Sunday, July 25, 2010

Puzzled Flowers

   The flowers around here are still trying to put off some beauty. Through the scorching heat, torrential downpours, blistering winds, and everything, they are still holding up great! I haven't shown you much of the backyard lately. The brown grass made me stop looking at it! But hubby went out this morning and took this picture of the neighbors flowers. 'Sneaky Pete'!
   The rain we had yesterday is still hanging on the petals...
   I could tell he wasn't completely awake yet though, because these were in the camera too...
...His focus...NOT the camera's focus, but HIS focus...was a little off! That's what I get for shaking him and saying: "Hey Honey, run outside and get me a couple of pictures for the blog. HURRY UP!"...He looked a little puzzled...These last few pictures also look a little puzzled! LOL
   They're 'Puzzled-ness' though, is a great segue-way for me though, to lead me to the next thing I wanted to tell you about this morning...My friend, a great mother by the way, came over on Friday. Her little girl, who is  about 7 or 8, I think (I'm not good with ages. I try not to pay attention to mine either! LOL), with a big smile on her face came in and handed me this...
   She said she made it for me!...Just looking at it, two things were immediately apparent. First, a creative resourceful mind was at work in the packaging. I love the recycling of the plastic cassette holder!
    ...And second, look at what was inside? Puzzle pieces...She said she made a puzzle for me!...I got to work on my puzzle right away!! When it was done I was feeling pretty special, and I was smiling from ear to ear!! You can see why, right?!
   It really was made JUST for me!!! It has the sun shining up in the right hand corner...(wonder if that's because she knows how painful rainy days are for me?). It has a flower...
   I "DO" love a flower!!!...And it has my name!
   ...Leaving no doubt what-so-ever that it was made for ME!!!...It even has a little heart next to my name.

When Holly was a baby I wrote this poem and gave it to her mom. I hope her mom doesn't mind me sharing her poem on my blog today. I'm feeling the love for my Holly!

Baby "Holly"

You`re not like "Haley`s Comet";
(which streaks across the sky)
You`re highly sensitive, though,
and get our attention when you cry.

We joke about you being a "Diva".
(`cause we can tell that you have your own mind)
We can`t wait til you put it into words,
and your frustration will be left behind.

But, until then, pretty baby Holly,
please be patient with our tender stare.
Consider our arms reaching for you
as love from all those who care.

We`ll pray for you, not only to be "Holly",
but to serve God, and be "Holy" Too,
because those beautiful eyes-always searching,
were made by Jehovah-just for you.


  1. Wonderful post today! Everyday should brings smiles :-) and a lesson of being special. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Maritime, Thank you!!...And I agree! :-)

  3. So here I am just getting to this post...yes..."out of it" explains it all! I will show Holly tomorrow morning...she will feel special in return! How kind of you to share this. I love that poem you wrote for her years ago! Thanks for always being such a kind and wonderful friend!!

  4. Spanishlullabies, Awwww! I knew you'd see it eventually! :-) I hope she can tell, when she sees it, how much I appreciated it!


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