Friday, December 21, 2012

It's 'Virtually' The Weekend Already!

     I LOVE this mug!! :-) ... Actually I love a whole lot of mugs and other pottery in JimAndGina's Etsy shop!...Not that they need me to advertise for them. They're doing just great without me! ^_^
     But I saw this rooster mug and I said to myself: "Okay Wug, it's time!...Time to yell at those muscles and joints of yours and tell them to 'GET UP!' " :-) And, Oh Yeah, they needed yelling at this morning, because it's raining cats and dogs and ♫ ouch...ouch...ouch...ouch...ouch...OUCH!!!
     It's gonna be a long morning...a long afternoon...and a long 'virtual' date night! O_O ..But we've already decided, because of my pulled chest and back muscle, that it's gonna be a sitting and sipping 'virtual' date night!! :-]
      We may be sitting and sipping in the desert...

    ...or sitting and sipping in the deep forest somewhere!...

      ...but wherever it is, it's gonna be a non-moving event! :-)

      Now, while I share some more of JimAndGina's pottery below, I'll give you a couple of updates about what's going on with us personally...starting with my mother-and-father-in-law...Ugh!...My father-in-law may end up having to go home from the facility he's in soon...which would be great if there was a way to get him some 'real' help in-home. But with only my mother-in-law there to help him, it could be a potential disaster! O_O
       Unfortunately, there's some question as to his health coverage right now, and the bills have mounted up to a ridiculous amount! Rightly so, the facility wants to get paid! O_O But it's like being between a rock and a hard place as to what to do!...The siblings are trying to work on getting his coverage figured out and keeping him there, but who knows what's gonna happen! O_O

      Thankfully I have my backyard birds...eating and chirping away all day long keep my mind off of my in-laws situation...somewhat. I mean, when there's nothing you can do, except try to keep a positive mindset, watching birds is a perfect 'nothing' thing to do! :-)

      In other news, the 'fiscal cliff' is about to get us too! O_O Hubby's unemployment compensation is gonna end unless they pass the bill that's in congress right now. We only have a couple more payments before the end of the year that we can count on, and then it's 'Come On Boutonniere Buyers...PLEASE!!!!!' LOL
      We're trying not to worry about it too much. Jehovah God has always kept his eye on us in the past, so there's no need to worry now, right?! Something will work out, we're sure!... In the meantime, we're doing our thing as-per-usual! ^_^

      In yet other GOOD news, I sold two more boutonnieres last night..and they won the free scarf that I giveaway with every 25th item sold. They bought number 375 and chose this free scarf...

     The next Giveaway winner will be whoever buys my 400th item! :-) 

        I was planning to take photos of some of the scarves that I need to list, and go ahead and put them online in my Wuglyees shop today....but Mister 'Rain-All-The-Time!' has put a kink in that plan! ^_^ So I guess it'll be me and 'my' Mister..."Hi, Honey!"...and a sitting and sipping old movie or something...or the desert...or the forest...or a crochet hook or...whatever!! :-))

       Okay, I'm off to do some wrapping and shipping...and enduring of some rain...*sigh*...Sooooo..when is Spring gonna be here again?!....*Achoo!*....Never mind! LOL

 Regretless Travel

Do I regret the lack of travel,
staying home and going nowhere?
To do so would be depressing.
So I don't! I don't even care!

I've had my days and weeks of 'going'.
And if the hips get better, who knows!
In the future I could wander off
and travel where the trade wind blows.

I've traveled a lot in my life.
Enough to now have no regrets.
It was easy for just the two of us,
with good health, no kids, no pets.

We've seen sunny skies and rainbows.
Oh! The waterfalls and sculptures we've viewed!
We've danced our way through places,
and cooked and tasted all their food.

We've seen shows and met all kinds of people,
in our car, on a plane, and a bus.
So if we never go one more place
It'll be totally alright with us!

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