Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh, Baby!!!

 Welcome to the backyard! Yes! Hubby's been at it again with the camera! Frankly, I think he's crazy to be out there trying to take pictures in this heat! It actually got up to 101 degrees yesterday!!! And we're expecting 98 degrees today! Actually, it's suppose to be in the high 90s until the weekend. It's a wonder that there's any flowers out there still alive to take pictures of!...But they're alive alright!
And they're absolutely gorgeous!!!
   It's certainly clear that they're doing better than me in this heat! I decided, once I saw the weather report early yesterday morning,...and because my air conditioning was still not fixed,...that I was just going to lay low and keep it quiet for the day. I turned off all of the lights in the house, pulled the shades (except for one window...just so that I could make myself feel good that I was INSIDE!), and gathered my crocheting, cassette player (YES! cassette player! I really hate CD players! I'm old school, what can I say!), remote control and some snacks...and sat practically in one spot!
   It worked pretty good too...until around noontime. The house started looking like a mirage in the desert. You know how you see in movies, with the heat rising and the waves of distortion in the air. It reminded me of when I lived in Georgia as a child. I used to be walking down a long dirt road in the hot summer and could see the heat rising from the road, and could hear those crickets or frogs or whatever they were making that noise like in one of Clint Eastwood's old cowboy movies! LOL
   Thankfully the air conditioner man came before I completely swooned away! So, with a lot of noise, hammering the old air conditioner out of it's slot and reconfiguring things for the new air conditioner, came air....COLD air! It's amazing how beautiful a personality can become when it's cooled down. There must be a lesson in that somewhere. :-)) I went from: "It's about time you got here!!!" to "Thank you so, so much!!!" in a very short period of time.
   Hubby walked in the door from work and didn't say: "He didn't come yet?!!!...Oh, hi." (He'd been saying that for a couple of days. The heat was getting to him too!) But today he walked in and said: "Oh, Baby!" First it was addressed to the air conditioner, and then to me! LOL Nice to be his baby again!

Always Somebody''s "Baby"

I have always been somebody's "baby";
My mother's "baby" since I was born.
A relationship that didn't survive.
Too much water and bridges to mourn.

To my dad I have also been "Baby";
His talkative, smile-keeping girl.
And there has never been, not really,
Another love quite like it in the world.

And every since I've been married,
(a relationship I'm most proud of)
I have been my husband's sweet "baby";
Not trained for, but learned through his love.

Everyone should have the great honor
of a love full of joy and great care;
A "baby" who whenever they see you
they smile just because you are there.


  1. The heat is taking its toll on everyone right now. It's hotter here than in Mexico where my kids live! I'm so glad the AC man finally made a showing!! Keep cool. It's still hot here, so it'll be still hot there for another few days. Keep that garden watered too. I'm on my way out to set the sprinkler on mine too! Oh, that reminds me, I've got a LOT of photos of MY garden too! We should compare, Jeff!!

  2. Yikes! Hotter than Mexico?! It's no fun, is it?! And if you can, turn that heat wave in the other direction a little, will ya! LOL...Can't wait to see the garden pictures!

  3. Gorgeous flowers!!! The pics were worth the trouble.
    Stay Cool!
    Very hot here in London Ontario Canada as well!
    All week very humid...ick.
    BUT! I will take this heat and sunshine over snow and winter any day!
    Thanx for the great post!
    Lisa :)

  4. Very pretty flowers! Glad you have some things blooming. I just came in from watering as we have not had any rain lately, and as you know GA can get pretty hot and dry!
    Glad your a/c was fixed, my hubby put in a new one here which took 3 weeks doing it after work, thank goodness it got hot after it was up and running!

  5., Sorry I didn't see your post before! Thank you so much for the nice words. Hubby will be smiling to beat the band! :-)) And you're right! Heat...Snow...I'll take heat too please!

    *Ulrike*, Thank you too for the nice complement! Sorry about the rain situation. Too bad I can't ship you some of ours...It's POURING right now!!...And YEAH for A/C, right?! :-))

  6. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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