Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Morning Looks Like.....

       I suppose the first thing I talk about this morning shouldn't be what my morning 'looks' like!...because that's not the first experience I had when I woke up! First was the 'waking up craving' for a nice hot cup of sweet cream-filled coffee! :-) ... Yesssssss! A nice 'Dunkin' Donuts' coffee, with sugar and hazelnut creamer, would taste sooooooooo good right now!...But, alas, I'm not gonna get it!...Why?...Because 'Dunkin' Donuts' (the local coffee shop), and everything else around here too I might add, is closed this morning because of the holiday. 
    So instead of talking about coffee, I'll tell you about what the house smells like!...It smells like sausage...

          ...Noooooo! Not that kind of sausage!! ^_^ I'm talking about the kind of sausage you sink your teeth into and chew!! LOL.......Ummmmmmm!...Hubby is making one of his 'world class' breakfasts again this morning...Sausage, eggs, cheese grits and toast! :-)
       So what that I don't have coffee to go with it...;'_';...Okay, I won't try to put a good face on it. I REALLY want a cup of coffee!! O_O And the brand new can of 'non-instant' coffee that we were given as a gift a while back is 'not gonna cut it'!! LOL We no longer have a coffee maker! (I gave it away because we never used it! Ha! Ha!)
      Before I take off to eat though, let me show you what else my morning looks like!....

      Yep! It looks like snow!!...It apparently started falling after midnight last night...

      It's still lightly coming down right now, but you can't see it in most of these photos...As YOU know, I'm not a big fan of the 'white stuff', but I must say it does make for a nice quiet blanket on the backyard...

      It even makes hubby's barren garden area look kinda cute! :-] ... I don't know why I was so surprised to see it!....Well, yes I do! It was because for days the weather people were saying it wasn't gonna snow. Then they started the whole 'maybe we'll get some snow for Christmas' thing...which I thought they were saying because of their wishful thinking. So I dismissed it. O_O Then I wake up this morning and BAM!!!.....snow!...

     Hubby's footprints on it confirmed that it indeed was not the weather man's wishful thinking! LOL It really is snow! ^_^...I really should have known yesterday. It was a 'snow sky'...


       So that's what my morning looks like!...Peaceful....What about yours?! :-) 

Peaceful Moments

Peace is what I'm after.
No concerns to vex my head.
No disturbing complications.
No emotions to be read.

Peaceful contemplation.
Mental 'Playing in the yard'.
No 'You have to do this!" wording.
Nothing strenuous or hard.

Quiet, simple peace.
No one's problems I should fix.
No concentrated effort.
No new wrinkles in the mix.

Yes, peace is what I'm after.
Nothing pressing me 'to do'.
I want peaceful little moments.
And I'm gonna get them too! 

      By the way, hubby 'jimmied up' a cup for coffee for me. ^_^ He strained the coffee grains with a chicken grease splatter screen. LOL....That's my husband!! :-)


  1. Yeah the snowy stuff is here too! It came right after I left work yesterday which was around 4:30p. I'm on "slow-mo" this morning because of working all weekend at my day job - so tired!! Lol I do have some coffee but the creamer...oh the creamer. It's powdered, with no flavor - ugh! I asked my nephew to get some creamer yesterday and I expected the vanilla liquid kind, but that powdery stuff came in the house lol. Got to be grateful though. :)

    1. WOW! You got the snow much earlier than us!...And yeah, "slow-mo". That's what's going on here too! ^_^ ... Things may change in a few minutes though. I can feel the caffeine from hubby's 'jimmied up' cup of coffee coursing through my veins as we speak!!! LOL...no powdery stuff in sight! ^_^ Have a good day, Denise!

    2. Uh oh watch out for the caffeine rush! Quick - drink some water!! Lol You too have a good day, Deb :D

    3. Ha! Ha! I'm already on it, Denise!! ^_^ Bottle number two coming up!!

  2. I had coffee this morning! I have a coffee maker and use it everyday sometimes twice a day! Wish I could send you some! Sorry. Yep....snow! We have a teeny tiny bit, but we're in for a LOT tomorrow! :/ Anyway, I guess since it IS winter, we have to deal with it, don't we.
    Have a great day....get some crocheting done (what am I saying! Of course you will! LOL).

    1. I had coffee too, Bead....Well, sorta! Ha! Ha! Don't tell my hubby, but it was not the best tastingest coffee I've ever had!! ^_^ It's alright though. He made homemade soup and cornbread for lunch. That evened things out! ^_^ Have a good day, Bead!! :-]

  3. Your backyard looks so pretty covered in snow. I hope you've managed to stay nice and warm!

    1. Thanks, Jo! :-) And yes...I'm as warm and snug as a bug in a rug!! ^_^ Of course I have a human 'snuggler'! :-))


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