Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Day With A Friend

     On those rare occasions when you have time off from any work you usually HAVE to do, nothing pressing upcoming on your schedule, no kids yanking and pulling on you to go somewhere or do something, and a girlfriend with the same schedule, who is just itching to spend some time with you, what do you do?!!...Okay,I know how really rare it is to have all of these things happen at the same time, but yesterday that's exactly what happened to me!
    As you probably demised already from looking at my header photo, a hot game of Scrabble was one of the things we did. We're both word people, so anybody that came into the house while we were intensely concentrating on how to beat the snot out of each other,...and a couple of times that did happen!...were systematically ignored until we were through! :-] It was wonderful!!...even though I was beaten at the end, with a 42 point triple word!!! Thankfully neither of us are bad sports, even though we are intensely competitive. I can hardly wait until we can play again! And with the Scrabble Journal (my header photo today) from "Littleputbooks" on ETSY, I could have another day like this real soon, and have somewhere to write poems down about it!! I love it when people are creative like that! And it's only $25.00 too!!!
   My day with my friend started with her fixing breakfast for the two of us.Turkey bacon, grits, and eggs! Yum, Yum!!! Between the eating and the talking and the giggling we fielded phone calls and I even took a minute to finish sewing the backing on a fun necklace I did the day before. Her daughter had given me 2 dinosaur buttons.
     I can't even imagine who will buy a dinosaur button necklace! LOL But she assured me that you never know what people will like! So...I hope somebody likes it!!...This was the other one I made...
         ...I am convinced now that there is a button of every kind, for everything!! :-))
   My friend and I also watched a rerun of a show that was on NBC last season. It's called "Who Do You Think You Are?" There were 7 celebrities who discovered the secrets of their past. We watched the hour with Emmett Smith, the football player. It was fascinating to both of us because we had talked about wanting to find out information about our own pasts. Too bad we don't have a bunch of people at our beck and call to find it out for us, like these celebrities had! It would be waaay to expensive and time consuming to do it ourselves. But wouldn't it be great to be able to go back in your past and see where you came from and whose life intersected with yours?! It was fascinating to me, when I watched it during the several weeks it was on, to find out that people who thought they knew who they were, were completely wrong!!! One celebrity had grown up thinking she was Italian and found out that she absolutely was not!!!
   For lunch another friend came over too! We sent out for Chinese. We had Beef and broccoli, orange chicken, rice and vegetables,...and Oreo Cookies for dessert!! Now, come on!!! Who couldn't have a good friend day eating like that?! LOL...I'm paying for it this morning too!! My stomach hasn't stopped flipping since I got up!!! Ha! Ha!....It was worth every flip!!!!
    Hugs and kisses and holding of hands til the very end, was how our 'Girlfriend Day' ended...Until Next Time!! :-))

(This poem has nothing to do with my girl day. It was one of the poems I mentioned that I would be sharing about my mom, when I wrote the 'Mothers and Daughters post, which you can see -->  here.)

How She Became The Mama I Know

She was a boozer,
HER mama`s loser;
Not many knew her
like I did.

She`d been abused;
Her, you could use;
Her body, bruise-
just make a bid.

It wasn't  fair.
They didn't care.
To a child's nightmare
they gave no thought.

She'd take the heat.
Her past she'd  beat!
(No-Just repeat
what she was taught!)


  1. Sounds like you had a most wonderful time with your friend!! That dinner sounded delicious to me right down to the Oreo cookies... ;-) You know, Daniel has been doing genealogy research for many years and oh, the new relatives we have met. We (he, really) now have a huge extended family in France, whom we've visited and some of them came to Savannah to see us. It's sooooo cool! And this summer, again, he made some huge progress - he loves it!! Anyway, hope you have most wonderful day! Love, Silke

  2. Silke, I knew you were my kinda girl! A Chinese food and Oreo cookie girl! :-)) And it sounds like Daniel is somebody I need to get to know too!! I'd like to pick his brain about the genealogy procedure. I get tired just thinking about what I'd have to do to find anything out!! I'm afraid I'd run into all kinds of roadblocks too, with my Cherokee Indian and African American background. Oh well!...Thanks for the nice comment!

  3. Anonymous7/27/2010

    What a fabulous time with friends!! And to finish with biscuits....YAY! And I don't see why lots of people wouldn't buy a dinosaur necklace! They are cool according to my family! Much love ♥

  4. I love your cute necklaces! I could see a young girl wearing them. Sounds like you had a great day. I want one too!! LOL

  5. Michele, Yep! When you finish with biscuits (cookies) it's always good! But then you have to make your friends take them with them when they leave so you won't eat the whole box!!! LOL..Thx for the comment on the necklaces too!

    CinLynn, Thank you! I'll put them in the shop...eventually...and we'll see! I hope you're right!...And yes! It was a great day! I don't get enough of them together though!...Wish you lived close by so we could have a Girl's day!!! :-)

  6. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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