Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sometimes You Just Have To Organize...And Play!

       With a bag full of color like this, and a little time on my hands between custom orders, how could I possibly pass up the opportunity to play?! ^_^ ... Answer: I couldn't! :-) I'll show you what I 'played around' and made in a second.
       First, let me show you what my organized bin area looked like after the organizing project...

     See! A place for everything, and everything in it's place! :-) ...Including my head model 'Shequita', my Fritos and my clock timer! Ha! Ha!....And No! I will not show you my neat underwear drawer from yesterday's organize!...I share, but even I know that that would be TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!! ^_^
     For now, I'll keep my sharing to yarn! :-)) ...

     I have a 'quick stash' bag...or two...or three...around me at all times. They have almost every color of the rainbow. Some of them are the same color, just in different shades. And Oh, how I love making my little lapel flowers with all of this color! :-)
     I was especially thrilled to get the true 'gold' color recently. The gold I used for the custom order about child cancer. The boutonnieres I made are all off to their new home. :-) But I just had to make at least one more boutonniere for the Wuglyees shop...

      It's not listed yet, but it will be by the end of the day...after I take better pictures of it!...Or at least I 'HOPE' they're better pictures! You know me and my camera and my picture-taking abilities! O_O
     But this gold one isn't what I made when I had the 'inkling' to play with yarn...THIS is....

     I just took the time and made each petal of the flower a different color! :-) Which, in case you're wondering, is a whole lot of tedious work!...but fun....when you're playing! ^_^

      It was sorta like painting! :-) My boutonniere was my canvas, and I had to decide what color was going to best complement what color, next to what color! ^_^ My creative brain cells were 'really' having fun!!

    And I put a fastener pin on the back...instead of a fold-able pin or a button...because I think it might be too much color for a man's lapel....MAYBE! ^_^ What do I know!...But at least, with the fastener, it can be worn by a woman too! :-)
      Okay....the lady is here to clean the rest of the house...and I'm happy to know that my organizing will no doubt make it a little easier for her now! :-] ... Back to playing with some more yarn for me! ^_^ What are you doing today?!...Whatever it is, have a good one Everybody!

Do You Play?!

I had some 'Play Time' in my youth,
back when my hips could take the heat.
I couldn't wait to find someone
that I could race, chase down, or beat!

How many times did I 'Hopscotch',
play some marbles, skip a rock?
And a game of 'Tag' could go
until you couldn't see the clock!

All my games were very active.
So much energy, people! WOW?!
But things have changed. It's different,
because I'm so much older now!

I still have 'Play Time' at my age,
but the games are slow and rare.
I like board games, playing cards,
things you do right from your chair.

The games I watch can't be too long.
I'll fall asleep! I'm kind of nod-dy.
And I have to use my mind.
No running round now with this body.

I play with things like yarn,
and with hooks...even thread.
And I play with pen and pencil,
pulling poems from my head.

Whichever way, I have to play!
It's my excuse to have a laugh.
I just have to keep it slow.
Don't want a charlie-horse in my calf!


  1. Your boxes are so organised! love the colours of your yarn :)

    Bee happy x

    1. Thanks, Bee! :-] By necessity, they have to be. I have so many different little items going on! I wouldn't be able to tell a brooch from a lapel pin, from a flower hair comb, from a flower necklace, etc.... ^_^ I think you get my drift, right?!...I'm glad you like my colours too! :-) ...By the way, I like the new glasses!!


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