Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Bird...and a Band...and a Beau! :-)

     After a very restful 'virtual date night', what we woke up to today was falling snow....*sigh*...and the birdsong of chickadees! :-) All I have to say is one out of two ain't bad! ^_^ And I have to say, watching chickadees pecking away at my suet cage, with falling snow right behind them, isn't a bad picture to take! :-) ... If it was light enough outside to 'take' the picture....which it wasn't!
     So, since I couldn't take actual pictures of 'my' chickadees, I decided to share a couple of Etsy's the beautiful little fella in the header photo!...And this one...

 ^_^ ... People are so creative!...and it's definitely not something that's in my wheelhouse! I can't crochet a chickadee!! LOL

     I 'can' crochet though! And something pretty too! :-) Case in point, I crocheted a pretty headband a while ago...but it's been just sitting in my shop...probably because of my BAD photos! People probably didn't know it 'was' a headband!!! LOL All of the photos of the 'SAME" headband had different colors!! O_O
     I re-took the photos and re-newed the headband in the shop this morning. These are the new photos to the 'old' headband...

     Does it look okay?!....Does it look like a headband?! ^_^ I sure hope so! If it doesn't, and it expires again....I'm Done!! I'll just wear it myself!! ^_^

      Speaking of 'wearing it myself', I mentioned to you yesterday that I  got a custom order that was kind of an important one for me...A repeat customer of mine asked if I could make some orange and gold boutonnieres for him to give to a friend, as a gift of support for his three year old daughter battling Leukemia. :-(
      It made me kinda sad to think of a three year old 'baby' battling such a terrible disease. The same disease that friends of mine are battling. :-( But it made me smile to think that someone would go to all of the trouble to want to give such a gift of support to a friend. So I'm gonna 'put my foot in it' with this one! :-) 
      {By the way, that's an expression that southerners use when someone cooks a really good meal for someone. They say that when the cook puts their 'everything' into making the's like they put their everything and even their foot in it!...^_^ I know it's silly, but that's how it's understood. ^_^ In the case of me making these 'special' boutonnieres, there's nothing silly about it at all!!!}
      These are some of the pre-made flowers so far...

     Apparently orange is the color that represents Leukemia...and gold represents child cancer. I didn't know that, did you?!...But I 'did' know that pink represented breast cancer.
      So I'm off to have some breakfast and get my day started. I have a few 'To Do' things on my agenda...including the finishing of this custom order....What's on your agenda today?!...I hope it's something that keeps you warm and toasty...or cool and comfortable! :-) Have a good one!
      By the way, congratulations to Jo, of Blooming Lovely!!!! Her and Mark got married yesterday!! :-) Pop by and wish her a happy, won't you!...She has a few pictures of her cool non-white wedding dress too! Go see!! --> HERE! Ahhhhhhh!....LOVE! :-)

 Too Old To Love?!

Are you ever too old to love?
Past the age to wink and coo?
I don't mean with someone else.
I mean with the one you're married to.

Is there an age when holding hands
seems redundant childish fare?
Are your kids puzzled when you kiss?
Or are you too old to even go there?

Do your seventy year old parents
still give each other the flirty eye?
Do they openly show affection,
or seem slightly nervous when you walk by?

Do they sit real close together?
Or have the years made them get colder?
Would you be shocked if they spoke softly,
Or saw a head laid on a shoulder?

If you're married all those years,
I think your love should not look flat!
You should be free to show your love.
All of those years should earn you that!


  1. I hope the boutonnieres bring a smile and hope for that child. In my work I come across that crummy cancer too many times. It really makes me sad when it' a child. Your poem was sweet. I think my parents would have been the cuddly 70yr olds if my Dad had lived long enough to be with Mom to that ripe old age. I can't believe it's been 36yrs since he passed. Mom was young and never remarried. She's a healthy 86 long to be separated from the love of her life. Have a good week Deb!

    1. Hi Yaya...yeah, you know how tough cancer is, don't you?! O_O And it's REALLY tough, for everybody involved, when it's a child with cancer!...I hope you're right about the smiles, because Ooooo Whee! they're gonna need something to smile about!!...Also, thanks for the nice words about the poem. And how wonderful to still have a healthy 86 year old mom to bounce stuff off of! :-) Cool!!...Have a good week, Yaya!...Your mom too!


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