Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bead Love...In The Making!

   Okay, yesterday it was 'Out With The Hats'! Today it's 'In With The Beads'! But only for a little while. Now that I'm trying to scale down some stuff, I figured I'd better start making some necklaces and earrings out of my bead collection. Then I can sell them and get them out of the house too!!
   My header picture is part of my collection of seed beads and such. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of the colors!!! This isn't all of my beads though. I recently bought a 'Bead Buddy' to store the others in. This is my 'Bead Buddy'...
   When you first open it up you see this...
   The back piece is removable. It has a measured section to use when you're deciding how long of a necklace you're going to make.

It has little cup sections also, where you can put your beads that you're working with at the time. It's quite handy!...Now I'd like to show you some of the really special beads I have. These are a combination of black and white ones, and a whole bunch of clear ones.
   I don't really like plastic beads that much, even though I do have some. I may make bracelets for children out of them, or something. Most of my beads are glass, crystal, or ceramic. I like my beads to have a little weight. Don't I sound all 'Bead Professional' and everything?!! LOL NOT!!!
   These are some of my blue glass seed bead collection.
   These are some of my brown hues. The larger ones have a leopard look.
   I love the look and feel of this one...
   It's smooth and wavy even when you turn it sideways!...These are ready to go already. They have a spring ring attached.
   This one is one of my favorites. It's just full of heart-shaped personality.
   Here are a few of the others...
   And the last ones I'll show you are my candy beads...
   ...Don't they remind you of those fruity colored hard candies?!
You need more than beads if you're going to make jewelry, right?! Well, I got that covered too! Some beading wire...
   I had to learn the difference between beading wire and the other kind of wire that I crochet with...
   My crochet wire is much more mailable. It wouldn't be strong enough to make a sturdy necklace...Then you need spacer beads...
    ...crimp beads, to stop your beads from slipping off of the necklace...
   ...spring rings in silver and gold, of different sizes(I like these better because they don't just meet at the ends, but the ends pass each other. More chance of your jewelry staying put!)...
   ...I even have some pretty bead caps that I was given as a free gift with one of my purchases...
Take a deep breath. I'm almost done!!! LOL...These are the pins I use for my earrings...
   ...and the earring wires...
Now, except for my very special crystals to add some sparkle to whatever necklace I make,...
   ...I'm done!!! I'm pretty much ready to bead myself into a frenzy, don't you think?! :-) Be sure and keep your eye on my Wuglyees shop so you can see what kind of beaded/crocheted wonders I come up with!

(Today's poem was one I wrote about 5 years ago, after I was watching the weather.)

Me And Isabel

She's round and likes to travel,
and goes where I'd like to go.
She loves warm weather and water;
and her size doesn't bother her flow.

She packs a lot of power-
But its peaceful to look in her eye;
And, like me, she gets lots of attention
when she goes meandering by.

Beach-combers hate to see her coming,
because she loves to kick up the sand.
She can be kind of destructive-
(But that depends on where she lands).

I love comparing myself to her,
even though I have nothing to gain
by seeing myself-point-by-point,
compared to Isabel-The Hurricane!


  1. Oh, I have all that beading "stuff" as well - but not quite the collection of beads you have. I've had a beading hiatus, but soon I am sure I'll pick it up again. Can't wait to see what all you create! And I love your poem about Isabell! Hugs, Silke

  2. Love your Blog!! I have a mess in my little office right now.You look so organized..You must come to see me and help! Again Debbie, love all of your posts..

  3. Silke, You don't need to be messing with beads! You've got paint supplies to play with! :-))...And thanks for the nice words about my Isabel poem. I appreciate it!

    SisterJewelry, Thank you so much for the complement!! But I organize out of necessity!!! I might not be able to find my hubby if I don't keep things organized!!! LOL...But I'm trying to down-size because my crochet/bead projects are demanding more room than I currently can give them!!

  4. I have a similar box that stores all my beads and things. I love opening it and making jewelry! :P

  5. It's a nice way to pass the time, isn't it Mariann?!! :-))

  6. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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