Saturday, December 22, 2012

Today Let's Talk Flowers, Butterflies, And Jewelry!

       Yesterday the local news in our area was all about pouring rain, bank robberies, car-jackings, people's homes being burned to the ground, murder, and the possibility of a huge new casino in our area....O_O....It was a bit much to get hit with all in one day. And the world news wasn't much better with it's talk about gun control and fiscal cliffs! O_O
     Rainbows and butterflies....RAINBOWS AND BUTTERFLIES!!!! That's what I'd rather be talking about! ^_^ Well...maybe not the rainbows part. That would mean that I also wanna talk about the rain! LOL So scratch rainbows...rainbows...and let's substitute jewelry! :-) Yeah!! Butterflies and jewelry!! :-)
      The jewelry box in the header photo fits both categories. It's a jewelry box that has butterflies on it! :-) ... The Etsy shop where I saw this box was worth talking about today too, because they had all kinds of really cute jewelry boxes! They were so cute that they made me wanna look around to see what kind of jewelry I would put in them! ^_^ (All of the jewelry boxes in this post are from designhutusa. You can click on any of them to go and check out the full shop.)

      They have nice wide sections where you can put necklaces. Maybe a necklace like this one (below) would fit in there...

      ...or maybe this one...

     I'm attracted to how pretty the jewelry boxes are on top, but they also have a nice pillowy section for rings inside!...

       The ring section could be great for this ring!...

      ....or for this one...   

     And what if you're a man?!...Well, there's a jewelry box for you too! :-) ...Scratch that. Not a jewelry accessories box! :-)) ...

      And what can you put in your 'accessories box'?!...How about one of these!...

    So there you are! No rainbows or bad weather talk at all! Just butterflies, jewelry, flowers and birds! :-) 

       Speaking of birds, the first suet block, the one my girlfriend gave me for the backyard birds, is GONE!! :-) The birds ate it completely up! And they were a joy to watch while they did it! :-) 
       Last night my hubby put a new suet pack in the cage, with a different food mixture in it...including berries!...and already this morning we have different birds visiting!! :-) They're small and large, colorful and black and white. I'm in love!! :-)
     Now I have to get away from all of this talking and go and get some things done!! :-] But first I just need a little bit of quiet...*deep breath*...Have a good day, Everybody! :-) Happy Weekend!

 Sitting Quiet

I love just sitting quiet,
letting silence be my friend.
I'm not afraid to be alone,
and hear my breathing out and in.

With no T.V. on, or music,
just some thinking done, with me,
In a world where quiet reading
is now called "activity".

There's no reason to be scared,
or to need all kinds of noise,
to create some kind of chaos,
or to look for games and toys;

Just a quiet low lit room,
where I ponder my life course,
where I think of plans ahead,
but no thoughts I have to force.

Just me, still, and sitting quiet.
Nothing altering my mood.
No smoke waifting at my sinus,
no one mad or being rude.

Can you turn off all the gadgets?
Can you hear your ownself sigh?
If you cannot take the quiet,
You should stop and wonder why! 


  1. Anonymous12/22/2012

    Thank you for the feature!


    1. It was my pleasure, Virginia! :-]

    2. Awesome blog! Thanks for featuring my necklace.

    3. Awww...Thank you, Nicoletta! :-) And it was my pleasure to feature your necklace!

  2. Hey!! Hallo again from the U.K.
    I just started blogging once more so had to drop by and say hallo to you
    How are you doing ?
    I have turned to my knitting needles lately and am listing my items in my folksy shop ' bluebeezy'
    Hope you have a nice week end speak to you soon
    Love from Jeanie x

    1. Hello Jeanie!! :-) Welcome back to the bloggie world!...I'll have to stop by and see what you're knitting these days! And you'll have to let me know how it goes on 'Folksy' too!...Have a good week! :-]


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