Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Let's Talk About ODORS And SMELLS!

       Are you asking yourself "WHY?!!"...Why I would want to spend a perfectly fine Tuesday talking about odors and smells?!...Well, I'll tell you why. Because I don't have anything else to talk about right now, and.....you're here! ^_^
    Well, that's not entirely true!...The "you're here" part is true!...because if not, you wouldn't be able to read what I'm writing right now! ^_^ But the part about not having anything else to talk about is not true...I could talk about a LOT of things on this fine Tuesday!! Trust me on that! ^_^
    The complete truth is that I had my girlfriends over to the house yesterday...And let me just stop right here and give a big "WOOHOO!" for supportive, giggly and loving girlfriends!! ^_^...and one of them brought me a gift!...

     It's a container of pretty smelling potpourri!! :-) She said the butterfly made her think of me. Awwwwwwww! :-] ♥♥♥ THANK YOU!!! :-)

      I have to admit, I got a little nervous when I first learned what it was...because I have become so sensitive to odors and smells in the last few years! O_O Hubby has had to change his cologne, the fabric softener we use, the kitchen soap, the regular washing soap, the detergent...Aargh!!!...and I can't even put the little deodorizers in the house anymore. You know, the ones that make your house smell all fruity and garden like when you walk in the door. :-)

     But guess what?!...I've had this little potpourri basket in my room all night and.....NOTHING!! Nothing bad, I mean. :-] It smells nice! And it's not bothering me at all!!...*deep breath*....Ahhhhhh!
       In fact, that's really what led to this post! I took my C-Pap mask off this morning...(I have Sleep Apnea, for those of you who don't know)...and got such a pretty smell in my nose that my mind starting going down memory road about all of the different memorable smells in my life ^_^...while I was laying there with my fool self, twelve minutes before the 5 a.m clock alarm was suppose to go off! ^_^ {I feel like somebody stole my full snooze!!! LOL But that's a story for another time...or not! LOL}

     Anyway!...My first thought was about how my father used to have the whole house smelling like 'Right Guard' deodarant spray after he took a shower in the mornings! ^_^

          In fact, I think that smell used to be my alarm clock as a teenager! Ha! Ha!..."Hmmmm...what's that smell?!....Ohhhhh....it's dad's Right Guard. It must be time to get up!" LOL
         And then there was the first time I smelled "Sex Appeal"...and don't get all crazy on me!...That was the name of the cologne my husband, then potential boyfriend, used to wear! :-)) 

      Oh! That cologne smelled soooooooo good!!...It smelled so good, in fact, that it led to a conversation between hubby and I as to whether people are really attracted to the look and personality of certain potential mates, or whether the different colognes and perfumes are clouding things up and making certain people be attracted to each other!!...Mentally chew on that for a while!... ^_^ ...We did! LOL
       Who knows, without 'Sex Appeal', hubby and I could've been married to Paul Newman and Diana Ross!! ^_^...Hmmmm...something about that whole sentence sounded wrong!! LOL...Anyway! Too bad that 'Smell-O-Puter' thing is still in it's infant stages. Then you'd know what I mean! LOL
      As for me, I've only liked a few perfumes in my life. My first love was 'LeSport'. It no longer exists. In fact, I couldn't even find a photo of it to show you!! But Oh! How I used to love that 'drug store' cheap perfume, or cologne...yeah, I think it was a cologne...Every time I wore it men used to follow me on the street, and dogs would drift along behind me in a daze, with their paws not even touching the ground! ^_^ Or it seemed like that...WHATEVER!! LOL 
      And while my friends and relatives were going through cologne after cologne...

            ...perfume after perfume...

        ...and stink after stink! Ha! Ha!...

        ...(even if some of those stinks were packaged very nicely)...

       ...I stuck with my 'Le Sport'! :-) ...And when I got wind of the fact that it was gonna be discontinued...and I only wish I was kidding about what I'm about to tell you! ^_^...I went to every drug store within a five mile radius of me and bought up every bottle they had left on the shelves!!...*hanging my head in shame*...which wasn't 'that' many...O_O...whatever!!...Let's just say I smelled good for a LONG time before it was gone!! ^_^
       Then I hooked my 'perfume star' to my beloved "White Linen" :-) ...

        ...And it's been me and "White Linen" ever since! :-) ... Yes, I've tried a few perfume samples here and there, but once I put it on my skin the initial whiff of pretty odor would turn on me like a scrap yard dog after a few hours!! LOL...Hormones!! Ugh!
       Even now I have to change deodorants at that 'time of the month'...whenever that time comes now! LOL...because 'my' chemicals and the deodorant's chemicals have a 'falling out' with each other!...and they are NOT friends until that time has passed either! ^_^
     By the way, hubby no longer uses cologne. In his words he uses ''A la natural musk"! Ha! Ha! Crazy man!! ^_^ But I have to say...I miss his 'Sex Appeal'! LOL

      Now I'm heading off to see what kind of food smells I can wrap this nose around! ^_^ You do the same, Okay! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! 

 It Smells!

Oh the memories you unfold...
the fruity highs, and woodsy lows...
when you think of all the smells
that, through the years, have passed your nose.

How granny always smelled of food,
with a tinge of moth ball smell there too.
The outside porch sometimes smelled musty
because of brother's old gym shoe.

The cloud of 'Right Guard' in the mist,
whenever dad would take a shower.
The bakery with it's smells so sweet,
changing hour after hour.

Colognes and perfumes of your friends...
You'd smell them coming for a mile.
Yes, they'd produce some pretty odors,
but they'd also produce a smile.

We could talk about what we've smelled,
or what we've tried real hard NOT to!
And please let's talk about all the memories
that our smellers led us through...

We could talk about these for hours,
days and months, an odor-fest.
But to end this poem now,
before it stinks, I think is best!


  1. Smell is the greatest memory maker! I can't wear any "smell good" (as my kiddos used call it!) because it's always been against hospital rules for nursing staff. I have a great nose for smells...I guess that means I'm sensitive...but sometimes that is a real curse! Growing up, the smell of coffee, bacon, homemade bread, cinnamon and oranges...all bring back a big smile! Hope you day is smellalicious! (hey,new word!)

    1. Ha! Ha! We still call it "smell good"! ^_^ And I think so too, about the smell for memory thing. A lot of my memories are attached to something I smelled...or was trying not to smell! LOL ... And maybe it's a consequence of our chosen profession to have a sensitivity to smells. I can remember smells that were associated with the job, and how I smelled things in a way that other people just 'did not'!...And Oh Yeah! Coffee, bacon, cinnamon, oranges...yum, yum, yum, and YUM!! Smellalicious is right!! ^_^ (I LOVE that word too!!!)...Have a good day, Yaya! :-]


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