Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are All Yarns And Threads Alike?!

      Now, I know, 'right off the bat', that today's post is going to be a 'yawn fest' for some people. That's because if you already crochet or knit you'll know this already, and if you have no intention of ever crocheting or knitting you're going to be bored to tears with all of the details. I decided to write it though, as a reference point for the people who would be buying items from my "Wuglyees" shop on "Etsy".
    I really started thinking about this post recently when I was asked by someone on "Twitter" which threads and yarns I was using to make my necklaces. It seems like such a simple question, when, in fact, it's anything but!!...I use different kinds of threads and yarns depending on what I'm making, and on what effect I'm after in the finished product.
     For instance, with my necklaces I almost always like to use thread. But there are all different kinds of thread!
    Look at these 3 blue threads closely and you'll see what I mean. The first one is a smooth cotton, the 2nd is silk, the third multicolored one is what I call 'soft cotton rope' thread. I said 'that's what I call it', because if you look at the wrapper on threads of this kind the only info they give you is whether it's 100% cotton or not (which is the ones I like to use), and a bar code and where it was made. This...

    ...and this...
   ...though, look and feel completely different. And in working with them, they handle completely differently. The multicolored rope-like one is my favorite. It's soft, easy, and goes where I want it to go, and doesn't fray every time you touch it! The smooth cotton and the silk are not easy to work with. I have to be much more careful, and work slower, in order to make sure all of the strands are staying where they're suppose to stay.
    I do have what I call my 'Premiere' thread though!
    It's 100% Mercerized Cotton and just FABULOUS to work with. And is as soft as it looks...
    ...but not the kind of soft so that every time you rub it it gets all fuzzy!
      It doesn't do that. That's why I love it! It comes in all kinds of colors...and all kinds of widths. This is the same kind, but thinner...
     I have some white threads of another kind. Soft also, but with a different feel. It's hard to explain. See if you can tell the difference when you look at it...
    My premiere white thread is Portuguese thread...
    ...This thread is literally imported from Portugal! I had about 3 boxes at one time. I have one box of it left. After that, I don't even know if I'll be able to find it anymore. The 2 stores I bought them from no longer are in business. So if you buy something in my shop made out of Portuguese thread, know that you're getting something really special! I made the frame on this "Anniversary Poem" out of this thread.
    Speaking of special, I use a very special metallic thread on a few projects too. I used it on this "necklace". I LOVE the way they look....
     ...I absolutely HATE the way they twirl and roll up when you're working with them!! You have to keep stopping while you're crocheting in order to unroll or unravel it so that you can continue! It's very time consuming and takes a lot of patience. If not for how beautiful the end product looks, I wouldn't bother with it at all!! This "bridal necklace" was one of my 'Patience Projects'!!!
    For my other items, non-jewelry items, I use all kinds of yarn. Usually soft yarn, unless I'm working with some extras, something I bought for a particular project, or some yarn that was given to me. ( That happens sometimes. My friends are recyclers too! :-] ) Mostly, I choose to use this...
    It's soft to work with, and beautiful when it's all done! I made this "hat" out of it....This blue is another brand that I use. It's 'Lion Brand'...
     I don't use it as much in projects where I know the person will be using it a lot because it will 'fuzz up' some if you fool with it too much...This next one I don't use that much just because it's a BEAR to work with it!!
      ...If you're working with a simple pattern, like a scarf, it's fine. But if your project has a lot of detail, this is not the kind of yarn you want to use. The reason is because it's very hard to see your stitches as you're working. You have to KNOW where you're going every minute!...I pretty much can crochet with my eyes closed with most projects, but not with this yarn!! Although, I did make this "man's scarf" using some of it.
    I used this yarn once. I made this "scarf" with some of it. I bought it from a shop on Etsy...
    It was beautiful, but I don't think I'd work with it again...unless by request...because I didn't necessarily like the inconsistent grade of it. Some sections are thin, while others are really bulky, all in the same thread.
    It's not a dislike for bulky though, because I love this soft bulky Angel Hair yarn!
     I used it, along with another yarn, in this "scarf".
So, that's it! To those of you who don't knit or crochet, but you read it anyway, thank you for the attention. I hope that, if nothing else, you now at least know what some of my things are made out of in my shop. And if you ever want me to make something for you, now you know what to ask for!...
    To those of you who DO knit or crochet, I'm always on the lookout for something new to crochet with too...remember my recent wire? let me know if they're some secret thread or yarn you are using!

When I am alone

When I am alone,
with just my pen and pad,
I can talk about myself,
whether I'm happy, tired or mad.

When I am alone
all the words just fly
from my brain of 'Busy'-ness
to the sight-line of my eye.

When I am alone
there's no veiled conflict;
There is only what I think,
and my ball-point Bic.

When I am alone
I can just be calm;
and if there's been a fight,
words can soothe like balm.

When I am alone
I confirm, with glee,
that I really like myself
and that "I'd  be friends with me!"

When I am alone
there's  no loneliness;
and whatever I am feeling
I don't  have to guess-
I just put down pen, and press!


  1. Lots of wonderful info here :-) Not boring at all!! My mom taught me to crochet years ago but I guess I went the sewing I am teaching my daughter (5 years old) to crochet and she is already better than me, which is kind of cool. It's a good thing to keep her busy during our historical reenactments and she does gather a crowd. She loves the angel hair yarn in every shade of pink or purple available. Must be the name or the wonderful softness and color. I encourage her as a lot of the "woman arts" are not being taught and the younger kids seem to not know.

    You do beautiful work and now I know a bit more about you :-)

  2. Maritime, I am so glad that I didn't bore you!! :-) And YAY! for mom's, including you and yours, teaching their kids to crochet!!! You're's keeps them busy. But it has other benefits too. They learn coordination, concentration, and they gain all kinds of self-esteem! Tell your daughter to keep up the good work, and if you give me a picture of something she's made I'll share it on the blog!

    Thanks for the complement about my work too! :-) Have a good day!!!


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