Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Anniversary To You "Mr. Wug"!!!

    Good Morning and Happy Anniversary Mr. Wug. I decided that since we've been married  28 years I'd take the time today and list 28 things I've learned about you these 28 years:
    1.) That you're a very hard worker. No matter what the job is, you're in, you're loyal, and you'll do even the dirty jobs that no one else wants to do.
   2.) ...that I think you have dyslexia...really bad! Every time you say: "Sword" and "Heli-cock-ter" it confirms my belief!
   3.) ...that you LOVE gadgets!!
    ...ANY kind of gadgets!
   4.) ...that I wasn't your first love. It was a 1978 Chevy Chevette...
    ...I took her place next to you on our wedding day. But she still had your heart for many years afterward...until I crashed her! OOPS!!
   5.) ...that, even though we took the class 3 different times, your Sign Language still is not very good.
   ...and I'm not the only one that thinks so!
   6.) ...that even when I don't like what you do,...I mean REALLY don't like what you do!...I still love you!
   7.) ...that you like sleep even more than me!...And that's saying something, 'cause I do love my "Naps"!
   8.) ...that even though we both have gained some weight, and grown some hair in places where hair shouldn't be, I still think you're pretty cute! And you dress up pretty good!!
   9.) ...that you love sports...just like me!!!
   10.) ...that even though we never had kids, I know you would have made an awesome dad!
   11.) ...that you never can stay mad with me for very long...even when you try.
   12.) ...that you can't STAND it when I give you the silent treatment. You would much rather hear me yelling. :-/
   13.) ...that you know I love flowers, and you always did...
   14.) ...that you really don't like sitting and watching movies...unless they are "The Rocketeer"! (What's up with that?!)
   15.) ...that you love to go for long rides in the car...Again, just like me!
   16.) ...that you love, love, love to talk when you're at a gathering around a lot of people, but when it's just the two of us you'd much rather point, grin, and nod.
   17.) ...that you love to waste time doing anything else but what it was you were SUPPOSE to be doing! And you'd like to be doing that 'anything else' at the same time as when you were doing the thing you were 'suppose' to be doing!!
   18.) ...that a good meal never gets by you!...Neither does a pastry!!
   19.) ...that you're always beside and behind me, even if it makes you uncomfortable.
   20.) ...that your friends don't always understand you, but they love you and will do anything for you!
   21.) ...that you love to cuddle and hold hands, even though you pretend to be uncomfortable with it sometimes.
   22.) ...that you're not a very good cook. Let's face the facts, you're a very good tryer,...and you DO make a mean beef stew,...but everything else is either not seasoned, not done, or overdone!
   23.) ...that you haven't claimed, sincerely, a side of the bed. You'll sleep anywhere! But you have fiercely claimed your secret junk food 'Stash'!!
   24.) ...that time doesn't mean a whole lot to you...except after it's already gone!
   25.) ...that you can't lie well, so it's a good thing you don't really try to!...Also, you don't avoid telling the truth well either! The question: "Does this make me look fat?" could have you in another mental place for 3 minutes!...And thus, I always already know the answer!! LOL
   26.) ...that if I live another 28 years I'd like to do it all again with you.
   27.) ...that you may not have known how to love when we first started this 28 year journey, but you're very good at it now!
   28.) ...that every anniversary you make me happy that we're still together and that you love me very much.  And I love you very much too Mr. Wug.  Love "Is Something That We Do!" Happy Anniversary! You're my Super-Hero!!

My Super-Hero

He has x-ray vision,
but he`s as blind as a bat.
He sees straight to my heart,
but cannot see my fat.

He`s as strong as an ox,
but as gentle as can be.
He`s sexy in his shorts,
and in a suit-a sight to see!

He`s my super-hero,
even though he can't  fly;
He doesn`t drive a Bat-Mobile,
or freeze time with his eye.

But the things that he can do
far outweigh the things he can`t;
and they give the word "Super-Hero"
a whole new slant!


  1. Beautiful. Happy Anniversary to you both.

    My hubby & I had our 38th last Thursday :)

  2. Thanks Linda. :-)And congrats to you and your hubby too!!!

  3. Congrats it's not very often that you hear of people being married for many years these days. What a feat you two have accomplished. Have a Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

  4. SnowflakeDreams1, Thank you so much. Yep! One day at a time, with much love, and no escape clause! LOL

  5. Yes, Happy Anniversary! What awesome pics! I love the blue summer dress especially and hope you still have it! And it's so awesome that you still have your superhero! I've been married 13 years and I too know what it means to still be in love with your best friend after quite a long time! Not everyone is lucky enough to have that! And you obviously cherish it. xoxo

  6. Mr. and Mrs. Wug, what can I say, but HAPPY Anniversary to you!! Isn't marriage wonderful when we do it right, according to how Jehovah intended it to be? Mr. "Bead" and I celebrated our 38th in May. Can't imagine life without him. And you know how much I love your Super Hero poem! You shared it with me once. I hope you had a wonderful day, and many more wonderful years as well!

  7. Lindsey Muth, Thank you for your nice comment...And I love that blue and white dress too! These pictures were taken the week before we got married though, and I don't know where that dress is 28 years later! :-))

    And congrats on your 13 years too, by the way!

    CinLynn, Thank you! And congrats on being 10 years ahead of us in the marriage stream! :-) Many more wonderful years to you two too...FOREVER!!!

  8. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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