Monday, July 26, 2010

Tag Sale Accident

   All things can't stay the same forever, right?! That's what I keep saying to myself, over and over, now that our 'Old Faithful' is definitely not going to be the same anymore.
   She's obviously not a NEW car. She's been our only 'baby'...vehicle-wise...for quite a while. She rode nice, took the road bumps with a ease that would make even Humpty-Dumpty smile! :-) I'm talking about it as if it died or something! But it didn't die. Although there was an attempted murder! LOL
   Hubby did all of his errands this past weekend, came back home and was about to relax, and then said: "Oh No! I forgot...(can't remember what he forgot and had to go back out to get)...! I'll be right back." He took the 'baby'.
    It looked perfectly fine when he left...Then, about 20 minutes later, I got a phone call. He was standing in the middle of the road carrying on a conversation with me and with some lady whose voice I didn't recognize. "I had an accident." He said, in the saddest voice you ever heard. I inquired if he and everybody else were okay, and he assured me they were fine.
   The people around the way were having a big Tag Sale, with cars coming and going, and backing in and pulling out. It was right on a corner that had a stop sign that was being hidden by a large Van with tinted windows that you couldn't see through. The lady went through the stop sign, and couldn't see around ,or through, the windows of the Van, and hubby didn't see her at all until...BLAM!!!
   Our poor little 'baby' took one right across the chin, so to speak,...
   ...and now she's in sore need of a face-lift...AT LEAST!!
   So, it's off to the appraiser today, to see how much time and money is going to have to go into this patch job...Somehow I know though that no matter how much it costs, our 'baby' is never going to be the same. No matter how small the accident seems to be, (and I've been in a few of them over the years), and no matter how little the damage appears to be, somehow the cars never ride exactly the same again. It's as if their personality jumps out of the car right before the crash, looks at the car afterward and says: "Nah! I don't want to be apart of you ever again!" Ha! Ha!
   My 'baby'... attempted "car" murderer, a distracted Tag Saler, got her!! *Deep breath*....I'm now going to think good thoughts. Maybe it won't go the way of all the other cars that have been in accidents! Maybe a little spit and polish and it will be just fine!!...Can you see the fake smile?!...All things can't stay the same forever!! Too bad too!!!...Moving on.....
    At least I have this to look at.
   My friend's mom came from out of State. She was wearing this necklace that she had bought from my shop a while ago. It looked so pretty with the dress she was wearing!! She said that she had worn this dress many times in the past and no one had said a thing, but when she wore it with this necklace she got all kinds of complements, and everybody wanted to know where she got the necklace! YAY!!! It's not my 'UN-accidented'  car, but it IS something to smile about again!!! :-))

Minutes In A Year

524,160-All together,
make up all the minutes in a year.
124,800-At least-spent working
in a job, insecurely stressed with fear.

175,200 minutes, spent sleeping.
(Or, at least, they say that's how many you should get.)
5,475 minutes, taking showers.
(An awful lot of time spent soaking wet!)

87,600 minutes, spent eating.
(Estimated at 240 a day.)
The same amount is spent watching T.V.-
feeding your mind on what other people have to say.

5,600 minutes, spent in worship,
with another 21,840 preparing for it.
(That doesn't seem like a lot of minutes to consider,
when you think of all the wholesome benefit.)

That leaves 6,045 little minutes
to ponder ways to show your degree of love;
To show you care about the people around you,
and to appreciate all the minutes from above!


  1. Wow Wug! I've been away way too long I see! I'm losing a customer now that you've purchased all those beads and beading equipment!! You don't need me anymore!! That's great for you!! I can't wait to see what you come up with too! :) Today's post made me sad for you! I know how attached we can get to our "babies!" I'm sure you'll still be able to drive it. It doesn't look like a lot of damage anyway. And your necklace looks great with that dress! I'm so happy for you and for her that she bought it from you! Which reminds me, congrats on your sales this weekend!! I'm nosy! I can't help it! Teehee!

  2. Sorry to hear about the crash, luckily everybody's fine and the damage is not so big. Congrats on the compliments on the necklace ;)

  3. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! Oh No! I still will be looking for my purse pulls as long as you still have them!! :-) I DO have a bunch of beads though, don't I?! And I was given a wonderful gift of shell dangles yesterday too!! I need something to take my mind off of my damaged 'baby'!!! :-))...BTW, thanks...about the sales!

    Mariann, Thanks for the sympathies for my 'baby' and for the nice words about my necklace! :-)


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