Friday, December 14, 2012

'Virtual' Date Day Returneth!!

      It's Friday!!!! :-) It's the day I look forward to more than all other week days!...Friday!!! :-) It's the end of the busy 'work' week...if you can call crocheting 'work', which I don't really! ^_^ And it's the day I get to take the phone off the hook and just 'veg out' with my hubby-bear! :-)
      And OH YEAH!...we're going on a date today!....a 'virtual' date, of course!...Can you tell from the header photo where we might be going?!...Obviously somewhere with nice weather...and vacation style! :-) ... Not somewhere with phone calls and bills and official people telling you that "Yes, even though they told you it was's not. And 'you' have to pay it!!"...UGH!
      When I went on an Etsy search for our 'Virtual Date' country of choice, the dress in the header photo came up. And this...

       It looks very 'islandy', doesn't it?! :-) ... Well,  that would be right, because we're going to an island!...An island that's a region of France, and is referred to as an 'overseas France'....but is not France! :-) ... An island whose currency is the 'Euro'!...An island who got it's name from Christopher Columbus!...An island with mountains and lush forest!
             Thanks to Wikipedia we found out that our country's's FOOD! :-) ...mixes elements of African, French, Carib Amerindian and South Asian traditions. One of its most famous dishes is the Colombo, a unique curry chicken, meat or fish with vegetables, spiced with a distinctive masala of Tamil origins, sparked with tamarind, and often containing wine, coconut milk, cassava and rum.
      A strong tradition of our country's desserts and cakes incorporate pineapple, rum, and a wide range of local ingredients.....YUM!!!!.....Oh yeah....we're gonna eat good today!! :-)
      Do you know what our country is yet?! :-) ... Does this help?!...

       Okay...I'll tell ya....It's Martinique!!! :-) Come on a little tour with us!...

          Okay, I'm off to do some 'virtual' packing! :-) ... Along the way I'm gonna pack my mouth with some breakfast too! ^_^ ... Have a good day, and a good weekend, everybody!!

 Virtual trip

I really like to travel,
See the world, expand my mind.
But not getting on an airplane,
or hunting luggage I can't find!

I like a 'good ole' virtual trip.
Computer details. Music too.
Where you don't need a 'stinking' passport,
or have to wear a 'stinking' shoe!

But a little stay at home,
under covers, lock and key,
can also be expansive.
Even if it's 'virtually'.


  1. Sounds like a fun date night! I want to go too! LOL
    Have fun and have a great day too!

    1. Fun is right, Bead! I'm looking very forward to it. First there's some other things to do today though...Ugh!...I wish you 'could' come to Martinique with us!...You know what? You can!! ^_^ Consider yourself invited!...Dress vacation-y!! :-)


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