Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random and Simple

      No!...we don't have snow here in Massachusetts....YET! But we 'do' have red cardinals, just like this little guy (above)! :-) I've been trying to get a picture of my red backyard visitor for days and days now....but NOTTA!! It hasn't happened...and it's not gonna happen!...Therefore...I gave up! No more trying to get him on film for me. I'm just gonna enjoy him with my eyes and let those who take pictures...like greenpix...do the beautiful picture taking! ^_^
    Nope! No cardinal photos....and no news watching for the rest of the day either!..WOW!...12 tornadoes touching down in Florida overnight...practical jokes that lead to a suicide...bank robberies....and on and on and on! YIKES O_O
      Add to all of this a full day of rain, me aching like a crazy person, sleeping all day, and up all night because of it (stupid body clock!!! Grrrr!)...*Am I still blinking?! O_O*...and all I want is some sleep and some simple!.....SIM.....PLE!!!!
     I figured I'd start with simple photos of items I'm either using or looking at every day, but never thought about how great they would look as 'simple' photos!...Not to mention how great they are to create with! :-) ...Things like mingled yarn...

      ...and Linen Yarn...

    ...Sewing thread...

      ...and WORDS!!...on clothing! :-) ...

       Ahhhhhh!...Simplicity!...*deep breath* :-]

       Simplicity....and two hubby stories 'real quick'! Ha! Ha!
1. Hubby went to stop by our bank 'real quick' yesterday afternoon...and there was a sign on the door saying that all customers needed to go to the other local branch!...O_O...About an hour or so later, hubby and I saw the local news report!!...*Am I still blinking?! O_O*...The bank had been robbed right before hubby got there!!!!! O_O
      He's so funny, because right after we saw the report, hubby said out loud: "That's why the police and the local news were around the bank!!!!!!" ^_^ ....Uhhhh...ya think, honey?! ^_^ ...I don't think he put two and two together until then. ^_^

2. Hubby has been cooking again...*deep breath* ^_^ This time it was a pot roast..Now I don't know about you, but when I think 'pot roast' I think lean beef roast falling apart, with a carmelization to it, carmelized potatoes, onions and carrots! YUM!!! :-) ...From now on I'm gonna be a bit more guarded in my expectations...More open to the possibilities!! ^_^
     Hubby's 'pot roast' was marinated overnight in hot sauce and bell peppers! O_O Are you getting a visual?!...I wish I had thought to take a picture. I was too....ummmm...surprised?!....Yeah, that's the word....Surprised! :-] ... Thankfully it wasn't as bad as it looked...after I had him put it back in the oven for a little while. O_O I had too. It had the look of bologna!...My smile was saying: "Interesting, honey!"...My stomach was saying: "No Way, Jose!!!" Ha! Ha!
    After a nice carmelization occurred, it was pretty good!...but H-O-T!!!!! O_O Definitely a meal eaten in small amounts at a time!...Although he loved it!...He was sweating while he was eating it!...but he loved it!!! :-]
      The funny part of the story for me was when I told my girlfriend about it, she said maybe he should rename it. Instead of a 'pot' roast, maybe he should call it a 'hot' roast!! ^_^ ... I haven't told him that yet. I don't think he's quite ready for a joke about it. He's already had to endure my 'less than exuberant' taste test!! ^_^
      An no!....eating his pot....or hot...roast had nothing to do with why I was up all night!! ^_^ ...Okay, off to do a shipment and some other stuff....like a long, long nap!!...*Am I still blinking?!*...Have a good day, everybody! :-) {The poem below is one I wrote a while ago...it's about something I was doing at the time. I'm just sharing it because I don't think I ever did before.}

"Random  Words"

I wrote to "Random House".
I'm  putting it  all out on the line;
Letting strangers tell me what they think,
and critique my chatty mind.

Its been 2 weeks already,
and not a word have I heard back.
Is this unusual?
Can someone else, your poems, hijack?!

I tell myself: "Don't  Worry.
In fact, no news can mean good news."
(Its the way I try to fool myself,
so my ego won't  get bruised.)

When I wrote them I was honest.
I didn't  try to play some game.
I want to make some extra money,
not pursue book deals and fame.

So, I wrote to "Random House",
and put it all out on the line.
Now I wait to hear from strangers,
and please, please, let them be kind!


  1. Great post, can't believe hubby just missed a bank job! how lucky was he :)

    Bee happy x

    1. Thanks, Bee!...And yeah! I couldn't believe it either!!!! O_O But I'm so glad he did!!!...The bank robber got away for a while, but they found him! YAY!...Have a good day, Bee!


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