Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Low Energy

   My energy level the last few days has been down to one wick. That's why I thought this photo was perfect! It's amazing to me how photography can express so much in simple ways...and especially true  for how I'm feeling today.  I mentioned to you a couple of days ago about how I wasn't getting much sleep. Well, the saga continues! And now I think hubby is starting to get tired just because he sees how tired I am!
   He's been doing some clumsy...and sometimes really funny...things. Last night was not so funny though! He loaded the dishwasher and then he and I were watching the rerun of the 'Tour-De-France'...which is great this year by the way! Not so great for Lance Armstrong!  :-( ...He's had so many accidents! But Oh! Watching those guys going up mountains, down long descents, around corners,...
...makes me happy! ;-) ...But I digress. Back to hubby. He loaded the dishwasher, was watching T.V. and then all of a sudden there was a strong smell of something...
    ...BURNING!! We sniffed around the house, looking behind bookshelves and everything...because it had a distinct smell of, like, wires burning! We didn't see any smoke or anything, but the smell was getting stronger and stronger! Then I started asking questions. Did you leave something on the stove, in the oven, etc.? "No! All I did was rinse the dishes and load the dishwasher!" This called for more questions. "Did you put something in the dishwasher that could have....?" I didn't finish the sentence before he tore off to the kitchen.
   Apparently he had put some of those little plastic lids right over the area in the dishwasher where the hot water shoots up, and it had catapulted the lid down next to a coil that was melting it to smithereens!! Besides the fact that it could have asphyxiated us, everything was fine!
   He felt awful! He said: "I don't know what's wrong with my brain lately!" I know what's wrong with it...He's got "sympathy Tiredness" for me! LOL That may sound cutesy, but seriously, whenever I'm feeling anything...he starts feeling it too! Does that happen to any of you with your spouses? He's been dragging around, bumping into everything, stubbing his toes, and...don't let me start again about the things that he's been breaking! All I'm saying is that it's a good thing I'm not as tall as him, and my feet are not as big. Because if so, I'd probably be in as bad a shape as he is! Good thing we don't have...
   ...banana skins on the floor anywhere! LOL Both of us would be in some pretty bad shape! As it is, I can't think or focus on hardly anything, and he's missing a few toenails! Ha! Ha! Is there a "Rescue 911 Van" to pick up the scattered-brained and toenail-less? If so, just wave at us as we're driving by, because they're definitely gonna have to come and get us! LOL
   As usual, writing about it is making me feel better. I'm up to...

...3 wicks now! Better go and find something to do before it wears off again! :-)


Sapped, low,
weary, slow.

Dragging about,
plum tuckered out.

Fatigued, spent,
No power surge sent.

Depleted, drained,
almost empty-brained.

Pooped, sucked dry,
out of gas, can't try.

Exhausted, fried,
done in, mopey-eyed.

Tired? There's no doubt!
'Cause I'm all petered out.
(I wrote this poem this morning...And all of the photos were borrowed from a site that lets you use their photos without attribution. I thank them anyway!!!)

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