Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time For A 'Do-Over'?!!

      I know what you're thinking!...You're thinking: "Mr. and Mrs. Wug must've had some kind of intoxicating wild Friday date night!!...Otherwise why is she so late getting the blog post up today!! Huh?....HUH?!!!"...LOL.....Well, if that's what you're would be thinking waaaaay WRONG!! ^_^ ...Unless you call a big Sprite with a straw in it, and a glass of orange juice, intoxicating and wild! ^_^
      In fact, our 'date night' consisted of tacos, a fish and shrimp combo, watching a television special about Bible lands, and flipping back and forth to see weather reports of another upcoming storm that we're getting today....Ugh! O_O...The night was very relaxing....except for the weather reports!...*Inhale....Exhale....Repeat! LOL*

      The real reason I'm late with the post this morning is because hubby and I got into one of our conversations and I got side-tracked!! ^_^ ...{Plus I'm hormonal....but I won't talk about that part!! ^_^ You're welcome, fellas!}...Part of the conversation went like this:

     Me: "Here they go again now, with all of the New Year's eve commercials!...Did you see that one?!..*pointing at the tv*"
     Hubby: "What?"
     Me: "Jenny McCarthy supposedly kissed somebody randomly in Times Square last year and now they have a commercial on about who she's gonna kiss this year!...*shaking my head*...Have you seen that commercial?"
     Hubby: "No."
     Me: "I think it was somebody in a uniform....A soldier or somebody I think. I wasn't looking at it that close."
     Hubby: "No, it was a police officer."
     Me: *Puzzled*..I thought you said you didn't see it!
     Hubby: "I thought you meant did I see the whole thing last year when it happened! O_O"
      Me: "Why would I be asking, or care about what you saw in a commercial last year?!" O_O
     Hubby: "I don't know!!...LOL...Why are you asking me?!...I can't figure out why you care about who Jenny McCarthy is kissing on New Year's Eve!!! LOL We don't celebrate New Year's!!"
      Me: " O_O ...I DON'T care who she's kissing!! I was just talking about the commercial!!!!!" LOL

     And that was only part of the 'merry-go-round' of conversation we had this morning!! ^_^ Another part involved his father, his brother and him going out to take care of some family the storm!...Ugh!...I only have half a brain, people!...and I'm using it at full sparking strength this morning already!!! LOL
     THEN.....and yes, there was more! LOL....then I decided to show you the redo of one of my necklaces from my shop! I re-did it for my 'wedding section"! :-) ...but me and hubby had a difference of opinion on what colors would look good...He thought that if a bride was using it, the flower should be white. I wanted to use mustard yellow...This was the subject...

     I made it a long time ago as one of my 'Ugly Wuglyee' necklaces...

      And it's been sitting in the shop since then...too ugly to buy apparently!! LOL

    So I decided to give it a little 'do-over'!!...

     ...from a pink and pea green 'Ugly Wuglyee" button mess!!....with the glass center button removed altogether! a mustard yellow filigree glass bead wedding brooch! :-) ..

      What do you think?!...Do you think a white flower would have been better?!...I'm gonna make a matching men's boutonniere today. We'll see what kind of reception it gets! :-)) If it's not good...I'll do it over white!! LOL....Hey! I can be flexible!...except in silly round and round conversations about Jenny McCarthy I mean!! LOL

     Okay, I'm off to spend some time with 'ME'..and some yarn, some paper and a pen!!! :-)) Have a good day, Everybody!!

When I am alone

When I am alone,
with just my pen and pad,
I can talk about myself,
whether I'm  happy, tired or mad.

When I am alone
all the words just fly
from my brain of 'Busy'-ness
to the sight-line of the eye.

When I am alone
there is no veiled conflict;
There is only what I think,
and my ball-point Bic.

When I am alone
I can just be calm;
and if there's  been a fight,
words can soothe like balm.

When I am alone
I confirm, with glee,
that I really like myself
and that "I'd  be friends with me!"

When I am alone
there's  no loneliness;
and what I am feeling
I don't  have to guess-
I just put down pen, and press!     


  1. No...I don't think white would have been better (sorry Jeff). I LOVE the gold! I love that color anyway. And I think it's a gorgeous brooch too!!

    Who cares who Jenny McCarthy kisses, right? Celebrities!! Ugh!

    Nice poem too, by the way.

    Have a great day and I look forward to seeing that brooch in your shop!

    1. Ha Ha! I knew you'd be into the mustard color just like me!! ^_^ And thank you for the nice words about the poem and the brooch too! ♥ The brooch is already in the shop! :-) ... Have a good rest of the day, Bead!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you very much, Anthony! :-)


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