Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Look, I's Married Now!"

    Any of you that ever saw the movie "The Color Purple" will probably recognize the quote in my post title today. A variation of that phrase sent everybody howling in laughter at a wedding yesterday.
   Do you remember me telling you all about Bri's mom? Well, yesterday she finally did it! And it was a beautiful day for a wedding too! The sun was out, about 90 degrees (but not humid and sticky), a light breeze, not too many people, only her daughter, my baby girl , as a bride's maid, and the person that was marrying her was a long time friend who knew her life story.
   He knew that she had never been married before, even though she was now in her 40's and has a married daughter of her own. He knew what a struggle she had gone through with her baby's father shortly after the baby was born. A struggle that led to a break-up for good, and a tug and pull over custody and control of her for years. A struggle she won! He knew of her childhood abuse and how, now that she was alone with her baby, that's the way she wanted it to stay! He also knew how important it had become for her to train her daughter with a spiritual bent, something that would give her a better foundation than she had had growing up with her own mother...And he also knew how lonely she had been. How she always wanted a husband to help her share the load of responsibilities, but how scared she was to let anyone get that close to her.
     But just like beauty can grow after a storm (these are the flowers that are growing around my backyard. Aren't they gorgeous! The rain made everything pop out all over with color!), the beauty of their relationship came after the storm of her life. They are as happy as two bugs in a rug! She trusts him explicitly...I never thought I'd see the day that would happen!!! Her..REALLY trust....a MAN?! :-) And you can see in his eyes that he loves her very much.
     Everybody at the wedding was smiling! And when her friend pronounced them 'husband and wife' and he kissed her, she turned around to the audience and said: "We's married now!" in a Southern accent. Everybody broke up laughing!!!
   Laughter...and tears...happened yesterday. Tears from all of her friends who are breathing in and out for her today. Tears from her own young married daughter, realizing that her mom can now experience the joy she has been experiencing recently with her husband and baby. And tears from my hubby and I. But no tears of sadness. We are SOOOO happy for her...and the tears are tears of happiness.
   She's not alone anymore.

New Marriage

Congratulations, You two!
Your new life has just begun.
Each other you may have known,
but what was two, will now be one.

One in your love for each other.
One in your mind and your heart.
One in co-operation.
One in this new life you'll start,
as married folks-never apart.
(Gen. 2:24)


  1. Sounds like a beautiful wedding! YOU sound so happy for her that it makes me happy too! Please tell her and new hubby I said congrats!!

  2. Will do CinLynn! When they surface again, that is! ;-)


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