Monday, April 15, 2013

If Your Taxes Didn't Take All Of Your Money...!

     Most of you won't know about this, but it's "Tax Day" here in the U.S. The last day to file your taxes for the year. For those who have taxes due, it's gonna be a day of scrambling for last minute paperwork, nail biting, and frustration! But for those with money due back to them, it may be a day to sit down and figure out what they can buy with their new found riches! ^_^
    If you're in the latter group, you might wanna consider one of the items I'm sharing with you today...items that just caught my eye...and NOT because I have money due back to me!...because unfortunately I don't!! ;'_'; In fact, we had to pay back almost $800 this year!!!...a big chunk of what my little Wuglyees shop made this year!...*sigh*
    Speaking of which, to those of you with a tax refund windfall, if you wanna spend some of your new found 'dough' in my shop, how about this ^_^ ...

     ...or this...

      Now, what was I saying?! O_O ... Oh Yeah!...the items that caught my eye on Etsy! :-) ... Let's start with this little 'cutie'! :-) ...

      Is there any question as to why I thought this was cute?!....Anyone?! ^_^ Not only did I admire the cute design of this little sweater and hat, but I also admire the maker! I always admire knitters with that kind of patience!! :-]
     I admire crocheters with that kind of patience too! Case in point, this is the baby set that my girlfriend, Kari of KariLynnsKumfortShop, just sold on Etsy...Her very first sale! :-) ...

     Congrats, Kari!!!! :-) 

      Okay, so it's clear...I like knit and I like crochet baby items...and I I love green! :-) ... But I also love flowers!...and speaking of flowers...

      ...look how cute that flower looks on that handbag! :-) ... Did I mention that I also love handbags?! ^_^

     I especially love colorful and interesting handbags...and the above bag fits the bill for both of those perfectly!!! :-)

     So, if you have some money coming back from your tax filing, you might wanna pick up one of these...or not! :-) With the economy the way it is, you might just wanna save every penny you can get your hands on!!...I'm good with that too! ^_^ But at least we can LOOK!!! LOL

     Have a good day, everybody!! :-)

To Be My Pocketbook!

I go everywhere with you.
I am always by your side.
I hold all of your possessions.
I am where your secrets hide.

I hold all of your money,
and the pictures you hold dear.
I hold your make-up and I.D.
I make you feel secure, when near.
I'm your new pocketbook, every year!


  1. Glad the tax time is over. Hopefully sales pick up or I'll be forced to close. Can't keep giving my money away to Etsy. And to the IRS at the end of the year.
    Nice post!

    1. I'm glad it's over too, Bead!! I'll be happy to see sales pick up!...if they do! O_O I'm not gonna hold my breath though. Just take it as it comes!

  2. Thank you Deb!!! She loves it. She is so excited about it. First baby boy what an honor to share the love in what I crochet.

    1. Of course she loves it!!! :-] You do great work!...And I agree about the honor of sharing our love of crochet! :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing!

    1. The pleasure was all mine, Nuta! :-]


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