Sunday, December 23, 2012

As Usual On A Sunday Morning......

       As usual on a Sunday morning, I'm running on 'not much time'! I got up early and have been doing something with every minute since then...until now...*blink blink*...I don't have any time left! :-) So this morning I won't be waxing poetic, or telling you all about the different birds that have been coming to the feeder, or showing off my latest boutonnieres, or yapping on and on about anything really...And stop that clapping!!! LOL
       Instead I'm gonna tell you to have a good day.......and be sure to do something great with your time today!...(like read your Bible, put something spiritual in the brain; love  up on your family; play with the grand-kids; crochet; etc.....You know...Good stuff! ^_^)...Also, don't forget to drink water,...and maybe a sip of tea or coffee too!...breathe every once in a while, uncurl your fist, find some time to giggle with a friend, listen with your 'good' ears, unfurl your brow when your spouse is talking to you, and be sure and get something to eat!...because, especially with that last thing...the 'unfurling your brow when your spouse is talking to you''re gonna need your energy to do all of this!!! ^_^

     And as usual this morning, in case I didn't say it already, let me say.....Have A Nice Day, Everybody! :-)

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are for quiet,
and for music in your ears.
Not for fretting over business,
or for struggle, or for tears.

Sunday mornings are for worship,
or for time to just relax.
Not for schedules that need keeping,
or for dealing with the 'Quacks'!

Sunday mornings are for slowness,
sipping on a cup of 'Joe';
Getting ready for the new week,
when you have to 'Go! Go! Go!'


  1. Ha ha ha! Sounds like a GREAT day! Have a good one my sister and friend! :)

    Enjoy your meeting too! I know I will!

    1. ^_^ Hi Bead!...I did indeed enjoy the meeting. Good reminder to let your yes mean yes, and your no, no, right?! :-] ... Enjoy the rest of this one, my friend!

  2. I love Sunday because we don't do anything that requires work...we try to keep it holy and attend Church. We have a meal together, read, rest and then today we visited a very sick friend in the hospital. I actually had to give a talk in Church this morning and that went well so now I can really relax! Enjoy your day and your week. I know you don't celebrate Christmas but I will send you a big hug because I enjoy your blog and your treasures you feature each day and then you always end with an uplifting and fun reading poem. Take care!

    1. Hi Yaya! :-) No work, huh?!...I wonder if crocheting would qualify as work in your book?! ^_^ That's pretty much what I've been doing all afternoon!!...Although in my book crocheting is relaxation. LOL...How good of you to take time to visit a sick friend too. Unfortunately the list of sick friends I have is getting longer and longer and longer these days. :-( But thankfully I can always make time for cheering up...even if I don't have the ability to 'fix up'! :-) ... And no, I don't celebrate Christmas. But it is time to visit with friends and spend quiet time with my hubby. I look forward to time for that whenever I can get it! ...And thank you for the hug too!! I always have time for those too! :-] Enjoy your family, Yaya!

  3. I hope you had a good Sunday. It sounds like yours was well planned especially if you did some of the things you suggested :)
    Love the toast necklaces.

    1. It was a good Sunday! :-) It included lots of good stuff for my mind, and...crocheting. That's why?!! ^_^


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