Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Treasured Eye Catchers!

(Treasury curated by Alex L)

      Instead of pouring out my feelings about the burial of the Sandy Hook Elementary School students, or all of the other crazy sad news lately, I'm choosing to share some other things that caught my eye and distracted me away from watching the news to the point of numbness. :-( ...As a side thought, I don't know how in the world any parent would be able to handle this kind of situation without knowledge and support! :-(
       Anyway.....my little chocolate brown, white, and blue crochet lapel pin suit boutonniere was chosen for the treasury...

      ...along with some other cute items, like this...

      ...and this!...

       There's some other really cute items in the treasury too. Just click on the above photo of the treasury to go over and check them out!

     I wanted to show you a few other eye-catchers that I came across that WEREN'T in the treasury!...

      This large poster print of the trees by DUEALBERI caught my eye...maybe because it looks sorta like my backyard! :-) 

      And this Royal Haeger 22k Gold Tweed Vase, and Pair of Pheasants (below), from TimandKimShow caught my eye because......Well, just because!! ^_^ It's birds, and a place for flowers! What's not to love?!...

      And last, but not least, was this eye catching Embroidered Linen Lace from cottonholic...

       I don't know where I'd use it...but even if I didn't use it anywhere it would be pretty to look at and run my fingers across! :-) ... Have I told you about my love of lace?! :-]

      Okay, breakfast and some shipping is calling. I'll be back tomorrow with......SOMETHING!! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody!...and keep those eyes in good shape!


We take our eyes for granted
until some 'boo boo' mars our view.
Then we find ourselves short-sighted
with less things that we can do.

The thought of losing sight,
and seeing life just like before,
is scary, and can shake our confidence
right to the core.

To make our eyes feel better
we would do most anything.
Some eye salve or a hot pack,
even ointments that will sting.

To, every day, appreciate
the eyes that help us see
(and keeping those sharp objects
out of their proximity),

That's what we should be doing,
give those 'Peepers' some respect!
Especially since they get it
when we're sticking out our neck.


  1. Hi Debbie,

    Thank you so much for sharing our Royal Haegaer birds and vase! I LOVE the kindness that Etsy sellers like you show each other!

    Tim and I wish you and your family a blessed holiday and New Year!

    Kim ~ Tim and Kim Show, ETSY

    1. Hi Kim! :-) And it was MY pleasure to share them!!

  2. Hello, Debbie, our tree poster really looks like your backyard!!! :) Thank you for featuring it in your blog! Best,
    Antonia and Fabio

    1. Hello Antonia and Fabio! :-] Yes! It really does!! ^_^ Thanks for letting me share it! Have a good day!

  3. So many beautiful treasury pieces you feature today, Debbie! I love the delicate details on the fine lace and the stunning vase and birds. Your masculine lapel pin is quite fabulous! Wishing you a day of many pleasures.

    1. Hi Julie!! :-] I'm so glad you liked Alex's treasury. So did I!...And thank you for the nice words about my boutonniere too! I 'am' having fun making them, I must say! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day...and take your camera!! :-)

  4. Beautiful treasury Deb! Congrats! You know we've been talking about parents helping their children through this horribleness. The best article we found is in October Awake: http://www.jw.org/en/publications/magazines/g201210/disturbing-news-reports-and-your-children/
    Perfect for parents wondering how to help their children through this.
    Have a great evening my friend and don't let the news get you down. Do as I do....avoid it. :(

    1. I'm glad you liked the treasury, Bead...And you said it, about the news! But having to talk to people regularly about how to help their children cope with it...and frankly, some parents too...is the reason I try to at least stay up on what's going on. Trying to strike a balance during this terrible time is never easy, is it?!...By the way, I know exactly which Awake you mean. It's perfect now! But the link you gave doesn't work for some reason...Goodnight, Bead. Happy dreams! :-]

  5. Love the tree poster because it reminds me of my backyard too! The poem is so true..our sight is so precious. I work many weeks in the "eye" room in surgery and I know how delicate the gift of sight is. When my Mom's eye surgery went bad and she lost the sight in one eye, her life changed forever. Take good care of those peepers!

    1. Yes, Yaya! The tree poster 'is' like your whispering pines too! :-] And thank you for the poem love. Indeed! Indeed! We have to take care of those 'peepers'!! It'll be nice in the future to not have to worry about it. (Isaiah 35:5,6) :-) Have a good night, Yaya!


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