Friday, December 7, 2012


       Are these the coolest cufflinks you've ever seen?! :-) I LOVE them! They make you wanna tell a story with your hands, don't they! ^_^ Which reminds me...I was suppose to tell you the story about the post office the other day...and I forgot! O_O Oops!...sorry...And now I have another story to tell too, after yesterday!
       But before I go there, let me tell you that if you type "sale11" at checkout for the cufflinks, or whatever you get from this shop, you can get 10% off your order! :-) ...And considering how reasonably priced they are already, I think it's a FA-BU deal!!
      Speaking of FA-BU,  as I'm telling you my stories, I wanna share some 'For Men' items I found on Etsy!...

       Both of my stories involve my hubby. He's my 'Go To' guy! :-) He's the one who does the cooking around here now. He's the one that runs the errands. And he's the one that goes back and forth to the post office with my items that need shipping!...This last one he does sometimes twice a day, depending on the amount of items I sell, and whether the sales come close together or at opposite ends of the day!
      He's been doing it even more regularly lately. So much so that the post office staff know him now! :-) ... Yeah, they know "HIM"...but they don't know "ME" I found out! Or rather, they don't know me enough to know how to pronounce the name of my shop, even though they've been telling people about it! ^_^ ..."It's Wuglyees....WUH-GUH-LEEZ!!" LOL

       ***Stopping for a second to say...I don't have an iPhone, but I sure remember the curly corded type of phone! :-) I think this (above) docking station that looks like an old rotary phone is so cool!!***

      Back to my story...So when my hubby walked into the post office, a lady smiled at him and yelled out: "Woo-ugly-yeez!"...O_O...WOO-UGLY-YEEZ?!!!!..My hubby started laughing, and then he had to give her a quick lesson in how to pronounce my shop name! ^_^ ...Imagine...all this time, people at the post office have been telling everybody to shop for their crochet needs at 'Woo-ugly-yeez'!!! ^_^
      Maybe that's not funny to you, but it sure is to me!! ^_^ ... Maybe you'll find the other story funnier! :-] ...after I show you a few more 'guy' items!...

        The other story was funny...but not so funny!...Hubby had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Just a check-up to talk about the bloodwork he had done to check his cholesterol...which is down by more than 40 points, by the way! :-) He's on a medication that requires the doctor to check his liver regularly to make sure it's not being adversely affected...He's good! :-)
      The funny part was not his doctor visit with the two medical students that were being trained by his doctor...and that they were being trained ON HIM!!...although if this was his regular check up that could have gotten REALLY funny! ^_^ My hubby won't even let me do a foot rub on him because he's so ticklish!! Imagine two strangers poking and prodding!!! LOL
     No, the funny part happened when he left the doctor's office. On his way home the car started to buck like a rodeo horse going up a hill!....*puff! puff!....POOF!* ^_^ He knew what the problem was immediately....NO GAS!!...And it was freezing cold out too.....And it was already after 5 p.m., dark, and we had a meeting at 7 p.m!!
     He left the house for his 2:45 p.m. appointment and I worked on some cleaning up in my shop. At around 4:30 I started to wonder what was taking so long. The last 'talking' appointment he had took about a half an hour. I didn't know about the medical students...Anyway, around 4:45 p.m. I figured I'd better take my nap for the meeting. Otherwise I'd be tired and not a good listener! ^_^
      I woke up at 6:05 p.m. O_O The house was still dark...{I fogot to mention that my light bulb next to the bed blew as I was turning it off before my nap!}...Where was my hubby?! O_O ...Then my 'worried wife' kicked in..."Did somebody konk him across the head when he was heading to his car?! O_O...Did he have an accident and go over the side of one of these mountain roads?!...Did somebody kidnap him for his unemployment check?!!O_O" ...Ha! Ha! I know that if that happened...the unemployment check thing I mean...within about two minutes after they actually saw the amount of the check, he would really be in trouble...for wasting their time!!!!! LOL
       Anyway...after a little while I really got worried!...enough so that I had to call my girlfriend for a bit of reasoning and to help me stay calmed down! O_O ....But just as I started to 'spaz out' on her...the light came on in the other room!...YAY!!! He was alive!!! ^_^

      He came in all frozen, in a hurry, and irritated with himself! Apparently as soon as he realized he was out of gas he heard my voice in his head saying: "Don't forget to put gas in the car. You remember what happened the last time!!"......and...."Please don't forget to take your cell phone!...and get some time for it!!" ^_^ ....Kinda funny that my voice is in his head when I didn't say one word!! ^_^ ...Oh, did I forget to tell you that he had no cell phone with him?! :-)
      He ended up having to walk...because he had no phone to call anybody to come and take him....with his gas can, to the gas station.....then back to the car....and then go BACK to the gas station again!!...The little gas stop place wouldn't let him use the phone...He was NOT happy!!...But he got home safe...not kidnapped! ^_^...and made it to the meeting on time too! :-) ...Lesson learned and story now told!! :-)) ... He says that this WILL NOT happen to him ever again!!!!!.....Ummmmm....only time will tell if this is true! ^_^
      Okay....a couple more guy things and I'm outta here to wrap and ship a package!...

      I'm afraid the popcorn seasonings is already sold, guys! :-( But I'm sure they'll have some more in the shop soon! It looks like it's a good seller! :-)

       And, Oh Yeah, I've been working on some 'guy items' myself! :-)A little red and black variegated boutonniere...

    ...and a 3-color one...

      I also started a matching lapel pin in these color too...but this is as far as I've gotten with that one so far...

      I'll finish it later today...on my 'HOME date'!...Not a virtual today. It's for real real!! LOL This week has been so hectic and busy, we just needed to stay put and get some rest today!! going nowhere but home, with all of that gas in the car too! ^_^ ...Have a good weekend, Y'all!! :-)


The place where I am at my best.
A place of calm and peace and rest.

The place from which I never roam.
'Cause it's in my heart, this place called home!      


  1. Ha ha ha!!! Your stories are so funny! How can all this happen to you! Anyway, all's well that ends well.

    I love your picks, your new flowers and your poem too. Have a great date night and a great day too!

    1. Ha! Ha! I don't know how it happens, Cindy! ^_^ And every word is absolutely true too!...Honestly, I think these kind of things happen to everybody. I just make a big deal out of them!! LOL...I'm glad you like my picks and my poem too! Thanks!...Have a great day, my friend! And a great weekend too!

  2. Oh I can imagine how mad he was and how much your voice was ringing in his ears on that long cold walk lol Glad he made it home safe and you actually made it to meeting! That is very impressive!

    1. ^_^ Yes, Kelly, it was definitely nice to get a point across without any actual 'out loud' wife-y words! LOL And I'm glad he made it home safe too!!

  3. oh and love the cuffs! what a great present for an old film buff!!!

  4. Deb,

    I also had some appointments this week and some not good at all surprises. Anyway, glad your hubby made it home safely.
    I really like that red/black crochet flower.

    Happy weekend to you!

    1. Hi Priscila, You too , huh?!...Well I hope your turned out as good as mine...with no one kidnapped! ^_^ ... By the way, thanks for the nice words about the red and black crochet flower! :-)

  5. Awesome, Thanks for including the Medium Control, much appreciated!


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