Friday, July 30, 2010

♫ Yesterday... ♫

    Do you remember the Beatles, Paul McCartney, song entitled "Yesterday"? Well, that's what inspired this post. I woke up early this morning, turned on the T.V. to the PBS channel, and Lo and Behold...the White House Award Performance was on, featuring all different artists singing Paul McCartney songs! It was amazing!
     I sat there crying (a good cry) and reminiscing about the 'yesterdays' of my life...My immediate yesterday included me finally starting the black and white scarf I've been putting off for weeks now. I'm trying to decide, at the point I am now (which you see in my header picture), whether to just leave this little alternating black and white on the ends, and the rest black, or to add some other patterning throughout it. I'm open to suggestions.
    But then my thoughts of yesterday started to go further back. Yesterday, or so it seems, hubby and I were married. We were wide-eyed and full of wonder about our adventures ahead in this thing called 'marriage'.  Tomorrow will be our anniversary. It'll be 28 years!! WOW! It's gone by so fast!!! At times in the past we have planned big shindigs, gone on wonderful trips, bought each other expensive gifts, and carved out spaces of time where we could just be alone, in order to mark this day for ourselves. I asked hubby last night what he wanted to do tomorrow. He said: "I don't know. We don't need anything..." I said: "Yes we do. We need SLEEP!" He giggled and said: "Sounds like a great anniversary!" So, guess what we're doing ALL DAY tomorrow?!! :-))
    On a completely different subject, speaking of yesterday, this is sitting on my living room table.
   ...I think this comes from a long 'yesterday' ago. My sister gave it to me...No! It's not a pile of money! That much I do know! That would have been a good anniversary gift though..but...'s a little bit too melded together to spend! LOL It's actually some kind of paper weight...I think! She picked it up from some tag sale or collectible place I'm sure. She gave it to me. Yesterday it dawned on me that I never found out any information about it like I had wanted to. All I know is that it is as heavy as real coins would be....Maybe it really is real coins!...And I'm not sure exactly what kind of currency it is either.
    I can see that it's not American coins though. Do any of you recognize them, or know what it could be?!...It looks like this on the back...
   For sure, somebody was using this 'yesterday'!!...Frankly, There's no real reason I'm talking about it. Just came across my mind again yesterday...Guess I better get to thinking about today! Gotta work on my scarf some more, write something for my hubby for our anniversary, and maybe listen to some more Beatles songs. I've got a whole collection of them that I never take time to listen to...until ♫ "Yesterday" ♫!

{I wrote this sappy poem on our 20th anniversary. Be patient with it! :-))}

Heart House

"Yours is the heart I live in."
That sounds so strange, I know;
But there's  no other way to explain it,
after 20 years of loving you so.

Your heart has opened so wide,
to comfort me from fears of my past;
And it has closed so tightly around me,
when my insecurity felt so vast.

But the thing I most want you to know,
from now til the last breath I take,
is that not only is it your heart I live in,
but my heart is the home that we make.

Its a home with constant nurturing,
security, safety and peace.
It beats only for you every day,
with  a strength that never will cease.

And while the streets of our hearts keep growing,
giving us new places, forever, to roam,
We know where the road has turned 20 years now;
Our hearts have just said: "Come on home."


  1. Anonymous7/30/2010

    what a beautiful poem - and now your 29th anniversary - you go girl!

  2. Sandi, Thank you so much for the complement on my poem. Who knows what I'll come up with next year on our 30th! :-))

  3. Hey my friends!!! Congrats on the anniversary!! Time does fly by when you're having fun, doesn't it! That song always brings a tear to my eye too. So MANY memories!!!

  4. CinLynn, Thanks! And isn't it funny how music can hold a whole lifetime in between it's between your ears?! :-)


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