Monday, July 19, 2010

What's On Your Refrigerator?

   Smiling stick figures drawn by a child, on a piece of ruled notebook paper, being held in place by a flat magnet of fruit figures. This is on my refrigerator...and we don't even have any children! And at this point hubby and I don't even remember which one of our nieces, nephews, or friend's children drew it! Hubby does remember though, that the muscle guy is suppose to be him. LOL
  Isn't it funny the things you collect and put on your refrigerator?! We've got a lot of stuff on ours!...They're mostly magnets. Magnets of fruit, or what's suppose to be fruit!
   Some of it is holding other refrigerator art...
   ...and some of it is just standing alone...waiting for the time it'll be snatched into usefulness to keep some other piece of Van Gogh-like art in place.
    There's a bottle cap magnet...missing a bottle...or a reason to be on my refrigerator.
   There's a cutesy magnet that was given to us on one of our anniversaries...I think! :-)
   There's an old, out of date, calendar magnet...Of course!
   There's a magnet showing the Library schedule...Gotta have that close at hand, right?!
   There's magnets from our trip to Maine. This one was for me. I was crocheting the whole time we were there...inside, next to the wood stove. (They didn't have a crocheting lobster, but since I knit also we decided to get it anyway!)
   This magnet was for Jeff. He had his first experience fishing while we were in Maine...
   ...We have a video of him fishing. You don't know how funny this magnet really is!!! I'm laughing right now, remembering the shoe he caught, the BIG minnow, and the boat dock that almost threw him and a friend into the Lake! Ha! Ha!...I digress...Back to my refrigerator.
   We have two other magnets on the fridge too. Magnets from places we've lived in the past. This one...
   ...and this one...
   ...Any time I can think about Georgia, it's a good time! And considering that it's on my refrigerator door, where all of the good food is,'s also fitting!
   So what kind of things are on your refrigerator? What kinds of things are chronicling your life?

Refrigerator Door

The refrigerator door is the place
 for love's display of your children's face;

For a watercolor hand, with the lines drawn on;
and a sticky grocery list, for a dinner long gone.

For some magnets with the words "Love" and "Life",
and a cutesy little note, meant just for your wife.

For reminders of the schedule you need to keep,
or a coupon for some soap, you can get real cheap.

For a calendar, comics, and a business card;
'Take-out' menus and a flower from the yard.

For post cards and bills that we need to pay,
and Oh Yeah! There's fingerprints there EVERY day!

So what's on your refrigerator door?
No doubt your life! What else would it be for?!


  1. You do have a lot of things on your refrigerator! Mine is a little sparse. I have a calendar and a magnet that holds all my appointment slips. That's it!! Several empty magnets too. Nice photos too!

  2. Ha! Ha! And believe it or not, these aren't the only things on the fridge! The other things had too much personal info on them to show...Aren't you fortunate not to have to see ALL of it!! LOL

  3. Well, you probably saw what was on my fridge door in yesterday's post, but just in case you didn't - lots of artwork by my nephews, post cards, magnets that make me smile, a few business cards, but mostly pretty stuff. I love it!! Hugs, Silke

  4. Hi Silke! Yes, I did see your 2 adorable nephews. That's what inspired my post today actually. I didn't see your other things though...I'll have to go look again! :-)


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