Friday, July 2, 2010

Pens, Hens, and Twitter Friends

   This is an appropriate picture to start this post with today because it's Friday, the end of a long hot week, and my mind is thoughtfully in the clouds about what kind of week it's been. I sum it up in the 3 words in the title of this post..."Pens, Hens, and Twitter Friends". First, "Pens"...
   Not pens that you write with, although I did "pen" a new poem this week about my daisies. :-) But "pen" as in 'I'm feeling penned in'. I felt penned in by the weather this week. Rain, then hail and wind alerts (that never materialized! UGH!), and also heat...much heat!!...and with my air conditioner on the blink too! I ended up in the house, hot, and trying to keep my mind occupied. Because I'm so allergic to everything, outside was not an escape. Outside was where I wanted to escape from! Yep! penned in described it!
   I felt penned in in another way too...
   And this is NO disrespect meant to anyone. It's just how I've been feeling...I joined a 'Team' to try to get my crocheted items some more exposure. The team is doing great! They're organized and busy. But I'm feeling like I've penned myself into a situation that doesn't feel like a good fit for me. I can't do the shows because of my physical limitations and I'm not familiar enough with the way things work online to really make the team work for me...Unfortunately this is not the first time I've tried to be a 'team player' and had it not work out for me! Maybe I'm just a lone wolf and need to stay away from teams...except football, baseball, basketball and soccer! {I'm an excellent sports team player!!! :-))} If I say any more about this subject I'll probably end up hurting someone's feelings, or get myself all misty and worked up again. So..on to "Hens".
    I've been like a mother hen to my friends this week. One of my friends you know about. She's the one who recently had the surgery. Well, I hadn't heard from her in almost 2 weeks or so. (Could be more. The heat stopped time for me for most of the week!) So I sent her an email telling her that "Mama is worried!!!" I got an immediate email back. YAY! She's feeling better! Except for pain meds that are making her lose track of time...*Must be just like heat!*...she says she's healing and out of the woods of any serious problems...Whew! But I've still got to keep an eye...or an email with a whooping in it! :-))...on her.
   I've also been mother henned to death by my good friends this week. They have come by with delicious food, laughter, and smiles...with a little bit of story telling and foot rubbing added in! I thank each and every one of them, because, if not for them, between the rain and the heat, I probably would have been a melted puddle with a wet poem sticking out. But they made it bearable....and in some cases fun!
    Last, but by no means least, is my Twitter friends. Oh, the joy you have given me this week! So much so that I want to thank you personally. Thank you "Bead" for always giving me a smile in the mornings, and for always commenting on my blog so that I know I'm not talking to myself! It may not seem like a big deal to you, but trust me, for a writer/poet to know that somebody reads, understands, and gets you, it's a big deal! You've been funny, understanding, and encouraging and I appreciate it very much!...To craftgal I also say thank you! We've been watching our teams lose together. Poor Flyers and Celtics :-(  But I enjoyed going over to twitter and hearing that you were watching while I was watching! I actually watched some hockey this season because of you! It's not usually my game. Thanks, too, for your caring tweets about the death in my family, your responses about my blog, and for tweeting such nice things about my crochet shop.
   I would be remiss if I didn't also thank LittleFoxPhotos for her continued help and support, not only on Twitter, but also on Facebook {which is still a big puzzlement to me for the most part!}. She's been extremely patient and encouraging...except for a link she gave me yesterday to 178 pages of gorgeous shoes!!! LOL She's enabling my addiction. And I love it!!
   I know I'm leaving a lot of people out. I could literally be here all day with this subject alone! So I'll end by thanking my 'Zebra friend' LeahJaneDesigns I have loved tweeting the Wimbledon tennis matches with you the last couple of weeks, and the French Open before that! You have taken my razzing almost as good as my hubby does...and you give it right back almost as good too! LOL To you I say "GO MURRAY!!!"...not that I think he's going to win. I just think I owe you that one for all of the times I've chided you about him! He's actually doing pretty good! I look forward to your tweets for the finals. Hopefully it'll be Murray and Nadal so that I can really have some fun!!! :-))
   Okay, Pens down, Hens in, and Twitter friends thanked! Another week bites the dust!
    My poem today is one I wrote on another week of frustration. It's not a political statement. It's a poet's observation.

Here We Go Again!

Another day of news,
and here we go again.
The same themes are repeated;
Sometimes with a nod and grin.

They talk about sex scandals;
Seems that no one is exempt;
Not the clergy, politicians,
or the children they have pimped.

Again, someone is missing,
and they're blond-haired and blue-eyed.
Their spouses are the suspects;
And, in most cases, they've died.

But that's not all the violence;
There are terrorist attacks;
There are murder-suicides,
and serial killer's gruesome acts.

And what is with the weather?
Hurricanes of every name.
(Not to mention bridge collapses,
and the endless crashing planes!)

And its "Here we go again."-
O.J. Simpson's  in the news.
He's  been arrested in Las Vegas;
(Someone else has lit his fuse!)

He says they stole his property,
and he just went to get it back.
His so-called "Sting" operation
for his footballs and signed plaque.

And again-he's off to jail;
not for murder-not this time.
Armed robbery is the charge;
(Different reason, still a crime.)

Another day of news.
There just seems to be no end.
Every day the theme's  repeated-
and its "Here we go again"!!


  1. Sorry you've been "penned" in so much lately! It's nice to be a mother "hen" too, isn't it! Gives us things to do. But lastly, thanks so much for the mention! I never look at myself as being encouraging. Usually just the opposite! I'm always putting my foot in my mouth and saying things that hurt instead of heal. (In real life). I beat myself up over that daily!! I love hearing the opposite. Thanks my dear sister and friend! I look forward to more of your (and hubby's) blog entries!!

  2. Awwwww! I can't imagine anybody thinking that you are anything other than encouraging!!! Maybe they should get to know my "Bead"! ^_^

  3. MAde me smile today. Wonderful to read your blog. You should know also....that you are very encouraging also. Love to read andcomment on twitter. You always have something fun or funny or nice to say to people. Love following you! And sometimes those fun comments on twitter make people smile and lighten peoples days....and you don't even know it :-) You are a nice person!! Just know that. Thank you for your smiles.

  4. I totally agree with Bead and Maritime! :)
    It means a lot that you have mentioned me and now I feel guilty of not being there on June 22...we had a national holiday then and I couldn't use the computer :( But I hope your mom is okay or is getting there.
    You truly are a great friend and I wish we could meet in person some day but I guess that's not gonna happen. Thankfully we have this thing called the internet :D Woohooo!
    Hoping that the next week will be better for you without the "pen" but even more "hen" LOL

  5. Maritime, I'm so glad today's post made you smile. And I was also glad to hear that you find my writing encouraging. Wish I could say I was being clever or something, but NO...I'm just being me. I DO try most of the time to stay positive, although my poetry is just about what hits me. That's not always positive, but it is my true observations. I'll keep trying to be me! ;-))

  6. Mariann, No worries about June 22nd...Life is as life is...isn't it?! Truth is, I hope my mom is doing okay too. We haven't spoken in quite a while. (Long story) I hear that she is adjusting though...I would love to meet you on the porch of your colorful cottage! :-)) Maybe in the future our paths will cross in person. You never know!...And here's to next week being better than last week!!...At least cooler and lees windy! I'm going to miss the tennis though! :-)


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