Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snow...We Hear You Knocking!

      Yep! The weather is turning on us! No more unseasonably warm winter days. We've got a rain and snow mix knocking on our door here in Holyoke...*sigh*...Well, there's no sense in getting upset about it. It can't be hot and balmy all the time, can it?!
     The only good thing is that I can crochet my way out of it!! ^_^ In fact, I'm crocheting a custom hat right now. Something I haven't done in quite a while...crocheting a hat. Crocheting anything besides boutonnieres, really!...Oooo! O_O I just remembered the unfinished rainbow blanket that's somewhere in the house here in a bag!! Oops!
     I'll think about that later! ^_^ Right now I'm thinking about hats....and SCARVES! In fact, I had to renew these in my Wuglyees shop this morning...

     I'm not gonna be making any more scarves though, unless I get a custom order for a certain color or something. I have 'tons' of scarves still made that I've never listed!...The boutonnieres are my moving item! 
      I can appreciate scarves though! And so can other people...In fact, Lisette Ariola likes unique, reasonably priced scarves too! She did a whole treasury of them!!...

      She even included one of my other scarves from the shop...

     Yes, I like my own scarves!! ^_^ And I like that other people like my scarves too! Is that wrong?!...But guess what?!...I like other people's scarves too!! And there were a few 'other people's' scarves in this treasury that I'm 'diggin' on' right now! :-) ...


       Pretty cool, right?! :-) ... So, go ahead and knock all you want to, winter!! We're ready!!...or we will be! O_O ...eventually. No need to get all crazy, talking to winter!! ^_^ It might think I'm happy with it and start trying to pile all of that white stuff on us!! LOL
      Okay, my crispy bacon and oatmeal and peaches are calling!! ^_^ And I have a meeting this morning too!...Have a good day, everybody! :-)

Winter Is The Snow

Winter is the snow,
when the chilly breezes blow,
and the clouds all seem to flow,
and the birds, in flight, will go,
with their ducks all in a row-
but they leave behind the crow.

Winter is the snow,
when the farmer doesn't sow,
and its not the time to hoe,
and there's nothing left to mow,
'cause the seed, right now, won't grow.

Winter is the snow,
and the little baby doe,
with his mama's eyes aglow,
and defensiveness in tow,
'cause she's had her share of woe.

The ducks, the farmer, and the doe
respect the season, 'cause they know
that winter is the snow.     


  1. We're in for the snow mix too. I guess winter has to come sooner or later, doesn't it? But we don't have to like it!! :)
    Enjoy your day, and congrats on the treasury!

    BTW....I love that owl picture! Had to favorite that one!

    1. Brrrr!...Well, enjoy your snow mix as much as we're gonna enjoy ours, Bead! ^_^ Actually, you probably will enjoy it much more! :-] ... The meeting was great! We have a prolonged elder school at our Hall, and one of them gave the talk today! :-) It was very encouraging....VERY!

  2. Hi! Thank you for the feature! I feel great to see my scarf among so many beautiful pieces of art and really good to know that I have priced it appropriately. Take care! :)

    Visit me whenever u get time at

    1. Hello! :-) It was my pleasure to share it!


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