Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yep! We're in the Woods!

   UGH! I tried to upload a video of the lawn a week ago, so that you'd have something to compare the following pictures to. But instead I'm showing you a picture of what the backyard looked like in May.  I can't believe how it's looking right now. The sun has done a job on the lawn. Half of it is still doing okay...
...But the rest of it looks pitiful!
   It looks like I should be gathering it up to feed the horses or something! But since I don't have any horses it's just sitting there looking useless...The news reports are full of calls for rain. Do you believe that...after all of that rain we had just last month?!
   But with the way this lawn looks, I'd say we need to be on the rain "hot line!"...I can see that some areas are trying to hang on...
   Needless to say though, I'm not getting as much peace from looking out the window at it as I usually do! And hubby just keeps watering the flowers. He doesn't seem that concerned with the grass. Probably because there's actually some rain in the forecast again for today and tomorrow.
  Whatever! I've got some 'woods' INSIDE the house to concern myself with. Some wood Beads, butterflies, and....Well, I'll show you in a second...I was going through my craft supplies and saw these beautiful wood butterflies that I purchased from a shop on Etsy last year.
   I had intended to, maybe, glue them to some frames with my poems in them. But I crocheted some frame covers for the frames instead, and then didn't have the heart to put the glue on my crochet! :-) Now, a couple of the butterflies' antennae have been chipped off somehow. What should I do with them now?! They're very pretty.
   Not like these ugly.....ahem.....'Wuglyee' wooden beads...
   I have NO idea what I'm going to do with them! Every time I started to put them on some project that I was working on...like my crocheted pocketbooks...I ended up not using them because they weren't cute enough, or the beads were too big, or too much of the wrong color, or whatever excuse I used! LOL
   I KNOW what a cute wooden bead looks like! I have some of those too...
   I haven't used them yet because I haven't found a project special enough to use them on! But I'm sure I will!...Speaking of special, I was given a special gift from a friend. It was given to me in this blue suede pouch. Can't you hear Elvis singing in the background?! LOL
   It was something that she inherited, that she herself had had a long time and never knew what to do with. With me,...with my Eco friendly self,...re-using and re-purposing things, she figured maybe I could find a use for these wooden, vintage, hand-painted, "babies"...
  They don't have a hole going through them at all. And a couple of them have a crocheted piece of string hanging out of them. They look like they might have been a part of a large beaded necklace or something at one time. I may have to have a hole put into them so that I can make dangles out of them. But before I start altering them, I need to find out if they're collectible items, worth some money or something. Whoever painted them wouldn't want me fooling around with their creations, making $10.00 necklaces out of them, if they put their heart and soul into them. So....more research! Do any of you know what they are or where I should start looking?!
   For now I'll stick to what I know...Poetry! I wrote this one one day when I had come home from the card shop. I had been looking for an anniversary card for my hubby and I was struck by the fact that there are no cards for the odd numbered years that folks are married. So...I wrote a few! LOL This is one of them.

Happy 4th Anniversary

4 are the fingers on your hand-
minus a thumb.
4 parts is the harmony that can accompany
a drum.

4 is what you yell when playing golf-
to duck your head.
4 are the slices of a pie
that you've been fed.

4 are the quarters in a football game,
at night.
4 are your eyes, with glasses used,
so you see right.

4 are the legs that let your dog
walk way too far.
4 are the tires that go around
your moving car.

4 is, more importantly, the years well spent
that we
have loved and laughed together-4 years now-
just you and me!


  1. Oooh I looove the butterflies! Could you give us a link where you bought them? :) Thanks!

  2. Mariann,
    I can tell you, but I'm afraid it wouldn't do you any good right now. His etsy shop is closed for a few months. But it's http://www.etsy.com/shop/porkchopshow?ref=seller_info

    He's been very successful on etsy it seems.

  3. Waiting for rain huh? Well we are too. The desert Southwest is watiing for rain and all we are getting down south is misery....lol. Supposed to be 110 today and 116 and humid by weekend....yuck!!

    I digress :-( I think your backyard is wonderful. And those butterflys are divine. The eggs....hmmm...don't know. Kind of look like they belong on an Easter Tree?????? Some people do that I hear.

    Hope your day is marvelous!!

  4. Maritime, Yes, the rain is suppose to be here any minute. Wish I could send some of it your way! I thought that our 101 degrees the other day was bad, but 116!!! Yikes!

    As to the eggs, I don't celebrate Easter, so the egg tree won't work. But I was thinking of having a little metal-look screw inserted in the top of each of them so that I can hang them from one of my flowers...We'll see!


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