Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bacon.....and eggs?!!! Really?!!

     Was that wrong?!... ^_^ lure you here with a vision of bacon and an egg, only to let you find out that it's not an eatable bacon and egg?!!...sorry. :-) But that's the same thing that happened to me! LOL I saw it yesterday when I was in full 'waiting for breakfast' mode....hubby was in the kitchen! :-) 
      When I first realized that it was soap I have to admit that I was kinda disappointed. I mean...a blog post about an Etsy shop that ships bacon and eggs would've been soooo cool! LOL...But after the disappointment came admiration. Admiration or someone who could create something sooooo cool!! :-)
     Then started the search for cool! :-)) And where would I start?....besides my very own wedding line o crochet boutonnieres I mean!! ^_^ Say hello to the wedding 'button'-ieres section of my Wuglyees shop!!...

     These are the only ones I have in there right now, but I'll be working on it a little at a time.

     As I was saying..^_^...I went on a search for cool! And since I already had eggs on the brain, I went in search of cool...eggs!
     Now I know you're saying.....WHAT?!!! Cool eggs?!!! ...O_O...But wait until you see what I found!!!

      More beautiful eggs...but un-eatable eggs!! :-) ... People are so creative, Y'all!!...Speaking of which, check out these eggs too!...

      Pretty cool eggs, right?! ^_^ ... Now all I have to do is go and find some cool bacon!! Ha! Ha!

      Frankly, bacon is not on my mind this morning. Getting prepared for the big storm we may be getting, starting tonight, is what's on my mind this morning!! O_O The weather people are 'all a-flitter' about it! Unfortunately they can't tell yet whether it's gonna be a 1-3 inch event, or a 6 to rain...event!! They're watching the 'weather models' to find out.
      You know what that means!! O_O...That means that we should probably go outside in our yard, lick our pointer finger, hold it up to the four winds, and see if snow lands on it, or it freezes like a Popsicle!! Ha! Ha!
     Anyway!! ^_^ The storm is not coming until late this evening, and my stomach is growling right now!..."Here I come, Breakfast!!!!" :-) ... Have a good day, Everybody!

 That Something Different

I like things that are different.
Things that somehow catch my eye.
Things not quite 'Just The Same'.
Things that make me want to buy.

I can't put my finger on it
as to why they move me so.
They're not whimsical or gory;
And not lavish. This I know.

Sometimes it's just their color.
Other times it's how they're worn;
Or Sometimes it's just how beautifully
they're painted, sewn, or torn.

With 'Different' as the gauge,
it could be almost anything.
I guess that's why I keep on looking.
Hoping for that 'Different' zing.

When I find that 'Something Different',
I'll pay cash or click or dial;
Or I may just show it off;
(Like I just did) and sit and smile.

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