Sunday, July 4, 2010

MAN Sunday!

Isn't this "Engraved MAN CAVE Sign" great! It's only $9.00 too, at the ETSY shop "PrestigeEngraving"--> There's all kind of other beautifully engraved items in this shop too! You have to check it out for yourself. Don't be surprised if your 'heart' button gets stuck! LOL Mine did!
    I thought you had wandered into the wrong place, huh?! Well, no! You're in the backyard, but I'm dedicating my backyard to the men today! All things girlie must go!!! Since I won't be your post writer tomorrow, I thought I might as well get the ball rolling. Hubby is so excited about doing the guest blogspot!...It's only right that I should show you some of the wonderful gift ideas there are on ETSY for men. And there are some GREAT ones! I had hubby by my side when I did the search. He loved all of these...and trust me, after the MAN CAVE sign, it was hard to get him to look any farther!...For this next item I must admit that the dog on the man's shoulder was what really caught his attention first, but then...
   ...he saw the T-Shirt..."Collective Names of Animals-Mens Baby Blue Small or Large" The shop is "Xenotees" It's full of 100% original designs. You can FOLLOW them on Twitter--> Or Facebook too--> They've got great stuff. I know you can find a gift for your man there!
   Now, even I loved this next gift idea! It's the "Deluxe Metro Man Bifold Wallet--Leather and Wool--Brown, Red, Rust Plaid"
   I found this at "sewlutionsbyamo" They've got GREAT gifts for men,...but I also saw some BEAUTIFUL bags, earrings, and accessories in there for women...Just saying! :-)
   What about for your morning coffee-drinking man? How about this "Heart, Custom Name Mug, Wheel Thrown , Personalized"
    This one says "Papa", but you can have your name put on it, and you can choose other colors too! I love this! I found it at "mudpie2" They've even got some handmade pottery for kids or pets!
   Now, this next gift is really something! My hubby said he wished he had a MAN garage just so he could buy and put this in there! It's a "1968-1970 Rambler Hubcap Clock"
The shop where you can buy this is called "8milecreekdesigns" And no worries, if you're looking for other vintage car brand hubcap clocks, they may have them! Lots of other good men's gift ideas too!
   If you're looking for something they can walk around town with on, how about this "Bicyclette-hand screened bicycle silk necktie in 3 color choices"
    It's ready to ship from the shop called "projector" I even like their tag line, "TIE  THE KNOT". :-) Great tag line for a shop whose sole aim is to provide original neck wear designs for people who are looking for something different than the old 'run of the mill' gifts!
   And last, but not least, how about something else for the man that wears dressy shirts?! I found the perfect MANLY gift, "Dummer  Boy Cufflinks"
    I didn't ask, but I think it's suppose to be 'Drummer Boy'...or else it was a great tagging to sell name. I like it! You can find these at "Cufflinksrock" They've got music and music groups on cufflinks as well!
   Okay, as of right now, AFTER my poem of course, the backyard will officially be turned over to hubby...until Tuesday that is! :-)) I can't have him wandering around, leaving stuff all over, my backyard for too long! See you then!

Men Are Not The Same

Men are not the same.
Women, you know what I mean.
They are complicated, quiet,
not fanatics being clean.

Men are not the same.
They could care less how they look!
Yes, a generalization,
in which I could write a book.

Men are not the same.
On long detail don't waste their time.
They will say the color's 'green,'
Where we say emerald, teal, or lime.

Men are not the same.
Some things are obvious to see.
Like muscle mass and hair,
and the different ways we pee.

The truth is that we like it!
Our feigned annoyance is a myth.
Because if we were both the same
there'd be no one to bicker with!


  1. WOnderful post today :-) And I am looking forward to the weekend "reads" Hope your 4th is a wonderful one. Take care!

  2. Happy 4th of July! We just celebrated Canada Day so I am sure you are in for some fun and fireworks. You really have a way with words. Your writing style reminds me of my hubby's. He is really good at throwing down words. Thank you for featuring my wallet along with all the other great finds for men.

  3. MaritimeArts, Thanks for the nice words! Yeah, hubby is looking forward to "taking over" tomorrow. Ha! ha! I told him not to get too comfortable. I'll be back to my wordy self on Tuesday. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    Sewlutions'World, I actually don't celebrate the holidays, but I am happy to have hubby off from work! Nice to be able to just relax...And thank you for the complement about my writing. Too bad I didn't figure out when I was younger how much I actually LOVE to write! I may have had time to make a lucrative career out of it with a little writing courses...WHATEVER! LOL

  4. I have always been a fan of the t-shirt with the names of animal groups! Nice post!

  5. Spanishlullabies, Thanks! Hubby likes the color ...and the dog too! :-))

  6. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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