Thursday, July 15, 2010


   Has anybody ever asked you what tools you used for your craft? Frankly, until I was asked about it I hadn't really given that much thought to what, or why I use the tools I do. I just use them! But since I have this blog,...(don't you feel special now, getting all of this valuable information?...*stop that yawning!*),...I figured I'd take a post and talk about it.
   My header picture today is the case of crochet hooks I use. As you can see, some are missing. That's because I use them so much I don't have time to put them in and out of the case. They're my "Got your back" set...LOL
...These are the ones I use most of the time. I make all of my jewelry with these 4 hooks: D, E, F, and G...I use the smaller ones for my delicate thread,...the good stuff!
    If you'll notice, the hook heads are a bit flatter than what a lot of crocheters use. Especially newer crocheters. They like the big loop head on the end because the yarn doesn't slide off so easy when you're making something. But I prefer these. They go in and out of my work so easily that I actually could crochet with my eyes closed! I guess after all these years I've developed a "feel" for it...I was going to show you a picture of the comparison, but...I gave the others away!
   I do have other crochet hooks though, really big wooden ones, like this...
   ...I use these for making my scarves. Most of them anyway. I don't have to do a gauge (a sizing method to determine what size hook or yarn to use) with my scarves. So, this style of hook works great. All I have to do is measure left to right as to how wide and long I want the scarf to be. All I need for that is this...
   And don't laugh at my tape measurer either! I know it's not a sewing measurer! LOL I don't care! This one works for me...I have the wimpy loose tape measure around here a box with an echo coming out of it! ...but I don't like it. I like using this one, because it snaps back after I finish measuring everything, and I don't have to lay my work down to measure it! Works great when I'm measuring my flower necklaces on the chain.
   I have a few other tools I use too, like elastic cord, which I use in some of my hats. I crochet over it in the edges of the hats so that they fit a bit better...and last a bit longer. Don't you hate a hat that after one or two washes gets all loose and doesn't fit anymore?!
   I also use regular sewing thread occasionally, for sewing on buttons that have a very small opening, to attache them to my projects.

These are the needles I use to attache yarn and crochet thread. There's even a couple of plastic needles in there.I don't like to use them though. The metal ones slide easier...(I just figured out that I have a "thing" about things sliding easier!!)
   I keep this small container of metal needles close by all the time...
 ...It has the ones I use most of the time...And the red thing is the little wire loop "thingee" you use to draw a piece of thread or yarn through a small button opening so you can sew it on. I have a bunch of them. The little wire doesn't last long with all of my threads and yarn and so forth. It was meant to be used strictly for 'sewing thread', I think. But I re-fashion just about everything. Why not a re-fashioned wire "thingee"?! LOL
   Another 'MUST HAVE" are my scissors...
   I even have an electric pair for when my hands are not in the best of shape...
    I have arthritis in them. Gripping small objects hurt on rainy days...All I have to do with these scissors is slide a little lever and bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! I'm back in business!...Now, except for a pen and paper to write down rows and stuff, that's all of my tools!
   Wait! I do have this in my tool box...
   It was given to me a looooong time ago. It came from someone's stash, a lady who has long since passed away. Frankly, I don't know what it is! But because I loved her, and I know how much she loved to sew and crochet, I keep it. One day I'm going to re-fashion some way to use it...and then wait for somebody who knows what it is to see me using it in some obscure way and start laughing hysterically! LOL Won't bother me a bit!! Their laughter will just lead to knowledge of how to use it! :-)
   I have some other NEW tools. I haven't completely learned what they are, or how to use all of them yet. I bought them because I'm starting to get into jewelry making to accent my crochet pieces. This is my main tool set...
   ...When I first opened it up I thought, "Exactly what profession am I trying to get into here? This looks like a manicurist's set!" But it's not. And I'd hate to see the nails on the poor person that needed a set like this! I might have been able to use it on my hubby's toenails....if he had any!! LOL
    Okay, you can sit up straight now. I'm done...And stop that yawning!!!

Mind-Less Talk

Lack of communication
is like a fall without the 'Splat',
like a brim without a hat,
and like a 'This' without a 'That'.

Without two minds that think as one
there's a start, but there's no end,
there's a tear, but there's no mend.
There's a foe, but there's no friend.

When there's no mental harmony
it's like a sunset where there's no night,
it's like a bark where there's no bite,
it's like a wrong where there's no right.

Without communication
it's like a coat put on in June,
and a song sung out of tune;
A band-aid on a bullet wound.

And if you get it right
it's like a talking symphony.
It's like the bumble, with the bee.
Its like no 'You', but always 'We',
because your heart they truly see.


  1. You have a LOT of tools!! You have more jewelry tools than I have! LOL But you really know what to do with each and every one! Nice post Wug!

  2. You do have a LOT of tools!! You even have more jewelry making tools than I have! LOL But you are very adept at using each and every one as is seen in your beautiful work!! Great post, Wug!!

  3. 2 posts! What happened?! LOL Thank you...both of you! :-)

  4. Oooh Tools. I'm not laughing at your tape measure - it makes sense, I'm always loosing my measuring tapes.

  5. That's exactly why I like this one! It's hearty!! If I drop it somewhere or something I KNOW it! :-)

  6. Anonymous7/15/2010

    You have a whole big lot of tools. I lose my measuring tape all the time. That and pens.

  7. Michele,
    *Teehee* That's why I don't use the little one I have somewhere around here! I use to lose it all the time...But no more! :-)...And I have a big plastic bin that I keep pens and pencils in. My hubby calls me a "Pen Thief"! LOL

  8. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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