; I write things down.
My mind's a whiz with a noun.
My thoughts of life-no longer bound.
What goes around, comes around.

Just like a pitcher on the mound,
I now can stand on solid ground,
and be the queen of sight and sound;
When poems "hit"-I duck my crown,
because what goes around, comes around.


  1. Anonymous9/26/2010

    Oh I know how annoying it is, having to wait for things to arrive... we're having these problems, too, but only because we just moved. I do hope you get your necklace soon. That blue/green asymmetrical scarf is lovely!

  2. Cafe' Bellii, Thank you so much for feeling my pain! :-) We recently moved too, last September. I know that frustration too!!...Thanks also for the complement on my Wuglyee scarf!

  3. It IS frustrating! I've been there many times! I especially love the second scarf you've shown us! I guess I am partial to the tassels!! Can't wait to see more new ones in your shop. I'm sending my friends your way for sure!
    Hang in there! You'll get your things soon, I'm sure!
    Hope things improve with your father-in-law too!
    Have a great meeting! I'm off to mine now!

  4. Tina does look good in those scarves! I love the blue/green one.
    I don't blame you for feeling annoyed about not receiving your parcels. You should chase them up on Monday & find out what's going on. Maybe with luck they will arrive while you're on the phone or sending an email.

  5. CinLynn, I'm always amazed at how the things I absolutely love are not the things everybody else absolutely loves! :-) I'm totally in love with the black and white scarf, but I've gotten 2 nice complements now on the one you like! :-)...Enjoy your meeting too!

    Joanne, Thanks so much about the scarf! You're the 3rd one that likes that one!! Guess that one better be one of the first in the shop! ^_^ What do I know?!!...And I hope you're right about my packages coming while I'm on the phone, because I WILL BE ON THE PHONE!!! LOL

  6. Don't get me wrong! The black and white is my second favorite! I think it's stunning too! By the way, I forgot to tell you that I love the treasury your purse is in too! Congrats!

  7. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! Did I twist your arm too much that time?! ^_^ And thanks for the treasury complement too. Did I miss something or did you mean this pillow? Off to see if my purse is in a treasury!!!...................LOL

  8. Love the black and white beauty, but for some reason...probably because it's gorgeous, the second one just calls out to me. So does that sweet pillow!

  9. Yaya, WOW! You're the 4th one today that said they love that scarf!! I guess I better put that one in the shop next, huh?! Who would have 'thunk it'?! That my 'Wuglyee' scarf would be a favorite?! Just goes to show that one man's ugly is another man's beautiful!! :-) Thank you very much for the nice words about it!...and about the pillow!

  10. Thanks for the support, everyone! :-]


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