Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Treasures

  Isn't it beautiful?! This was a treasury I curated on Etsy a few days ago. I'm able to show it to you thanks to my fellow crocheting pal, Nat. http://www.facebook.com/#!/iam02crafty?ref=search ("Craftgal" to those of you who know her on Twitter http://twitter.com/craftgal ) She gave me the easiest instructions ever on how to save the screen shot of my treasury. I even learned something new about my own computer! It has something called "paint". I don't know how I'm going to paint with it, but at least I know it's there if I ever figure out how!...STOP LAUGHING!!!...So I'm pretending to be computer savvy...you found me out!!! LOL
   I have other treasures too...in my backyard!
I'll show you a couple more of these treasures in a minute. But first...
   For those of you who don't know what a treasury is, I'll try to explain. And remember, I'm explaining as I understand it, not as a member of Etsy administration!...A treasury is YOUR creation, a collection of anything you like, picked from any of the thousands of shops on etsy. When I'm looking around or searching for something on etsy, and I see something in someone's shop that I really like...either for me, or as a future gift idea for someone else...I "heart" it. (Click on the "Add item to favorites", down and to the right of the item)
   Then, when I'm in the mood, I can make a treasury out of any of the things I've 'hearted' and made into my favorites! This is the way "I" do it. Some people like randomly searching and picking their items that way. My way works for me because, let's say I decided to make a 'Green' treasury, like I did this time. I can scroll my favorites list looking for the right items and the right shades of green because they're all in the same area to compare one to the other. It's time consuming, in my opinion, to do it randomly.
   Are you asking "Why?" Why go to all of this trouble?!  I couldn't figure that out myself when I first starting seeing how excited everybody got over being in, or creating, these treasuries! But after I did my first one...I was hooked like a mackerel! There's something great about seeing 12 of your own picks (or more, if you're in "Treasury East") displayed all together for everyone to see! It's a way of them getting to know what kind of person you are! I learned things about myself too: what I like and don't like, what colors I am drawn to and which ones repel me! You can learn a bit about the personality of other people from looking at their treasuries also. Some people have really classy tastes, and others are just...SICK! LOL
   Creating a treasury is not for personal promotion. In fact, they recommend that if you want your treasury to be picked by the Etsy administration as a front page on Etsy you shouldn't put one of your shop's items in it! Although, it does carry the shop name of the one who created it. So that's something! But creating a treasury is more of a way to network, creating links, having fun, and sharing.
   Don't get me wrong! There are some benefits that can happen. For instance, your treasury could end up on Etsy's front page for the world to see; or if people see your shop name on your treasury, they may click on it to check you out; the shops you feature may chat about it on twitter, place it on Facebook, or blog about it...making links to you that google may pick up; or the featured shops you pick may reciprocate! Then your items will get directly clicked on and seen by anyone viewing their treasury! At the very least, it gives you something to talk about and share so that you can become known to the people you chat with (on twitter or wherever).
  I love the fact that there are other ways to make treasuries now, any time you want, because of the NEW Treasury East! You can find out about all of the treasuries here--> http://www.etsy.com/storque/how-to/why-we-make-treasuries-inspiration-and-visual-storytelling-3811/ I wish everyone could make them, but alas, it's a tool only for those on Etsy...But oglers are welcome!! ;-))
   Now, back to my other treasures  First of all being my hubby. :-) Didn't he do a great job with his guest post yesterday?! I teased him mercilessly, but honestly...it was great! "Thanks Bae!"
   And one other treasure I'd like to share...other flower pictures from the backyard!...Oh yeah! And a poem!
I wrote this poem for people celebrating their 2nd year of marriage.

 Happy 2nd Anniversary

Two years of wedded bliss.
Two years of riding tall.
Two years that went by fast.
Two years-let's now recall.

Two years that didn't seem much.
Two years we had each other.
Two years we weren't alone.
Two years we spent together.

Two years we spent as one.
Two years we would not trade.
Two years to celebrate the
Two years foundation laid.

Two years sent from above.
Two years to coo like doves.
Two years that fit like gloves.
Two wonderful years of love!


  1. Nice explanation of doing a treasury Wug. Cept' for one thing......can I share??? It's treasury east, not west. Don't want to confuse people. But I sure do love the treasury you made. It was beautiful!! Should of hit the front page for sure! Beautiful flowers growing in your back yard and as always, great poem.

  2. Wonderful blog today. Your descriptions of treasuries fit the bill perfectly. Hope you had a wonderful 4th and some rest. See you in twitterland...lol!

  3. Wonderful blog today and everyday. Thank you for sharing your insights into treasuries and you lovlies in your backyard...lol. Hope your 4th was restful and fun.

  4. Thanks for catching that for me Bead!! I just edited it. I didn't see it earlier. My counter said I had no comments, but I checked when someone said they left a message but it didn't show up!...And thanks for the nice words about my backyard flowers and poem too! :-)

    MaritimeArts, Thank you for your nice words...BOTH times! LOL I don't know why the counter is showing zero. I'll have to look into that!...And yes, my hubby's day off was just what we needed...and there wasn't a rubber band in sight!! LOL

  5. Hi there!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just read your blog to my DH - awwwwwwwwwwww....such kind words! Thanks!! I'm happy that the instructions were easy to follow - the pix of your treasury turning out great!

    I love the pixs from your garden....love the lillies...ours are blooming too! :-) Chat with you later my crocheting pal!!

  6. Craftgal, No! THANK YOU!!! :-))...And those flowers are pretty, aren't they?! :-))


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