Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In Between.....

    Before I move on to today's post, I'd like to thank you all for all of your comments yesterday about your friends! I felt like we all got to know each other a little better. And I'm sure all of your friends love you all as much as I love my friends too!  :-)
   **** AND the GIVEAWAY for the "Purse Sueded Hand Bag"...
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    I spent the day yesterday trying to keep myself busy, in between waiting for a return email about my items being put in a non-manned store (I mentioned it in this post), waiting for the mailman to bring my new yarn for the 2nd round of the custom ordered scarf I'll be working on, a scare from my brother-in-law about my father-in-law passing out in a store (he appears to be fine, but refuses to go to the hospital....UGH!), and my husband's cooking "experiment"...Seriously, he needs a cooking school or something, to go with this strong desire he has to "experiment" in the kitchen!! I'll tell you what happened in a minute, but first let me show you the one other thing I've been working on....A New Scarf!
      If you follow this blog you'll probably recognize the multicolor row of yarn that's sitting next to this brown. It's the "Clover Colors" yarn from this post. I started this scarf just so I could have something in my hands to occupy my mind. I was going to pair it with some blue, yellow, red, etc...but they just didn't look right to me. They all seemed too "LOUD"! So I decided to try a more muted, Fall, warm-look scarf. What do you think?!
    Oh Yeah, I also put a couple of my poems in some frames.
        I'm trying to get some of my poetry ready for the un-manned store too. They would certainly be too large to ship from my Etsy shop anyway!
     Okay, back to my husband's "experiment". I decided to lay down for a while. You know how I love a nap! :-) I had my C-Pap machine on and was resting in sweet slumber, and then...*sniff! sniff!*....What was this terrible smell that was in my dreams?! Was I at a landfill or something?!....I tried to ignore it. Then.....*sniff! sniff!*...I started to get nauseous!! It completely woke me up! I yelled "Bae!!!!! What's that smell?!!!"
    He came in carrying the fork that he had just turned this 'Road-Kill' smelling food over with, and proceeded to tell me how he was cooking steaks and pork chops. "Really?!....Why do they smell like that?" He looked surprised and said: "What?" I knew I was going to have to be delicate with my next words......NO! NO! There was no time for delicacy!! My stomach was really churning and I was getting that beads of sweat, watery mouthed, feeling! I said: "Dear, I know you are REALLY trying with these things you're cooking for me, but IT SMELLS LIKE SOMETHING DIED IN HERE!!!" He smiled! That was not the reaction I was expecting!!
    He told me that he put different seasonings on the pork chops and the steak and put them in the oven together. I said: "But still! Why do they smell like that?! Did you put onions in there, oil, something?!!" He said: "Oh, No! I'll go and do that now!" He didn't seem the least bit put-off that I was insinuating that his food that he was slaving over smelled like road kill!!! I could almost see cartoon birds following him and hear a  Disney theme song as he left the room!!! LOL
    Then he turned around, with the most serious and puzzled look on his face, and said: "You smelled that through your C-Pap machine?! I thought those things were suppose to filter out smell!" I couldn't help myself. I said: "THAT OUGHT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!!!" He just laughed! .... If I didn't know better, I'd think he was trying to drive me insane...or stink me to death!!!! LOL
      (Maybe I'd better take my own advice that I wrote about in today's poem! ^_^)

Formula For Happy Marriage

If there's  hair left on the sink,
Ignore it, Ignore it!
The garbage piling high-and stinks?
Ignore it, Ignore it?

If he forgot to bring home bread;
'So what' if it was Three times said.
Don't  silently start seeing red!
Ignore it, Ignore it!

If she says everything's  your fault,
Ignore it, Ignore it!
Take it with a grain of salt.
Ignore it?-Ignore it!

If she just seems to talk too much;
Its 'This and That', and 'Such and Such'.
"Who cares if its a purse or clutch?!"
Ignore it. Ignore it!!

If he cleans behind himself,
Praise it. Praise it!
And puts the book back on the shelf,
Praise it. Praise it!

If he remembered you today,
and likes your hair fixed just that way,
and hears everything you say,
Praise it. Praise it!

If she lets you watch the game,
Praise it. Praise it!
If dinner's  late and she takes the blame,
Praise it. Praise it!

If happy marriage is for you,
just do what I just told you to,
(Plus, each day, have Jehovah's  view)
And you'll be of the happy few-
Who get it.-Please get it!!


  1. Ok, much to comment on! The yarn in your picture is beautiful - love the color combination. Also, your scarf - very earthy and warm looking. Gorgeous!! I'm glad your father-in-law is ok - what is it with men and the doctor?!? Your poems look wonderful framed. Your husband sounds so sweet in his effort to creatively cook... And that poem is so true!! We've been married for 20 years and often when some little think irritates me, I think about how much I would miss just that little thing if Daniel were gone. That always gives me the proper perspective. Wishing you a most wonderful day!! Love, Silke

  2. Silke, What a wonderful reply. You gave me all kinds of encouragement...and I thank you! :-) You and Daniel have 20 years in and me and Jeff have 28 so far, and you are exactly right...The little things are the things that would really be missed!! And for now, they're fun to post about! ^_^ Now I've got to get over to your blog and see if there's anymore pictures from Germany!!

  3. Hahahaha Love this post! :D The cartoon birds had me laughing really hard! LOL I guess I can just say that it's good that he wants to cook! And you don't have to think about what to get him for Christmas - send him to a cooking class! :))) ...Or maybe a little earlier ;)

  4. Mariann Rea, We don't celebrate Christmas, and I don't even want to THINK about the worried look that would be on the face of any poor cooking teacher after one cooking class with my enthusiastically inept "Chef"! Ha! Ha!...I've tried to teach him....it was a Scratch!!! ^_^

  5. Really fun to read. Helped me better understand, how women and men just communicate differently. And I do "get it", as you mentioned.

  6. Seasons, I'm glad you do!! ^_^ You won't have any problems in this area, I'm sure!!...Thank you!

  7. OHGosh, that is just too funny!!! And horrible at the same time! Did you end up eating hubby's concoction? Should we send someone to do a wellness check??? **blows kisses** Deb

  8. This is a great post Deb! I also love the color combination in your new scarf and the framed poems. They're so pretty! I do hope everything is alright with your father-in-law and I hope your next meal is a better one too! Husbands just don't understand that it's not wise to experiment with spices. Things can smell rancid if you don't combine them properly!!
    By the way.....he'd probably love taking a cooking class! What a great anniversary gift that would be!!

  9. Dborah, Ha! Ha! "I'm ALIVE!"...I didn't eat any of it after the initial cooking, but strangely, the pork chops smelled, and then tasted, better as leftovers!! ^_^

    CinLynn, Thanks so much for the encouragement! And my father-in-law and my stomach appear to be doing okay now!...I'll give him a cooking class for our anniversary IF you agree to be his teacher!!! Ha! Ha! (I wouldn't agree too fast if I were you!!!)

  10. Alicia9/21/2010

    Love the poem! Glad everything's ok with the family :-)

  11. Thanks Alicia! So far, so good. I'll find out more later, as to whether a doctor's visit is going to happen! Probably not! UGH!

  12. Your poems look great in the frames. I had to smile about your hubby's cooking adventure. Did anyone eat what he cooked?

  13. Jo-anne, Thanks for the complement about the poems...And yes, we're eating what he cooked STILL!!! Slow...and leftover! ^_^

  14. I always enjoy your writings...but I'm curious...How was it? LOL....

  15. SisterJewelry, Shhhhhh! Hard as a ROCK!! LOL I'm taking it slow and nibbling....no biting allowed!!! Ha! Ha!

  16. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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