Sunday, December 9, 2012

On The Fly, Like A Bird!!!

       As usual on a Sunday morning, my time is trying to fly away! the cute little birds on this gorgeous tote bag by Uzura (You can find more of them HERE.) 

      This bag and a couple of other things are what I was going to wax poetic, and go on and on about, in writing today! BUT...and somehow I can feel your smile of approval about this... ^_^ ...I don't have time!! :-) I have a meeting to get ready for, and some breakfast to eat before that!!
     But I will show you the fascinating things I was talking about, and let you talk amongst yourselves! ^_^ ...

        I could almost see the bride going down the aisle carrying this butterfly bouquet!...but she wasn't wearing a white dress. This bouquet calls for color, in my opinion...I had a whole story about it to tell you, but....NO TIME!!! :-]

       And then there was this...

(Wall & Paper Applicator {to use with patterned paint rollers} by patternedpaintroller)

      This TOTALLY made my mind run wild!! ^_^ ...But I wasn't the only one! It totally made Bonnie's, of Going Home To Roost blog, mind run wild too!! ^_^  And since I don't have time to get into it, you can see her great post about it, with great photos also, HERE

       Okay....I'll leave you with some photos of a colorful backyard visitor we got yesterday!...(Forgive the un-clarity, but I think you'll know what it is! ^_^)...

       It's a cardinal!!!! :-) He was just hanging around looking regal....and driving my poor chickadees CRAZY!!! LOL

        Enjoy your Sunday, Everybody!! :-)

  The Fact is....

The fact is...I love peaches!
I can put them anywhere!
On top of pie and ice cream,
and one day...a style for hair!

The fact is...I love laughing!
But not the judging, pointing kind.
Not laughing at the other guy,
but to de-stress, relax, unwind.

The fact is...I am quirky!
No one knows this more than me.
But I'm also thoughtful, loving,
and just oozing sympathy.

The fact is...I'm a reader,
...and a writer. That's a fact!
I read my Bible faithfully,
and write to share all that.

The fact is...I love people!
But I love my time alone.
I love a giggle by myself
or giggling on the phone!

The fact is...I'm a girl.
And a woman, sister, wife.
A fact that makes me happy with
my husband, friends and life!


  1. The fact is....I don't have time either today! But I do love your picks! That is an awesome butterfly bouquet! And I've seen those paint rollers before. Interesting aren't they?
    Have a wonderful meeting and a wonderful Sunday my friend! :)

    1. I'm glad you liked the picks today, Bead! And I love the butterfly bouquet too! :-] ...The meeting was great!...especially the good reminders of the Watchtower!

  2. oh i love that paint roller!!

    1. Isn't it a great idea, Kamana?!!...I was enthralled as soon as I saw it!! :-)


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