Saturday, December 15, 2012

Teach Me Something Positive!

      :-( ... I almost didn't know where to go with today's post. I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to 'make it positive'. I mean, where is the 'positive' when a gunman goes into a small town elementary school and shoots and kills 20 children and 6 adults, after already killing their own mother shortly before that?! :-(
     Where is the 'positive' when the parents of the dead children have to be told that their tiny elementary school age children will no longer be coming home?...Where is the 'positive' that their siblings will no longer be able to have them to play with?!...Where is the 'positive' that the parents of these slain children, whose little bodies have lain on the floor of a cold schoolhouse all night, can't go into the schoolhouse where they last saw them alive, and hug them, cry, and whisper their goodbyes in their ears, because they're little bodies are now a part of a criminal investigation and cannot be moved until all of the evidence has been examined and photographed?! ;'_'; 
       The pain that the parents and the small community of Newtown Connecticut must be dealing with right now is almost unimaginable!!...I'm not a parent, but even I know that this would be extremely, almost unimaginably hard, to bear! :-( And this would be true even though, as a Bible student and teacher myself, I understand why things like this happen in the world, and I know what happens to those who die...Still! :-(
       So what I decided to do with today's post was to 'find' the positive! And frankly, it wasn't that hard...because every news report talked about the doctors and nurses who prepared themselves to treat the 'dozens' of people that would probably be sent to their hospital. They were ready....and willing! do whatever was necessary to be of help and support!...But only 3 people came. :-( ... That's when they knew that it was gonna be BAD!! :-( And they were soooooo sad.

 Then there were the stories, one after the other, about the teachers!...

      The teachers inside the school, when the gunshots began to ring out, went into 'schoolteacher/momma/protector' mode! They reassured the kids, huddled them in closets, barricaded them in rooms, read books to them, told stories, answered questions, etc....whatever was necessary to keep their children safe and unafraid...Some of them were found doing this to their deaths! ;'_';
    I today wanna say a big 'Positive' HOORAY to teachers!!!!! You make all of us smile with your dedication! You make us proud with your determination!....{one teacher, who was locked in the room with her kids, determined to keep them safe, made a police officer prove who he was before he was allowed to come in!!! :-)}...You make us happy to know that there is a world that harbors soooooo much bad!...people who will put themselves in the fray for others!
     Frankly, I know LOTS of people like this.....who are also teachers! :-) "I'm happy to know you, and happy to be a part of your family"! :-] 

      If we think hard enough today, we can remember the teachers in our own lives who did things...selfless make our lives easier, better. Let's find a way to smile about the job they did...and continue to do every day! Let's not let what one lone gunman did make us so unhappy that we can't remember the good. Because there's so much good!!! Look at the teachers! :-]

 You Ever Have A Day?

You ever have a day when everything you do goes wrong?
When every hour in the day seems very very long?

You ever have a day when everything you say that's right....
gets misconstrued and turned around and people wanna fight?!

You ever have a day that if you think of it again...
just makes your body quiver and you want the thought to end?

You ever wanna fix things, but you couldn't find a way...
even though you'd said that 'Things will be different today!'?

Well, that was me, and I am thankful that was yesterday!


  1. Anonymous12/15/2012

    Wonderful message! I appreciate how you thought to think of the positive. My heart goes out to all of the families who are suffering.
    Steph (srbythesea)

    1. Thank you so much, Steph!!!...And my heart goes out to them too! :-(


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