Thursday, December 20, 2012

Is This The Price Of A Clean House?!

      OUCH!...I'm in pain!... O_O ... Before I tell you what happened, let me 'fess up' and say that my pain is not because "I" personally cleaned the house yesterday. It wasn't cleaned by me! It was cleaned by the lady that comes and does it for me! But, Yes, I 'AM' still in a lot of pain today! O_O...I'm in pain because I must've pulled a muscle...or SOMETHING while I was sneezing and blowing my nose from the dust that was fluffed up while the house was being cleaned!...*shaking my head*...Is that sad or what?!!! ^_^
    And no! It hadn't been that long since the last cleaning. About two weeks. So there wasn't an inordinate amount of dust or anything!...except for the huge bunny that came off of the top of the curtain....*ACHOO!*...That's what I get for trying to have a fancy fold up there! LOL
       Anyway!...I was 'hacking and barking and dripping away while she was cleaning. Then she left and the 'hacking and barking' subsided. But a little while after that I got this awful feeling like I was catching the flu or something! O_O ...Ugh!...Next thing I know, I lifted my arm to move my hair or fan a gray hair out of my face, or something trivial...and BAM!!! O_O I heard a kind of POP!...and then searing pain went throughout my upper back and later radiated to my chest area....OUCH!...Yeah, something gave way! O_O

 (Tote Bag from corduroy)

      So ever since then I've been not moving very much... O_O...except for my typing fingers right now!....But....the house smells sooooo clean! :-] ...

     Just thinking about how I'm gonna get anything done today is hurting me! O_O But hopefully, if I'm a good girl and don't try to do too much too soon, the pain will get less and less as the day goes on. It's already better than it was yesterday!...Stupid pulled muscle!! Grrr!
     Before I leave though, I'm gonna show you the three items I was gonna wax poetic about...before I knew I'd be in this kind of pain!...Did I already say: OUCH?! O_O ...

1. The cutest Ring Bearer Keepsake Box you've ever seen! :-) ...

2. The cutest Upcycled Beachy Hobo Bag you've ever seen! :-) ...

3. The cutest Print of an Original Painting you've ever seen! :-) ...

     Okay, I'm off do NOTHING!!! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! 'Pain Free', I hope!!

Never As Expected

Why can't things go as expected?
No left turn. No oops!...'Snaffu'!
There's always got to be a fly
in the ointment, soup or stew!

Why can't things go as they should,
Without a hitch, impending doom?
Instead of 'Steady as she goes'!
There's always Click, click, click! Then BOOM!!    


  1. I'm sorry you have all this pain my friend!! Take it easy and let it heal. It's raining cats and dogs here today. Wouldn't you know, I need to get out and go to the store. I hate rain and so that won't happen unless it lets up. Supposed to turn to SNOW....yes, I said it....SNOW later today! *biting my tongue*

    Have a good day and get better!

    1. Thank you for the sympathy to my plight, Bead. :-] The sitting still thing seems to be working...That, and having hubby comfort me by scratching my head. :-)...Enjoy your rain. We're suppose to get complete downpours here starting late tonight into tomorrow. So fun, isn't it?! O_O At least it's not snow..not yet anyway!..Oops! Sorry. ^_^

  2. Hope you feel better soon sweetie :) just love the hobo bag off to have a closer look!

    Bee happy x

    1. Thank you, Bee. :-) I'm feeling a little better already!...And, by the way, if I could afford it, that hobo bag would already be mine!!! ^_^ Have a good day!


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