Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Can I Get A 'Whoop! Whoop!' For Being Home With Hubby!

       As a general rule I love being home anyway!...but after yesterday, being home with hubby...talking, joking, singing (sorta LOL), and well, SORTA dancing... ^_^ ...I totally understand that expression: "Home Sweet Home". :-) It was a good day!
      We don't celebrate Christmas, so all of the Christmas music, commercials, lights, crowds and talk everywhere has been inundating this year! Not that we wanna impose our views on other people, but WOW! Has it been more...MORE...this year? Or does it just feel like that to us?! O_O
     Anyway!...I've been at home, but hubby has been avoiding grocery stores, malls, gas stations (unless absolutely necessary!), banks, convenience stores, etc....Anywhere that lines and crowds and frustrated buyers might be!...In other words, he's staying at...


    ...HOME more too! :-)

      And I have to hasn't been a bad thing! :-) He's been engaging, funny, entertaining, conversational and quite a lot of company! :-] He's been cooking like crazy...including the best breakfasts I've ever had!,...Helping me out with my Wuglyees orders (Oh, if only I could teach him to crochet!....NOT happening! ^_^)...and singing!...Thank YOU "The Voice"!!! ^_^ ...Okay, let's me 'real'..I could do without the singing! LOL But if I have to get the singing in order to have everything else...'Hello Ear Plugs!'.."Go ahead, Baby! Sing your heart out!!" ^_^ I think he's gearing up right now to do his rendition of the leftover lemon squares song! LOL

       I haven't mentioned it lately.....Skip ahead, all of you who don't like 'mush'! ^_^...I LOVE my husband!!! And the more time we spend together, the more I know that he was one of my better decisions in this life...even though when I'm mad at him I'd never admit it!! LOL (Even then I know it then too. :-])
     He did something yesterday that solidified my 'liking him'...I would've loved him anyway! :-) ... He braved the crowds, the traffic, the frustrated and angry shoppers, the gas lines and the fact that he doesn't like to drive on long trips in the car alone, and went almost an hour away to the only 'Red Lobster' restaurant in our area anymore...just to get me shrimp and fish and garlic biscuits! surprise!!!!! :-)
      When I asked him why..he said: 'Because you're special'. ;'_'; ...Yep! I started crying like a baby!! ^_^ ...And then I started tasting!!...YUM!!!! I hadn't had 'Red Lobster' in a LONG time!!!...And you know what's for breakfast?!.....Leftovers!!! ^_^
     No, I don't love my husband because he gives me nice gifts and sings to me!....but it sure doesn't hurt!! :-) ... He makes staying at home have a whole other meaning. After 30 years of marriage, and almost 35 years together, how many wives can honestly say they feel that way?! :-) ... Yeah, I may have a different story tomorrow! But today....I don't!!...Today he's my super hero!! :-)) ...Whoop! Whoop! Hubby!!!! I love you!

 My Super-Hero

He has x-ray vision,
but he`s as blind as a bat.
He sees straight to my heart,
but cannot see my fat.

He`s as strong as an ox,
but as gentle as can be.
He`s sexy in his shorts,
and in a suit-a sight to see!

He's my super-hero,
even though he can't  fly;
He doesn't drive a Bat-Mobile,
or freeze time with his eye.

But the things that he can do
far outweigh the things he can`t;
and they give the word "Super-Hero"
a whole new slant!     


  1. Awwwwww, what a sweetie!! Stay that way Jeff! It's as if you've had some special training! Hmmmmmm! LOL
    Enjoy your day!

    1. :-) Yes, Bead! Special training for sure!!!...You have a good day too!

  2. lol, the leftover lemon squares song.

    i do celebrate christmas, and i'm not sure i think it's any worse than any other year. i think the constant 'pushing' of christmas has increased over the years to a point where it makes me want to stay at home and hide. which is pretty much what I've been doing....focused on handmade gifts and baked goodies. i don't care to venture into the big box stores at this time of year. try to keep it to small local stores if need be. thanks so much for featuring my print. btw, we've been married nearly 25 and i think the same exact thing about my husband. i'm a lucky girl.

    1. Hi Pamela! :-) Yes, the leftover lemon squares song...a doozey! ^_^ Congrats on 25 years! That's a big deal in itself nowadays! Worth staying home and spending time with your honey for, huh?! :-)

  3. So sweet!
    I have to agree, I love staying home, too. Especially with my cats and hubby. Today, I'm lucky to be able to stay home all day, it's windy and snowing out...
    Nice day!

    1. Thank you, Priscila. :-) And yes, cats cuddle...hubbies cuddle! It's all good!...except for the wind and snow! YUCK! But enjoy the rest of your day anyway! :-)


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