Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday Date Night

   This photo reminds me of one of the many excursions hubby and I have taken over the years on our date nights. Sometimes it was all about where we were going...But most of the time it was just about who we were with...each other.
   Before I tell you about last night's date night, I'd like to share a few of the date night's we've had in the past...And don't expect ♫  la la ♫ trips or anything. We are NOT those people! Those people's last names are Rockefellow or Trump! :-) ... Hubby and I, on our date night, just want to be alone somewhere, somewhere with good food and good music usually!
   We've gone to late, late night movies where we were the only ones in the movie theater. We would move around from seat to seat throughout the movie...just because we could...and because it was FUN! We've traveled out of state to go to restaurants where nobody knew us, so that we could hold hands and table dance without some of our friends popping in and giving us that "what are you old people doing acting like kids?" look!...The food at those times was a major focal point. Jamaican, Spanish, Italian, American, Chinese, Greek. The way we look at it, we've eaten our way through a few countries! LOL...We've also gone on 'nowhere' long drives in the car where we found delicious fresh fruit stands, cows, horses, helicopters, the ocean, the beach, and retro shopping places.
   Lately, because of my health we have even done "Virtual" trips! We declare one room in the house some exotic place and we pretend that that's where we are. Thanks to our "Virtual Travel Agent" we've taken some great trips of late, to Mexico and Hawaii. :-)
   But usually, our date night trips aren't "trips" at all! We stay at home, take the phones off the hook,...or turn them off nowadays...and just do something together. We play oldies music and dance, play Scrabble or Uno (by the way, he does the best "Loser Dance" ever! LOL), watch a movie on 'On Demand' that we've been wanting to see but didn't have the time, or simply take a nap. Once you declare that your date will consist of a good long's on!!! Trust me, after a long busy week, SLEEP is the best date night ever!!!
    Last night we had a really good date night. Thankfully we already knew we weren't going out, because the weather outside was atrocious! I took some pictures so you could see...It started out with a steady rain...
But before long there was thunder booms, lightening, and wind!
   This was the view we had from the window. We were sooooo glad to be inside with Pat and Vanna...
...and some wonderful 'Take-Out' food from our favorite Chinese restaurant!
   Eating like this every day would kill us....and there would be no more date nights! But once a week....Yum! Yum!
    Hubby went to wash the dinner dishes after we ate and let me go on Twitter and tweet for a minute. While I was there someone tweeted a Frank Sinatra song called "I won't Dance". Hubby came in and we had the sweetest dance, giggling the whole time. After 32 years together he's still the one person in the world I love spending time with...doing...whatever!
   The rain kept pounding away for a while...
   But then the skies cleared...
   And as the light outside was disappearing, a reddish hue came over everything. And then the sky looked like this...
   We just laid in the bed, full and ready for a "nap", and looked at it for a while. It was a GREAT date night!

Happy Together

Happy, yappy, scrappy Deb;
Easy, smiley, helpful Jeff;
couldn't live their lives apart;
could not be loving, by them-self.

Joyful, faithful, are these two,
with gentle spirits like a feather;
couldn't think of being alone.
Could not be one-if not together.

Laughing, crying, playing hard,
sleeping, eating, breathing too,
is all done on automatic
by "Baby", "Honey", "Squeeky", "Boo"!

Happy, yappy, complementer;
Loving, patient Jeff, the head.
Both belong to God, Jehovah
while they're living or they're dead.
All that's left to say was said!


  1. Sounds wonderful my friend! I'm so glad you still do that after all these years! Doesn't love just get better and better? I sure think so! Thanks to Jehovah for teaching us the right way to view marriage and how to be good spouses!

  2. How right you are my friend!!! Who knew after all of this time we'd still like each other?! *giggling* By the way, say hello to your lovely hubby too!!!

  3. How wonderful!! Date night ARE wonderful and a very important part of relationships. And with marriages falling apart everyday it's refreshing to hear about people still wanting to be around each other after 32 years!! You go girl!

  4. Your comments are always so encouraging Maritime! We know that in the world marriages have a 50/50 shot, but we decided a long time ago that divorce was never going to be an option...We may annoy each other to death, but a lack of commitment to working on our relationship won't be our problem!!! ;-)

  5. I love your date night- Me and my hubby are going on 22 years and- we still really like each other- we are blessed beyound measure. We need to try the virtual vacation- cause times are a little tight right now and staying at "our" Hawaii is much cheaper than going to "everyones" Hawaii- thanks for the "inspiration"- glad I met you on twitter... artsyfartsymemories (cathi)

  6. artsyfartsymemories, Congrats on 22 years! And have fun on your "virtual" date nights!! :-))

  7. That sounds really wonderful! And just as good as, probably even better than, going out.

  8. Julie, Yep! Sometimes it's definitely better than going out!! ;-) Thanks for the encouragement. I really appreciate it.


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