Monday, July 12, 2010

Sleep...Everybody Is Doing It!

    "dream a little more"...That's the title of this print by "selenavallejo" on etsy. When I saw it I sat there and stared at how peaceful she looked. Wonder how long she's been asleep? Wish I could sleep like that! I guess by now you've figured out that I haven't been sleeping too good lately. I don't know what the whole problem is. I suspect that it's a combination of things. I'm going through "the change"...wish it would CHANGE already! LOL...Or it could be the weather. When it's about to rain or the humidity is going to be high, I get a lot of aching in my bones that keeps me awake.
    Hubby sleeps like a baby...and sometimes a snoring baby! Maybe that's contributing to my sleeplessness too. But whatever it is, it sure looks like everybody else is getting sleep, but me!
    Cats are sleeping...

Dogs are sleeping...

Boys and dogs are sleeping...
    ("Sleeping Boy and Dog pastel art pet animal portrait painting print..." by "DonnaPellegata" )

Ducks are sleeping...

Bears are sleeping...

Lambs are sleeping...

Even ships are sleeping!

So, what's it going to take for me to get some of that good old sleep?! I tried this...

...unfortunately that just led to my being up looking for something to eat to go with it!...FYI, 'Smartfood' popcorn works great!..........................Maybe I should try this...

...It couldn't hurt, right?! You can never have too many pillows!...My hubby would probably disagree. He has 3 flat pillows, and I have about 6...not including the large memory foam one that I use to prop myself up when I can't sleep and want to go on the computer or watch T.V.
   Maybe I should just get one of these ...
   ("Tweet Tweet-Certified organic Cotton Sleep Eye Mask-Adjustable" by "doodlebugsFunFabrics" )

 So elusive, this thing called 'sleep'! I just want to look like this...

But...unfortunately, most of the time I look like this...
   ("Black Cat Vinyl Decal Sleeping Cat with eyes open Laptop Decal..." by "signchick1" )

Do you have sleeping problems? Any suggestions?....Poetry?....Okay. :-))

Struggle To Raise Your Head

Now, who am I to say
the way that others ought to live;
But my pep talk, to help you through,
I'm motivated, now, to give.

The struggles of this system
are an alert-to raise your head;
To put one foot before the other,
and not lay down like you are dead.

Many things are just not fair.
They seem to happen just to you;
But is crying and complaining
all that you can find to do?

Use the logic of your mom-
who made you finish every drop,
and think of others who were hungry
for the food you left for slop.

In other words, just say
to yourself-when feeling bad:
"Look at all the other struggles
that the ones I love have had."

It doesn't  make it go away.
It doesn't  make your trials less real;
But it may make you raise your head,
and how you think,-and how you feel!


  1. I'm sorry you've had such trouble sleeping lately Wug! The "change" takes a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG time to go through, unfortuneately!!! You will be getting storms....we have them now. Prayer sometimes helps me. Or I take a pill for my RLS! Works great! Get some sleep!!

  2. Not good news about "the change" CinLynn! I guess I already knew that though because I was pre-menopausal since my late 30s!!! It's been so fun!!!...NOT!!

  3. This is wonderful! The "sleeping" pictures are great!

  4. Art and Sew Forth, Thank you so much!!! They all look so peaceful, don't they?! :-))

  5. Hi Deb!
    What a great post with some wonderful photos. So sorry you're losing sleep. That "change" can CHANGE everything. Devil Woman reared her head when I hit it in the late 40's. It really was an extremely difficult time....almost as bad as menstruation! YUK!! Have a wonderful day...maybe take a nap:>)

  6. Beautiful pictures! I also have trouble sleeping :( It's no fun! Thanks for including my Sleeping Ships print <3

  7. Diane,
    Mine reared it's ugly "pre"-menopausal head in my late 30s!!! I've been dealing with some form of it every since then! It's on it's "changing" way out now...I hope it hurries up so that I can get some SLEEP!!! LOL

    Somehow I knew I was not alone! :-)...And it was my pleasure to use your ships print. It really added to the post!

  8. Sorry you are having trouble sleeping! I called my etsy latenightdesign for a reason! I never go to bed lol!

    Thanks for leaving such nice comments on my blog! Readers are a blessing! :D


  9. Megan, NOWWWW I understand your shop name!!! :-)) Maybe I should have called mine "WhatsSleepWuglyees" LOL...And I love to leave comments because I know how much joy I get when people banter with me! :-))

  10. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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