Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wedding Favors

   I mentioned to you the other day about my friend's wedding, but I didn't tell you, or show you, the cool gift we got as a wedding favor...It's a coaster, with some of the fruitages of the spirit listed on top. Love, Joy, Faith...and a little Hope thrown in for good measure! I thought that considering some of the other gifts we've gotten at weddings over the years, this one was GREAT! My photography is not showing off how beautiful it is...or I should say how beautiful THEY are. Yes...
   ...we got 2!! They were wrapped in a little clear square box, with a silky white ribbon tied all the way around it. The bow of the ribbon was beautifully placed up in one corner...I'd love to show it to you, but I didn't think about photographing it before I opened it....and I figured that you've seen a white ribbon before, so showing you a white ribbon all crinkled up and thrown off to the side...which is what happened to it as soon as I ripped this beautiful gift open...would be a bad use of my photography. (Ha!) As if there's a good use of my photography! :-)
   Have you ever gotten a wedding gift, or a wedding favor, that you said to yourself: "What in the world am I going to do with that?!" Well, we have. And I know I'm risking some feelings here if any of the gifters sees this blog post! LOL But I'm going to risk it, knowing that they know me well enough to know that I never try to be unkind, and I always try to tell it like it is.
   One time we received an organza wrapped favor, clear organza, with 2 of those hard white coated candy almonds inside. It was tied close to the top with a ribbon showing the couple's wedding date on it. We didn't know whether we were suppose to eat the almonds, or save them so that we would have a visual reminder of when to send a wedding gift!...We...Shhhhhh!....threw it away.
    Another time we got a jar of honey, with the couple's wedding date on a ribbon tied around it. It LOOKED like it could have been some really good honey, but....we couldn't get into it! Apparently all of the bride's maids had gotten together and made these favors, gluing the lids tight in case of a loose cap during transport to the wedding...Or that's what we assumed must have happened because we couldn't get into that honey for NOTHING!!! A bad scene with some vice grip pliers and too much pressure applied...*insert Tim Allen's gunting noises here*...and it was a sweet honey disaster...without a piece of toast in sight!!
    I'd be here all day if I got into all of the glue-gunned...(with hard glue strings still hanging)...favors we've received from the numerous weddings we've been to over the years. I was even in a few of the weddings, and in on the making of some of these disasters...against my will!! Okay, I know the bride is suppose to be right in all things on her wedding day, but I figure that if I had to wear the dresses that some of these brides put me in, they could take my annoyance at having to make these disastrous favors that weren't actually a favor to anyone!! (I'll have to show you the pictures of my bride's maid dresses in a later post. EEK!...You may not really WANT to see them, trust me!)
    But this wedding favor, these gorgeous usable coasters, made out of Plexiglas,  was a joy to receive! I'm still trying to figure out what picture to put in them. See this...
   ...they have a little sleeve in the back where you can insert a picture!! When you put it in there and turn it over your picture will be surrounded with the words LOVE, JOY, FAITH, and HOPE FOREVER! It's a great gift, don't you think?! Makes me look forward to their 1st anniversary so I can give them a good gift as a 'Thank You' for them!!

First Anniversary

We've had one year
of laughs and fun.
I knew we'd make it,
Honey Bun!

The wedding's over.
The tears are dry.
We're still together,
Sweetie Pie!

Year number two
will be easy-maybe!
We'll make it so.

Making it last
will be our career.
We'll go headlong,
without fear.

For years to come
we'll be right here,
and I'll love you more
each year-My Dear!


  1. Great blog. Love the honey gift. I would be so disappointed as I like honey.

  2. Susan, Ha! Ha! I was disappointed too!!! Didn't want to chance it with the glue and everything...*giggling*

  3. Thank you so very much for your great comment on my blog post today! You DO understand how weird this push-pull of becoming our true selves with our own unique and GREAT talent! We'll both keep going and we'll celebrate our successes and share our little stops in the road.

    As to wedding favors, I don't remember most, but I remember us getting a few very big and very breakable wedding gifts at our wedding in Germany that we had to leave behind as we didn't want to break them on the way over to the States. I wondered what some of them were thinking...

    Have a great day!! Love, Silke

  4. Silke, Yes, we'll have to keep plugging away at it and "pushing down the scared!" :-)...As to the favors, I didn't even talk today about wedding gifts that hubby and I got, but I have nothing bad to say about them! They were GREAT!! Silver floral picture frames, artwork for the wall, dishes that we still have 28 years later, and of course MONEY, which no one complains about, not even me!! :-)

  5. Anonymous7/20/2010

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! I would have been disappointed at the honey too! I LOVE honey! ♥

  6. Michele, It was my pleasure to comment on your blog!...And yeah, honey gone now!!! LOL


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