Friday, July 9, 2010

A contradiction in...ME!

    Doesn't it look lonely? This is not where a tennis ball is suppose to be...sitting in the grass. It's suppose to be on a court, whether the court is clay, grass, or whatever, getting whacked around by powerful arms, owned by really fit athletes, trying to beat the stew out of it with a racket!!
   Who knew that with all of the other sports to watch right now, I'd be missing tennis so much!...I know, I'm a contradiction. I love flowers, music of all kinds, buttons, and...SPORTS?! Well, YES I DO! :-)) Especially tennis. And I've got to wait until the end of August before another major tennis tournament is on! The U.S. Open. Thankfully, there's still plenty of sports to watch!
   And in my day I loved, not only watching them, but also playing them! In High School I played around with a few of them. I played a little softball, ran a little track...a VERY little...and contemplated football, but they probably wouldn't have let a girl play anyway back then. So, basketball became my sport.  I played first string, for 3 years! I loved the comradery, the exercise, the team rah rah rah...the sweet 3 point shot I had! And considering that I was always the biggest person on the team, and I wasn't considered all that tall...I was pretty good at it! That's my story...and I'm sticking to it! The drawback was that our High School team hardly ever won! LOL Maybe THAT"S why I'm such a 'Lone Wolf' on the whole "team" thing now!!
So, now that tennis is on delay, and basketball...*sniff, sniff*...'s on delay too. (But it's probably just as well. My Celtics were a sad disappointment this season. And apparently we're not going to get Lebron James for next season either. LOL) So, for now, it's flowers, lots of music, some baseball,...
 ...and a whole lot of cycling!!
   Lance Armstrong is in his very last Tour De France, or so they say. I'm glued to the T.V. every morning, just waiting to see if he's going to do something even more special than his amazing 7 wins. I don't think that's a real possibility, but you never know with Lance! He beat cancer when no one expected him to. And who ever thought he could win the Tour De France 7 times?! But he did! If he does anything close to that this year I don't want to miss it!!
   The good thing with the contradiction of ME is that I'm hardly ever bored. There is always someone to talk to, something to look at, something to listen to, or something to crochet!!...Exactly how far away is August anyway?!!

The 'Racket' Men

Playing tennis with 'Hewitt'
is more like playing with a wall;
Just when you think you've hit a winner,
Oh No!-Look Out!- Here comes the ball!

'Roger Federer's'  shot
changes fast, and that's his key;
But for steady, angled shots,
catch a game with 'Agassi'.

'Roddick's'  serve can part your hair;
It comes so fast across the net.
He just gets stronger every year.
(Don't think we've seen his fastest yet!)

If you want to see the best,
these guys are good as good can get.
From one tournament to the next,
I watch intensely-set by set!


  1. You really DO love sports, don't you!! LOL Nice photo! You look like you really were into that shot! I always look forward to your posts, and as always, I'm not disappointed! :)

  2. Awwwww! How nice. If I lived near you I'm sure I COULD get you into sports...especially tennis! All we'd have to do is plan a eating party around it and you'd be in!!! LOL

  3. Great post today. And what a wonderful shot of you playing basketball.....memories :-)

    Love your photography by the way. It is always nice pop in and see what is happening on the other side of the country :-) Have a wonderful day!!

  4. Maritime, Thanks for the nice complement about today's post...I don't know about your vision though, if you like that picture of me playing basketball! LOL I wish I had known someone was taking it. Maybe I wouldn't have been so determined to get that ball...I might have been looking for a comb!!! Ha! Ha!

    And some of my pictures today are borrowed...My photography is not that great, except for my close up crochet flowers on occasion. Hubby is the picture taker in this family!! :-))


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