Saturday, July 3, 2010


The backyard is quiet...
...It appears that it got more rest than me last night. And guess what?!...There's no rain in the forecast for today. Hooray! It's suppose to be 87 degrees and beautiful!! Doesn't the backyard look happy about the news?!
   Even the trees are thanking the sky! *Teehee*...Can you tell that's I'm not completely awake yet?!
 But this little guy is wide awake! He looks like he's been hard at work for hours...
He's got breakfast already!!! I guess I better go and get mine...I hope the rest of this day stays this quiet! (Except for the ladies Wimbledon Finals this morning...I know that with Serena Williams and Vera Zvonareva playing to win, it's going to be NOISY!!! :-))...Okay, a couple more quiet backyard pictures, and showing you my new treasury (with all of my alternates taking a turn too), and a poem...of course. :-)

The backyard this morning, and my poem, may be setting the mood for my whole weekend! I hope so. What are you doing this weekend?!


Dancing to no music;
Writing in the dust;
Smiling at your plants;

Staring in the mirror
at your brand new dress;
Wondering if its "You".

Going nowhere,
but waiting by the bus,
watching cars go by.

Not conscious of the time;
It goes by without a fuss,
while you just watch t.v.

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